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Behavior of users of credit cards

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Behavior of users of credit cards

  1. 1. Behavior of Users of Credit cards
  2. 2. Introduction• Today almost all banks have issued credit cards to the needy people.• The growth of credit cards in India has been predominant in the last 5 years.• Not only credit cards but also other innovative products like charge cards, debit cards etc. are catching up fast.
  3. 3. CREDIT CARDS• Credit card are termed as ‘Convenient money’ and ‘Plastic money’.• Can purchase by presenting the card in lieu of cash.• It’s a form of consumer loan.
  4. 4. Origin and growth• Credit cards are first developed in the USA.• In India foreign banks and organizations forayed in to the credit card market.• Andhra bank was the first to introduce the credit cards in Indian market in 1981.• At about the same time, Central Bank of India also entered the credit card business in India
  5. 5. • Nearly 100 million consumers use one or more credit card in the normal transactions.• There are 2to3 million card holders, each possessing an average of two cards.
  6. 6. OBJECTIVES• To analyze the awareness about the credit cards• To find out the satisfaction level of customers.• To find out the main problems faced.
  7. 7. Data analysis Age and no of card users6050403020100 20-25 26-30 31-35
  8. 8. Sex and % of credit card usage Male Female47% 53%
  9. 9. Occupation and % of credit card usersGovt.employees Private employees business man Professionals others 4% 13% 10% 18% 55%
  10. 10. Level of income and usage of credit cards50454035302520151050 below 10000 1001-15000 15001-20000 above 20000 Income level
  11. 11. frequency of purchase through credit card frequntly 27%in emergencies 34% once in 3 month 39%
  12. 12. Safety in carrying credit cardsnot preferred 23% preferred 77%
  13. 13. Findings• Middle aged people are using credit are more than others.• Males customers are more than females.• 34% of them used in case of emergency• 77% agreed that purchase through credit card is safe.
  14. 14. Conclusion• During the last decade, there has been an exponential growth in the issue and usage of credit card.• The availability of ATM & customer care service is treated as the most important parameter while availing credit card

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