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How to safely back up using a rear view camera


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A rear view camera is an extremely useful auto safety device for any car – from your average sedan to a full-blown trailer truck. The fact that third party back up cameras are getting cheaper and easier to install makes them worth the investment, especially when it comes to warding off fender-bending collisions and avoiding rolling over unsuspecting victims.

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How to safely back up using a rear view camera

  1. 1. How To Safely Back Up Using A Rear View Camera A rear viewcameraisan extremelyuseful autosafety device foranycar – fromyouraverage sedanto a full-blowntrailertruck.The factthat thirdparty back up camerasare gettingcheaper and easiertoinstall makesthemworththe investment,especiallywhenitcomestowardingoff fender-bendingcollisionsandavoidingrollingoverunsuspectingvictims. While usingarear viewcameramay soundsimple enoughonthe surface,there are a few things youcan doto helpmake the most of your reverse camera: Make Sure The Camera AndThe Display Are CleanAnd Easily Visible Neverunderestimatehowdust,smudgesorstainscanimpairyourvision.Thisisespecially true for boththe rear viewcamerasandthe displaystheyare connectedto. The camera itself isoftenplacedoutside the car,especiallyjustabove the licenseplate. Thismeansthat it will inevitablyaccrue dirtanddustovertime,andthis will distortthe viewyougetfromthe camera.On the otherhand,a smudgedorill-positioneddisplayisan equallydangerousproblem.Thisisespecially prominentforrearview mirrorcameras,as the aforementionedproblemswillpreventyoufrominstantlyspottingandimmediately reactingto any obstaclesthatmayappear.
  2. 2. Look Around For DangersFrom The Sides Before youactually beginbackingup,take aminute tolookbehindyouandtake stock of where you’re backingupinto. Thisis notmuch of a problemwhenreversingintoawall where nothingwilljumpoutand surprise you,butthisbecomesparticularlyimportantwhenbackingupintoasidewalkora tightly-packedcarpark.Someone mayjustwalkinfromthe side of yourcar andblindside youin caseslike these,whichiswhyyouneedtotake stockof potential dangerseven before backingup. Turn OffAny And All Distractions Before Backing Up
  3. 3. Turn off the radio,put yourphone aside,signal yourcompanionstogive youamoment and keepyourhandsand feetfree toreact. Devote yourattentiontowhatyou see onthe rear view camera, be aware of your surroundings,andyouwill be able tobettergauge the distancesof itemson-screenand betterreactto newdangersthat appearfrom the blindspotsof yourrear back up camera. SlowlyBack Up While KeepingYourEyesOn The Guide Lines Don’tback up too quickly.Keepitslow andsteadywhile keepinganeye onthe guidelines – those horizontal linesyousee onareversingcamera’sdisplayscreen. The furthestline isanindicator that you’re startingtogetclose,the secondline isone where youshouldbegintoslow down,the thirdline iswhere youshouldstopandthe fourthline iswhere you’re justabouttocollide.Use these linestoguide youasyouback your vehicle up. Andthere youhave it - foursimple tipstohelpyoubetteruse yourrearview camerato safelyand effectivelybackyourcar up anywhere youneeditto! Chinavasion a gadgetwholesalerheadquartered in Hong Kong with warehouses based in Shenzhen,themanufacturing hub of China.Itshipsall sortsof high-tech gadgetsat affordableprices,fromrearview camerasand dualsim phonesto LED t-shirtsand Bluetooth beaniecaps.