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China Youthology's Whitepaper with Kiehl's: China Youth Attitude and Practice Toward Environment Protection (2015)


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Check out China Youthology's Whitepaper with Kiehl's! A pleasure to co-launch their new Go Green campaign!

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China Youthology's Whitepaper with Kiehl's: China Youth Attitude and Practice Toward Environment Protection (2015)

  1. 1. .ZfzA£ax axis. , China vouthologg WHITE PAPER 0 ON CHINA YOUTH ’ ATTITUDE AND PRACTICE ‘go TOWARD ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION Copyright © KiehI's
  2. 2. KiehI’s partners with Youthology to release < WHITE PAPER ON CHINA YOUTH ATTITUDE AND PRACTICE TOWARD ENVIRONMENT PROTECT| ON> Kieh| ’s is committed to giving back to our community and environment. To encourage more youths in China to join us in this meaningful Cause , we feel the need to learn from the youths, to understand what are their attitude and practice toward environment protection. The introduction of 2015 Rare Earth Masque Limited Edition motivates us to collabo- rate with Youthology to launch a White Paper on China Youth Attitude and Practice toward Environment Protection. Let‘s go green! — Michelle Chew Brand Director, KiehI’s China Copyright © KiehI's
  3. 3. Contents Chapter 1: Redefining Charity and Environment Protection 1 .1 - Youth in Transition: Macro-environment and Value System 1 .2 - Redefining Charity and Environment Protection from Youth’s Perspective Chapter 2: Environment Protection: Expectations and Barriers 2.1 - Youth in Environment Protection: Expectations 2.2 - Youth in Environment Protection: Barriers Chapter 3: Ifiehls ‘‘LETS GO GREEN! ”
  4. 4. 1 Redefining Charity and Environment Protection Copyright © KiehI’s
  6. 6. olaou MORE OPTIONS Living in a time ofrapid €'COl'iOl7llC growth the new generation of youth have more options They pick clothing and drinks that SUII their tastes Choices are common place in their daily consumption to express self—identity Internet has become a place where people share different voices Youth s daily lives and the way they make decisions have forever been changed After Chinese economic reform people finally get access to different lifestyles Youth begin to choose a career to pursue. an Interest to cultivate a community to ]OIfl, a city to live in Compared to their parents the new genera- tion have more options Copyright © Kieh| ’s
  7. 7. MORE CHANCES TO EXPLORE Living in a time of globalization, the new generation of youth have a stronger sense of self-exploration and self-fulfillment. For them, "Nho am I? " and "What kind of life do I want to | ead? " are two important ques- tions to ask. The lntemet opens a window for them to explore the world. Vtfith lntemet, youth can reach news of cutting—edge technology, the latest fashion, newly released music, and new ideas and concepts. They feel how big the world is and that there are more than one way of living. Exploration via the Internet has become an important part of their lives. In their ofliine lives, "gap year" and “backpacker” have become two popular ways to explore. They put themselves in different cultural back- grounds through travelling. This allow them to explore the lives they lead, the world they live in, and their self-identities. 7fi. A£«'»><a§; =W~ China Yodholoqu Copyright © Kiehl‘s a--u Ion
  8. 8. MORE UNCERTAINTIES More options and opportunities also bring more Uncer- tainties to youth. They hear different voices. share dif- ferent values and see diverse lifestyles. But which one is the best option for me? The development of society brings more space to explore and more options to choose from. While facing rising prices, peer pressure. indifference. and an imperfect social security system that all come along with China's intense Urbanization. the youth in China are living in a risky society, full of doubts and Uncertainties about their future. Copyright © Kieh| ’s
  9. 9. .7£A€3X —ThePost-90s YouI‘h: Litllel/ I/orlds i‘naBigEia, byChina Youthology it “My dream is to live a better life. I don't think it's about material goods. I just hope my life can turn better little by little. ” - Yi Xin, a junior student in Tianjin Normal University X Dtivuniiologu LIVE IN THE PRESENT The new generation of youth choose to build them- selves on what they have now. They opt to live for the moment rather than sacrifice for an uncertain to- morrow. For them, the future is an uncertain, obscure, and distant place. They want to manage and guard their small worlds against the big and risky society. They try to be ordinary people who do extraordinary things in an uncertain situation. They want to enjoy every day by expanding personal and social boundaries to allow for more significance in their lives. Copyright © Kiehl‘s
  10. 10. whether I am harwor happy. In life there are man muchwith noaction. lamnothappywithmyl Ihavetosettleforit. Theiefore, Iamangryi —ThePost-Q(bYouth Littlevl/ ortdsiria8igEraby CrIinaYoumotogy Copyright © Kiehl’s
  11. 11. EMPHASIS ON PERSONAL EXPERIENCE Young people these days make deci- sions based on their oviin experience because they don't trust the Changing society. At the same time, they team to question the tradition and think inde- pendently. Ola‘-tau The person that I admire most is Han Han (a best-selling author in China who is known for his rebellious works). I ap- preciate his ability to think indepen- dently and his courage. He created a new path in the "dead sea of culture". He fought against the world bravely and lives on top of that now. Copyright © Kiehl’s
  12. 12. CALCULATING RISKS AND " J‘ EARNINGS RATIONALLY _. _. __ -——J *4 , ' ‘' V W I , *-—J ~—J . ; ' ' w———J c *1 *. J I _. / J V ‘ Our non-profit education program during summer vacations — are held near our university. Although we want to help more left-behind children in Shanghai. we all have our own lives and school works to take care of. That is why we want to start from scratch that we can accomplish. — Organizer of Dandelion, a public service W63 X 5 Copyright © Kieh| ’s / — ’ I oiaou
  14. 14. Traditionally, charity touched peop| e’s hearts by focusing on disadvantaged groups. They advocate sacrifice in the name of moral virtue. Citizens are supposed to participate in charity and see them as moral obligation. claw Copyright © Kieh| ’s
  15. 15. TRADITIONAL CHARITY KEYWORD 1.’ FOCUS ON THE X DISADVANTAGED GROUPS -- Traditional charity activities focus on the V El disadvantaged groups living under cur- ‘ rent social policies and structures. Charity 1 7: *~ Serves as 3 supmement t° 9°Vemme"t Helping the elderly: charity campaign that aims to raise attention to functions. In most cases, the disadvan- 5e, ,,-0,9,1-; ze, ,si, -V, -ng alone taged group may refer to either the poor, ' , ,.'r-‘/2 '3 5,. «,r; —~r V / ’ the disabled, or the elderly. Charity aclivi- I V. _ . —‘ ,9“ 7,/ j ties of this type are usually organized and 1_(j/5:. ‘-'! t"§: 1 l W I, l(, ,.¢/ f. .« v, , practiced by large NGOs. “ ff’ = :J ‘I “ > ’ '~, '‘/ ...4 ,2.
  16. 16. TRADITIONAL CHARITY KEYVVORD 2.‘ Donation is traditionally one of the most important ways to participate in charity activities. By donating goods, money, and resources that are in urgent need, changes are made immediately. [ Donate goods: " " A school in Chengdu donates books to ‘~ v; - . earthquake stricken area Ya An A ‘W. mi‘ ta: -V“ _ . . . Donate resources in urgent needs. A university in Lin Yi calls for blood donation to support earthquake _ stricken area Ya An Donate money: A university in Huai Nan cooperates with the Red Cross and call for fundraising
  17. 17. f ‘ * I tip: -5 / W 4 i. . ' ‘ 1:. . ’ -. '»*~-, _ I, T‘ Volunteer teacher. ‘ Care for disadvantaged group: Serve the society: Volunteer teaching in rural area Volunteer charity during gap year Be a volunteer TRADITIONAL CHARITY KEYI/ VORD 3: Volunteering is also one of the most important ways to do charity. Volunteers teach in rural areas, care for disadvantaged groups, and serve for big social activities. These activities usually take a relatively long time and the volunteers are required to detach from their daily lives in order to do the volunteer work.
  18. 18. TRADITIONAL CHARITY KEYWORD 4.‘ Lei Feng's Day on Mar.5lh : Provide physical examination for senior citizen for free -. T 7.irr*“r '3 r. r-hi‘ ~, .t I, ‘ I SPECIAL HOLIDAYS ——; T.'— _ / I ) . , , ‘ , = Charity activities are sometimes held on I i .4 x , A‘. I I . .; ‘ '. . certain days. Forexample, people are en- Wond Red cross Day, couraged to plant trees on March. 12"‘. The Red Cross calls for blood donation on World Red Cross Day , ___ __ V. '_ l . ‘ ’ I i , I I _ I‘ . I S“ ' I l = =~ i * Government organizes fundraising ceremony for the disabled people
  19. 19. THE NEW YOUTH GENERATION HOLD MANY TENSIONS TOWARD TRADITONAL CHARITY: What will I gain in charity? What can I do in charity? What will they do with my donations? I ’m sick of sad stories told in charity. X Copyright © Kiehl‘s ologg
  20. 20. For the new generation of youth, char- ity is no longer just about big events motivated by public morality. instead, it has become a happy and innovative life experience that benefits oneself and the others. it combines lifestyles and personal interests, and leads to visible changes in their own life. - X . Dnmmmow Copyright © Kiehl‘s
  21. 21. I olagu NEW GENERATION CHARITY KEY WORD 1: EQUAL COMMUNICATION The new generation of youth respect equal communication. Charity is not only about helping disadvantaged groups, but also about mutual assistance and sharing. Copyright © Kieh| ’s r
  22. 22. CASES: EQUAL COMMUNICATION FEATURE 1: EQUALITY Huo Xian Chao Shan is an organization that builds a platfonn for face to face communica- tion so that they can make new friends. FEATURE 2: FEATURE 3: EMPATHY SHARING WITH EACH OTHER Accompanied walking has become a way young people participate in marathon. They share mutual experience and a sense of accomplishment with each other. The show Wonderful Friends is criticized se- verely on the Internet because the way they deal with animals shows ignorance of how ani- mals ought to be treated. Copyright © Kieh| 's
  23. 23. NEW GENERATION CHARITY KEYWORD 2: SIMPLE & INNOVATIVE For the new generation of youth who extract happiness from the process, charity is no longer a heavy mission or a moral obligation; it supposes to be a happy, simple, and innovative life ex- perience. Copyright © Kieh| ’s
  24. 24. CASES: SIMPLE & INNOVATIVE FEATURE 1: FEATURE 2.‘ FEATURE 3: FEATURE 4: LOW ENTRY TEAMWORK SMALL AND INTERESTING EXPERIENCING JOY TOUCH POINTS The most famous charity activity of "Running Eggs" is a charity fundraising Huo Xian Chao Shan seeks to combine "Le Huo can-iics" is foundgd by 3 2013, the ~plean Plate C_arripaign~_ campaign, Pam-C, -pangs raise money for traditional Chinese culture and pop cul- siudin in pubiicize environment advocates frugality by initiating a children by war/ (ing 50km, The gain. ture. Bybuilding upaplatforrn forpeople p, -nieciinn and green / ifesfyies in campaign against food waste, en- paign is 30¢, -amp/ ished ihmugh ream. to communicate with each other face to me farm ofoomics_ oouraging people to finish every- work, face, it helps people make friends. thing on their plates. Many univer- sities followed the practice and en- couraged students to eat up their
  25. 25. NEW GE TIOAI CHARITY i<EYl/ ~/Oi’R‘D 3.- INDIVIDUAL / ALU ITI The charity angel no longer limits to social issues unrelated to personal life. It evolves to help participants to achieve individual values through ser- vice regarding their own interest and expertise. . -r 3 ' i it . ,-il'-l. . ‘ N‘ I. it} ~ -~ . . it it . ~ . 4, Raj 3 K; I . . . X OM99 Copyright © Kieh| ’s
  26. 26. CASES: INDIVIDUAL VALUE FEATURE 1: FEATURE 2: FEATURE 3: SPECIFIED INTEREST PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE TO CLEAR SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT Clearrcle&resporrsabrIity AS TOUCH POINT EXPLORE ONE'S INTEREST Emphasisorrrrxirvxjualvalue ’3”£Z"”, ,i. —.i’; “n. ,.. ..1‘“"*'“ Liv-1 A cycling club in South China combines cycling under lead of Helm Air in Community, local de— "Running Eggs " is a charity fundraiser for children with historical and Cultural tours. Participants signers photographers and painters produced welfare NGOs Participants can help with dona- WBY CU5?0mlZ9 379"’ T011195 10 EXPIOFG /003/ a collection of botanical maps for 10 city parks in tron target in teamwork The true meaning of NO Community heritage. l‘0l’ example a ghost hunt Shanghai The maps were later given to local PAIN NO GAIN works best in this case ing route based on urban myth residents for free «W3 X flcirfigvommogg Copyright © Kiehl‘s
  27. 27. NEW GENERATION CHARITY KEYWORD 4: VISIBLE CHANGES Charity is no longer a mission at the cost of individuals’ personal time that leads to vague results; rather, it is based on individuals’ current lifestyles and solves problems one may en- counter in daily lives. It brings visible changes. I-l Copyright © Kiehl‘s
  28. 28. CASES: VISIBLE CHANGES FEATURE 1: FEATURE 2: RELATING TO DAILY LIFE visi5i_E RESULTS . jib l Ice Bucket Challenge is a great social network The air pollution map App offers access to monitor- event with elites participating and charity cause. Ice ing index covering 190 cities and enterprises with and bucket are common items in our daily life, and pollutant exhaust. Vlflth over 3 million users all over this event give us a chance to connect our daily life the country, the enterprises polluting the environ- Items to the charity. And that's part of the reason ment are put on map now. why lceBucketChal/ enge was so popular. Copyright © Kiehl‘s
  29. 29. As the traditional charity is reach- ing out to young generation, envi- ronment protection practices are also in transition towards the future. czff/ be 3 X Copyright © Kieh| 's China mun ologg
  30. 30. FER O F DAL Traditionally the environment protection actions concentrates on the urgency and severity of environment problems. The actions ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION ACTIVITIES usually target on solutions‘
  31. 31. CASES: TRADITIONAL ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION ACTIVITIES FEATURE 3.‘ SPECIFYING WHAT TO DO, NOT HOW TO DO IT FEATURE 1: STRESSING THE URGENCY #Be a Shenzhen citizen that is not cruel#: It is esti- mated that over 75 species die out every day world- wide. That means 3 species are wiped out every hour. Since Shenzhen became a city 33 years ago, many species have died out. Standing at the top of the food chain, human has the power to decide life and death in nature. FEATURE 2: AIMMING AT HUGE ENVIRONMENT ISSUES Global wanning worsens desertification in north- em areas of our country. Over 400 cities are suf- fering from water shortages. lcecaps melting is reducing water supply of Yellow River and Yang- tze River. Sandstonns hit the Great Beijing area more often than ever. This alerts us to prevent de- sertlfication. The Earth Hour is initiated by WWF in re- sponse to climate change, a prime threat to human beings caused by over-discharged C02. The damage control requires public knowledge of CO2 emissions.
  32. 32. ENVIRONMENT PROTEGTI 0N E VOL VED For the new generation, environment protection is no longer a topic limited to problem solving. It is a renewal of human-nature relationship. ‘ X wfi’ Copyright © Kiehl's Gina vouhologg
  33. 33. NEW TYPES OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ACTIVITIES ARE BASED ON LEARNING The lack of awareness. rather th ll . t The Illustrated Calendar of If(7af’Y1Ip‘; ”fII(r27l%r; fi:sg I: ¢ii€if1uaLi: S_PeCI95_I" _Cm95 Oe_IP5 / den‘ won 't be conscious of the topic My species In the cities. Many unless connection IS built be young fans are requesting tween environment protection online for the more reprints of and Personal life the calendar. W +_—3 X fig Copyright © Kieh| 's . Dine vuuhologg
  34. 34. NEW TYPES OF ” ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION ——— I ACTIVITIES cg. » ARElNTEREST—BASED 5 _ . ‘ H . “. i. )T~‘»'i ‘- J — - : ’/ fl" “Every individual is selfish. But I 'd be much motivated to devote my personal time “ and energy when it comes to things that interest me. * qvroillu. -I -mt -to inrur-illatg: =; :t, -it-iriirgi uavir ctvroilliigi nllI. l5l»~ r= r.-rit= .r trirwiiira Lali-: lit= .IiTI gr: -iliai, =1-ilirlitri -iiiv tar-it= ia‘ = . . =1-ftvi-r-i= .iIlir_, _nir= i=rii 3" And it Comes with highe, or-iururliilatgi . v I . . i sense of fulfillment And it is «‘- ‘g , — N _ ' more rewarding achieve- ‘ ‘ ‘ ' ' -‘ « __; mentwhenlaccomplish. "
  35. 35. NEW TYPES OF ENVIROINENT PROTECTION ACTIVITIES WITH CROSSOVER COOPERATION “We need different Nature Festival 2014 is : fi', f,f: ns, ;’£: gta; ,‘, ':fo'g; :¥T, :ee supported by the Helin Art in V ‘ ' - from 3 more COTTTITIUFIILY and VVIde ‘ . / oblecfjye perspectives Fund for Nature, and is an . i and see the big picture. " attempt at crossover cooperation. I r ' It starts the discussion between grassroots and professionals. The festival shall continue as nature and art will continuously serve as a source of inspiration for creativity. ‘W5 X *K‘ Copyright © Kiehl‘s Chine VOLKVWDLDQEJ
  36. 36. NEW TYPES OF ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION ACTIVITIES START FROM Maker Sustainability Consulting provides consultancy on CSR. They put emphasis on raising environmental awareness amongst employees by focusing on details and starting from things that are small but doable, e. g. tum ofi‘ lights when leaving, bring potted plants to the workspace, etc. all-‘I99 SMALL AND THE DOABLE “As college students, what we can accomplish is really just small things when it comes to environment protection. The key question is how to find an interesting touch point that enable us to make an impact through what we are able to do while having fun doing it. " Copyright © Kiehl's
  37. 37. CHAPTER 2 Environment Protection: Expectations and Barriers Copyright © Kieh| 's
  39. 39. EXPECTATION 1 BONDING WITH PEERS WHO SHARE SIMILAR VISIONS THROUGH ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION ACTIONS Youth expect to build a network of friends with whom they share a similar vision through environment protection activities. I/ Wth accompany and help from these friends from diversified back- grounds, they are able to devote them- selves further to environment protection practices. Copyright © Kieh| 's
  40. 40. — Astrid, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics "We once initiate a campaign where “We organized a gathering during the -~i iike the A to Z series cards for their we appeal to students to use fruits in- Earth Hour and let students hang out design and the idea mar iney have tips stead of greeting cards as presents for together on the playground and chat on environment pmieeiion_ We re- each Other. " With each OTIVEF leased lots of copies to students. It turns out that they enjoy posting and sharing the cards via social media. .71?»/ tea x Dmgu Copyright © Kieh| 's
  41. 41. DUJQLJ EXPECTATION 2 STARTING FROM SMALL, ENDING WITH SOMETHING TANGIBLE For young people today, environment protection practices that are small and could be carried out daily are more likely to bring visible changes that matter to themselves. The fact that these practices could be accomplished on a daily basis and that it shows impact in a short period of time motivates youth to devote themselves to environment protection practices. Copyright © Kiehl's
  42. 42. "Afler implementing environ tion policy in one of its manufacturing fac- tory, M company was able to save half of the energy it consumed last year. When I revisit the factory a year later, lcould see potted plants in their work space. " - Jacob, Maker Sustainability Consulting. aim China roumoingg / .. ment protec- Green Account Project was launched by my classmates. Students receive credits in their green account by recycling used paper in their dormitory buildings. The credits can exchange to potted plants. People loved it. - Astrid, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics C-bag is a environmentally-friendly bag designed by several college students from Jiangnan University. The C-bag may be put in cars so that people won't throw trash out the car window. As it uti- lizes formaldehyde absorbent paper, it is also good to people’s health. - Dreamore. com Copyright © Kiehl‘s
  43. 43. EXPECTATION 3 ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION PRACTICE BASED ON FIELD OF INTERESTAND PROFESSION It is important that youth are able to realize individual value as they prac- tice environment protection. They aspire to utilize their professional knowledge as they carry out environ- mental protection practices. They would be more likely to feel rewarded in this way. Copyright © Kieh| 's
  44. 44. A“ "Our Botanic Map program allows volunteers to design the map with photos and drawings they made. The map was eventually displayed in a local museum. Many of the volun- teers take drawing as a hobby and they never dreamed of seeing their works being displayed in a first-class museum. " — Da Tian, Helin Art in Community “I majored in Landscape Science at Tongji University. Our professor once mentioned that the fold residence at Sha Xi area is one of the most representative architectural styles in China. Our modification group has been to Sha Xi three times. We hope to protect the folk residence there. - Song Yifei, Sha Xi Modification Group Copyright © Kiehl‘s
  45. 45. EXPECTATION 4 GET TO KNOW & BOND WITH NATURE Youth today aspire to widen their field of vision, deepen their understanding of nature, and bond with it. When they are fully aware of the correlation between nature and themselves, it follows naturally that they will practice environment protection spontaneously. Copyright Kieh| 's
  46. 46. it s. ‘-E: - "js ‘When it comes to wildlife conservation, people always think of panda and Tibetan antelope, but these animals seem quite detached from our daily life. We, on the other hand. initiate protection of wild birds around us, some- thing easy for everyone to pick up. ifs. Chine vour: nlcigg - Bird Whistle “To let students know the correlation between them and the flora and fauna, which constitute organic components of the culture as we know it today— that is what we have been trying to accomplish through our education onnature and environment. ” - Da Tian, Helin Art in Community Copyright © KiehI's
  47. 47. / / /' , / / ' / - / YOUTH IN / ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION: BARRIERS
  48. 48. BARRHER 1 , I‘ ‘ '_ -' SCENARIO 3 Lack of access to the information about 7 l _ _ , ' {Rushing into those activities may lead to the professional and we| l—organized environ— . A _ unbalanced arrangement of manpower and , _ _ . ' - ‘ 0 El’ recourse. ment protection activities. A ‘Lack of reasonable resource allocation ' SCENARIO 2 “I have no idea about how to pick the right activities for me. " (Current environment protection activi- ties are similar} SCENARIO 1 “I don‘t know where I can get the infor- mation about the environment protec- tion activities ‘ (Lack of access to the information } yéiga X Copyright © Kieh| 's ‘ . ... ... .. UKJQLJ
  49. 49. l I SCENARIO 2 “It's hard to amend the government policy. " (Macro policies cannot be adjusted within a short period of time This creates difficulties while practic- ’ ing environment protection. ) . SCENARIO 1 “I'm doing garbage classification, but garbage recollecting stations don't “ (infrastructure is still developing. which leads to the barriers of environment protection ) ( Dlogu Copyright © Kiehl‘s
  50. 50. A BARRIER 3 The practice of environment protection are lack of tangible impact on daily life and lacks tangible impact; people have no time to par- ticipate SCENARIO 1 “it's far away from me, how can I participate. " (Environment protection activities are not on an everyday level. or it takes too much to par- ticipate. ) SCENARIO 2 “I really don’t have time for this. " (Fast pace of life leads to limitation of time to participate the activities. ) “I have to study to meet people and do part-time Job ldon‘t have time for this kind of environment protection activities ‘ - Participant of Butter Youth Conference on Public Service and Environment Protection l I l figs--»-—. .., SCENARIO 3 "Does it make any difference if I did it? " (No visible impact or changes made through practicing environment protection} "Many volunteers we met think the activi- ties like putting up posters on the street are meaningless since no one would ever notice them ‘ - Carol. organizer of a environment protection community Copyright © Kiehl‘s
  51. 51. SCENARIO 1 "It is purely a show. " (some activities lack tangible impact } . ?t7eAeax. i ologu ‘lit: :):1“(; iIui. :_lIL~im-vii‘ antvflroininlianit _oim‘(; io§il9ini ni_= .lk(= i: ti Toioiilnigr: ioil | .lIl«? )Z(0iIIlI[gt. SCENARIO 3 ‘It is boring Not fun at all " (Environment protection activities don't take youth‘s interests into consideration Not attrac» live enough for young generation} SCENARIO 2 "Why me? ’ (No specific consideration of individua| 's strengths regarding to the roles in these activities. ) Copyright © Kiehl‘s
  52. 52. BARRIER 5 Lack of stable network of environment protection SCENARIO 1 SCENARIO 2 ‘What else could we possibly do except Does it have to be a one—time thing? participating environment protection activities (No sustainable events or follow—ups} (Lack of the sense of belonging} ’ X Copyright © Kiehl's ologg
  53. 53. BARRIER 6 Lack of cognition and emotional bonds with environmental problems SCENARIO 1 ‘What is this? ’ (Not aware of certain environmental ‘"°“'e""$’ SCENARIO 2 ‘Not my problem" (Think environment problem are not relevant todallylife} 3 Not interested ' (Already aware of the problem but simply not interested. ) 3 X Copyright © Kiehl‘s
  54. 54. BARRIER 7 Lack of social resources and management skills for environmental practices SCENARIO 2 1 PEISSIO" is not criougn . t ‘A . . I I want to do it Ow: I am not capable In” of mm] “B” CO5 ’ enoug o do it wet (Lack of mav‘agcino: ‘t ski 's} W95 X fiififi’ Copyright © Kiehl's China voutholagg
  55. 55. CHAPTER 3 I Kiehl‘s “LETS GO GREEN! ” Copyright © Kiehl's
  56. 56. t-‘if’ 1”‘ 47. ii ‘ I :1 A -, ;'4:; ‘ : s . i‘ I Iii *1 ; Il§I7I III? -lI'l. I'e‘I "~t; .i. 'i‘ra Er-'. li"iIi ilIll= ..L7rI», i'. ..if«I Ll. l*". iIit-a~: i| B-ij. IIi'i~ii. i*i L‘-)‘Y. ((I(-. (“ I ‘M (-l r“ we r: ICE} (.3 I. 22 as o I ‘sf 53/. i _7if/ ,zI‘- | lNl IKlII ) mi III I i3qu , — " ( Dlogu Copyright © Kiehl‘s
  57. 57. LET'S GO GREEN 2015 rK| EHL'S RARE EARTH MASQUE LIMITED EDITION LAUNCH _, June 2015, lflehls cooperated with Leo KU to launch ITRare Earth Masque Limited Edttiongl . This year, Kiehl‘s encourages youth to share the story of fair trade, spread the green power and join in the environment protection. Green “ t ' power credits are to be accumulated through netizens‘ sharing the video in H Wechat moments and Weibo. Thus, each littte effort of us will help to win a ' I ’ 1‘ ‘I NIEUP '4!tE'I¥i73Hi-I I3! I I IJ better Earth. msttri-; new II}TE. I3D9&i"*I5‘I1flNkIK'H. R<¥HA"I§ SCAN QR CODE ‘ I ‘R 3”"””“"" "““' , g I r em: Lu 5 so GREEN‘ ; e, LETS GO GREEN! . J7’/9€, '__3 X fiifi’ Copyright © Kiehl's China vouhotagg