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English Slideshow Chinchurreta


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Slideshow Grupo Chinchurreta

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English Slideshow Chinchurreta

  1. 1. Presentation
  2. 2. 2• Permanent customer service.• Constant investment in new developments.• Large stock of product.CHINCHURRETA GROUP | Introduction• More than 40 years experience in the market.• Two high production plants.• Tubes, pipes and profiles manufacturing.• Quality service.
  3. 3. Production CentersDistributors andrepresentativesPRODUCTION CENTERS AND SALES NETWORK3
  4. 4.  Having in mind the necessity to satisfy the customer providing Quality products and services that meet hisdemand, and being at the same time competitive, Chinchurreta undertake the continuous improvement and thefulfilment of the legal requirements.ISO 9001:2008 CH ISO 9001:2008 TA OSHAS 18001QUALITY4
  5. 5.  Technically skilled team, responsible and properlytrained in the new technologies and means formanufacturing.QUALITY Material resources adapted to the productiveprocess and compatible with the required degree ofprecision. The establishment of teamwork relations withSuppliers and Customers. Elaboration of Plans of Formation that maximizethe human resources.5
  7. 7.  Steel tubes for precision applications require notonly dimensional accuracy but also a good surfacefinish. Such applications include furniture, vehicleaccessories, bicycles and shelving …• Standards used in manufacturing:✔ EN 10305-3 for circular cross-sections✔ EN 10305-5 or square and rectangular cross sections• The following steels are used regularly:✔ S235JR, E220S275J0 and other steels covered by standard EN 10305 alsoavailable by request• Surface finish:✔Tubes are supplied with the steel pickled and coldformed with no heat treatment• Length:✔The standard commercial length is 6000 mm, but lengthsbetween 4000 and 16000 mm can be made to order7PRECISION TUBES
  8. 8.  Steel tubing in various geometries for precisionapplications: doors, windows, lift shaft guideways,etc…• Standards used in manufacturing:✔ EN 10305-5• The following steels are used regularly:✔ S235JR, E220✔ DX51D Z275Other steels covered by standard EN 10305 availableon request.8SPECIAL PROFILES
  9. 9.  Sendzimir galvanised tubing is manufactured fromregular galvanised tubing that is given a specialtreatment (coating) after welding. It is used in themanufacture of greenhouses, outside walls, etc.• Standards used in manufacturing:✔EN 10305-3✔EN 10305-5• The following steels are used regularly:✔ DX51DOther steels also available on request✔Usually Z275 NA• Coating:Other coatings also available on request9SENDZIMIR GALVANIZED TUBES
  10. 10.  Cold formed structural steel tubing providesexcellent strength for structural and machineryapplications.• Standards used in manufacturing:✔EN 10219 parts 1 & 2• The following steels are used regularly:✔ S275J0H✔ S355J2HS235JRH, S275J2H, S355J0H, S355K2H and other steelscovered by standards EN 10219 & EN 10025 also availableon request.• CE marking:• Quality:✔EN 10219 marking CE CH✔EN 10219 marking CE TA10HOLLOW STRUCTURAL SECTIONS
  11. 11.  Tubing with debeaded interiors for precisionapplications, suitable for processes such as colddrawing.• Standards used in manufacturing:✔EN 10219 parts 1 & 2•The following steels are used regularly:✔ S275J0H✔ S355J2HS235JRH, S275J2H, S355J0H, S355K2H and other steelscovered by standard EN 10219 plus other steels such asS315MC, S365MC, S420MC, S460MC, S500MC available onrequest.11INSIDE TUBE SCARFING
  12. 12.  Black and hot-dip galvanised welded steel tubeswith smooth or threaded ends are used to carryfluids, in fire fighting installations, in the home andin industrial facilities.• Standards used in manufacturing:✔EN 10255✔EN 10224• Quality:✔EN 10224 marking CE CH✔EN 10255 marking CE CH✔TAC-008 2011 EN10255✔EN 10255 marking CE TA✔EN 10224 marking CE TA• CE marking:12CONDUCTION PIPES
  13. 13. 13PRODUCTION PROCESSBVBVBVBVBVBVSteel Coils1 Coil Sliting1 Strip Coils2 Forming2Sizing2 Welding2Sawing2Store3BV
  14. 14. Thanks for your