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Social Media Marketing Strategy For Wayne Foster Entertainment

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  1. 1. WFE Social Media Tactical PlanThis plan includes tactical objectives necessary to accomplish two primarygoals of a social media campaign: 1. increase unique traffic toWayneFosterEntertainment.com and 2. convert anonymous traffic to knownvisitors and leads by promoting premium content to visitors fromsocial media sites via free content.Immediate Goals (Consolidate and Beautify) ................................. 2Weekly Goals (Blogs & Social Networks) ........................................ 3Weekly Goals (Microblogging and Research & Development) .......... 4Weekly Goals (Online Video and Photo Sharing) ............................... 5Long Term Objectives (Promotions and Community Outreach) .......... 6 3 1
  2. 2. Immediate Goals • Streamline Social Network o Verify Accounts and Passwords o Link All Social Networks (i.e. XEEME, Facebook Plug-Ins, Linked-In) • Beautify Social Network o Install Attractive Templates (Wordpress) o Streamline Design Across Social Network • Research Industry Leaders and Trend Setters o Identify Successful Competitor Strategies o Identify Key Subjects Important to Trend Setters and Industry Leaders • Increase engagement o Generate Content on a weekly schedule o Increase key relationships as well as followers and friends 2
  3. 3. Weekly GoalsBlog­ 5 hours per weekShort term objectives: • Increase recognition o Identify Top Five Topics That Our Important to Potential Leads o 3 posts a week minimum o Link Blog Posts to Linked-In and Twitter o Add RSS button • Increase engagement o Attempt to build industry community partners o Encourage comments, Forum Pages and tag all photos.Key Metrics: • Number of posts • Audience growth‐ unique and returns • Conversation rate • Conversions • Subscribers • Inbound links • Technorati, Alltop, and other directory listings • SEO ImprovementsSocial Networks­ 5 hours weeklyShort term objectives: • Facebook fan page o Comment/Re-Post Five Times a Week o Encourage Page Likes and Posts Through Marketing Campaigns And Special Offers o Also, participate in others groups • LinkedIn o Connect with relevant trend setters and industry leaders o Create Content through Wordpress o Also, participate in Q&A, other groups, etcKey Metrics: • Referrals from social networks • Friends on Social Networks 3
  4. 4. Microblogging (Twitter)­ 5 hours WeeklyShort term objectives: • Compile list of Company Twitter users, Trend Setters, and Industry Leaders • Promote company blog post through corporate account • Communicate support issues and feedback from social media to support team And ensure follow‐up • Build reputation. At least twelve Posts/Re-Tweets/Links weekly • Promote other social networking activities/sites through Twitter posts.Key Metrics: • Friends/Followers • 2nd‐order followers (follower’s follower count) • Velocity‐ avg. of first‐ and second‐order followers attracted per day since the account was established • Social Capital‐ influence of twitter followers • Centralization‐ how much influence (reach) is invested in a small number of followers • Pages ranking on key terms from microblogging sitesResearch and Development ­ 4 hours weeklyShort term objectives • Discover more effective and efficient modes and vehicles for social marketing • Implement new strategies and systems for increased lead generation and retainment • Examples of research: Pintrest, Adwords, HootSuite, TweetdeckKey Metrics: • Increase in all other key metrics 4
  5. 5. Online Photos ­ 2 hours weeklyShort term objectives: • Encourage employees to share any interesting and marketing relevant photos from events • Take pictures of any relevant events • Utilize photo sharing sites to share images with links back to blog and core site o Flickr o Facebook Photo Gallery o Our blogKey Metrics: • Referrals from photo sharing sites • Views of photos on social sites • Pages ranking on key terms from photo sharing sitesOnline Video­ 2 Hours WeeklyShort term objectives: • Update videos on social video sites and link to core site o Youtube o Facebook • Create video series for YoutubeKey Metrics: • Referrals from social video sites • Views of videos on social sites • Pages ranking on key terms from Youtube 5
  6. 6. Long Term Goals and Objectives • Enter Local Community through Groupon and Local Events • Promote Premium Product: Performers, i.e. Pop-Up performances and foursquare • Create Contests and Promotions to disseminate through Social Netwrok • Implement cell text voting for Play Lists (Crowd-sourcing) • Match Trend-Setters, Industry Leaders and Leads to Social Media sites. Adjust strategy above to better fit three key demographics. • Re-Evaluate and Update Social Media Strategy 7