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Full faculty18june2014

  1. 1. FULL FACULTY June, 2014
  2. 2. Time to Celebrate!!  Respect for Self and Others  Contribute as Globally Aware Citizens
  3. 3. Best Said by Parents  Cultural Diversity, and no visible bias towards any demographic.  Active learning, all-rounded education, questioning minds.  It is a warm, positive environment that celebrates the successes of its pupils.
  4. 4. Best Said by Parents  My child's teacher keeps in excellent contact; we felt like she really knew him, understood him, and was partnering with us to make him into a better person!  Fearless atmosphere, small community, relaxed relationship between kids, parents, and teachers
  5. 5. Best Said by Parents  Forms a safe and positive environment where learning and growing are fun.  Perfect in every way possible
  6. 6. Best Said by Parents  Developing globally minded citizens.  They can learn everything they want.  Creating an environment whereby my child loves to go to school.
  7. 7. Best Said by Parents  An environment that promotes and encourages curiosity and questions. Teachers who are actively interested in each child and who have the ability to quickly grasp their strengths and weaknesses and work with the child to keep them engaged.
  8. 8. Best Said by Parents  The school has a strong and supportive learning culture that focuses on the all-round development of the student.  It is a school which actively seeks and involves parents which gives families a sense of stability and also a social base if they need it. It is more than a school in many ways.
  9. 9. Best Said by Parents And this one parent sums it up nicely. When asked to write about all the strengths at AAS, this parent chose one word: TEACHERS
  10. 10. In as few words as possible Strategic Plan
  11. 11. Mission Aligned Student Outcomes
  12. 12. The Operational Work  In even fewer words…  Appraisal  Clarify Essential Learning Expectations  Common Assessments - Analyze Data  Personalizing Learning – Intervention  Collaborative Culture
  13. 13. Appraisal
  14. 14. Clarify Essential Learning Expectations • Advisory & Standards • Unpack ELA • Writing focus • Standards• Writers Workshop • PoI & U’s of I • Math Elementary Middle High St. Petersburg
  15. 15. Common Assessments - Analyze Data • Assessment • Self-Reflection • Goal Setting • Understanding Assessment • Report to Standards • CWA • Aggregate & Analyze Elementary Middle High St. Petersburg
  16. 16. Personalizing Learning – Intervention • Short Cycle Interventions • Idenfication • Process • Short Cycle Interventions • Child Study • Short-Cycle Interventions Elementary Middle High St. Petersburg
  17. 17. Collaborative Culture • Structures to address needs • Collaborative Planning Protocol • Professional Growth Plans • PLC Norms in Departments • PLC Development Elementary Middle High St. Petersburg
  18. 18. 2014-2015  Other items:  Technology Plan for 2015-2016 and beyond  Long-Term Facility Plan  Accreditation  Parent Partnerships
  19. 19. You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star. Friedrich Nietzsche