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AISH - Charting the Learning Journey


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TEDTalk presentation at AISH Summer Session 2014

Published in: Education, Technology
  • One more link - mind blowing when you think about the implications for education:
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AISH - Charting the Learning Journey

  2. 2. Definition Big data is a blanket term for any collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications.
  3. 3. Key Concepts (from ) “To improve education, it's important to know which data to measure, and the most important measure is the student. We currently measure students by skills and understanding, and don't account for many other elements of the learner's style and background. One major study concluded that student achievement can be doubled by an increase in feedback, using formative assessments and tailoring instruction to each student's needs.”
  4. 4. Significant (BIG) Data means, for me… The possibility for… •More feedback (MUCH MORE!) •More accurate picture of student performance •A captured archive of the learning journey
  5. 5. • What are we missing? • How should we shift our thinking? • What does Technology now support? • What’s possible? • Star Trek approach… From:
  6. 6. Personalized Learning?
  7. 7. An Example
  8. 8. Kaymbu
  9. 9. Basic Idea • Capture • Tag (People and other information) • Publish (or send) • Review/Report
  10. 10. UOI 1
  11. 11. UOI 1 Rubric 1-5
  12. 12. More to read about it – pros and cons • tablets-big-data-and-disappearing- textbooks.aspx?admgarea=Features1&m=2 • 79451241225610478 • and-education • “When it comes to education, we’re drowning in data and starving for information.” – Cognitive based learning systems… - ticle/gwinnett-county-schools.html
  13. 13. More videos on the topic • • • • • • • Coursera -