How to Profit from China's Two Biggest Travel Sites


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China's two biggest commercial platforms, Qunar and C-trip, provide advertising, social, and thought leadership opportunities unmatched by more well-known Chinese sites. This presentation provides an intro to the opportunities.

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How to Profit from China's Two Biggest Travel Sites

  1. 1. How To Promote Your Destination on China’s 2 Biggest Travel Sites
  2. 2. C-Trip & Qunar are China’s 
 2 Biggest Travel Sites ‘Qunar’means “Whereareyou going?”
  3. 3. 
 Page views per day: 1,661,100 Baidu Page Rank: 7 Google Page Rank: 7 Income in 2013 was 5,400,000,000 RMB (890,000,000 Dollars), up 30% since 2012 Let’s take a look at the numbers…
  4. 4. Page views per day: 1,421,040 Baidu Page Rank: 8 Google Page Rank: 7 Income in 2013 was 850,900,000 RMB, up 69.6% since 2012. ! ! Both  Qunar  and  C-­‐Trip  are  huge,  robust,  and  evolving   sites.
  5. 5. Good News! ! You don’t need a Chinese license to promote your destination.
  6. 6. Qunar and C-trip both offer ! that can be thought of as: • SEO • Product Pages • Display Advertising • Daily Special Deals • Content Marketing • Social Interaction Promotion Opportunities
  7. 7. An Introduction to Qunar and C-trips’s websites: First,
  8. 8. This is Qunar’s Home Page:
  9. 9. C-trip’s Home Page…
  10. 10. ! They will go to either site’s Hotel Page, and start filling the Search criteria: Supose that someone in China is looking for a Hotel in Paris.
  11. 11. SEO
  12. 12. SEO So they can search for the best travel options within the site - not just hotels, but flights and train tickets.
  13. 13. Same for Ctrip… SEO
  14. 14. SEO
  15. 15. SEO Takeaways 1. Check  your  offering  translation  key  terms  in   Baidu.  The  more  ads  that  appear  in  the  results,   the  better!       2. More  content  and  offerings  mean  more   appearances  in  search  results.   3. Work  with  an  account  rep  to  get  bundled  with   as  many  packages  as  possible.     4. Cultivating  good  ratings  is  an  SEO  strategy,  not   just  a  social  strategy.
  16. 16. Product Page Every destination shown in C-trip’s results, can build a Product Page Where you can add pictures, and more info about your destination.
  17. 17. Product Page Reviews are important. To get started, frequent users of C-trip can be incented to write a positive review, for non- monetary consideration (swag).
  18. 18. Product Page Visitors can book right from the product page, so good pics and good reviews are important.
  19. 19. Display Advertising Qunar’s Home Page
  20. 20. Display Advertising Home page advertising is quite expensive, and therefore recommended only for the most broad-based, long-term campaign.
  21. 21. Display Advertising
  22. 22. Display Advertising Ads   on   the   fligh   ticket   page   can   be   programmed  to  display  relevant  to  search,   a  more  focused  approach  than  front  page   advertising.
  23. 23. And more… Display Advertising
  24. 24. Hotel   page   searches   are   another   destination-­‐specific  form  of  advertising. Display Advertising
  25. 25. C-trip has the same display ad options Display Advertising
  26. 26. Display Advertising A truly deep-discount promotion might warrant a front-page banner, but notice BMW is the org sinking big bucks into a big home page banner.
  27. 27. Display Advertising
  28. 28. Display Advertising
  29. 29. Display Advertising Takeaways 1. Display  advertising  on  C-­‐trip  and  Qunar  is   expensive,  but  has  a  much  broader  and  more   focused  reach  for  focused  audience  than  any   other  Chinese  platforms.     2. Skip  home  page  ads  and  focus  on  targeted   display  opportunities.     3. Experiment  with  banner  design  and  include  a   CTA.     4. Special  promotion  banners  have  the  highest   conversion  rates.  
  30. 30. Special Deal On Qunar there’s a Special Deal everyday… Here we can see a vacation package to Hawaii from Beijing, round trip... ¥6,999
  31. 31. Special DealSame for Ctrip…
  32. 32. Content Marketing On the Guides Page, visitors choose a desired destination….
  33. 33. And then find recommended articles related to that chosen destination. Content Marketing
  34. 34. Or Trip Itineraries to “Must-Visit destinations. Content Marketing
  35. 35. Content Marketing
  36. 36. So posting regular content on your page is a great idea! The content is interactive, making Qunar a much more targeted option than Sina Weibo. Content Marketing
  37. 37. Content MarketingC-trip offers the same interactive content Thought Leadership opportunity…
  38. 38. Make the content pop with good pics! Likes on C-trip are much more valuable than Weibo re-tweets. Content Marketing
  39. 39. It’s hard to go wrong with a food post…. Content Marketing
  40. 40. Social Interaction Takeaways The  robust  content  and  interactive  options  provided   on  both  Qunar  and  C-­‐trip  make  them  far  preferable  to   Sina   Weibo   for   driving   and   converting   your   key   demographic  in  China
  41. 41. Social Interaction Qunar has its own app for sharing photos: Lü Tu
  42. 42. Sharing destination pics regularly increases rates of discovery and drives traffic. Social Interaction
  43. 43. Keep the photos interesting and high-res! Social Interaction
  44. 44. Let’s see the & differences between Now, 3
  45. 45. Qunar offers Tmall-style stores to travel organizations Branded page
  46. 46. With  the  Brand  Page,  you  can  post  your  offers
  47. 47. C-­‐trip  only  allows  visitors  to  book  thru  their  website.   Different booking options
  48. 48. While  on  Qunar,  visitors  can  book  a  room  on  different   websites,  including  C-­‐trip.
  49. 49. C-­‐trip  can  bundle  your   destination  into  package  deals   Package deals
  50. 50. Take aways: 1. Qunar offers broader reach, but operating a Tmall-style store on the platform requires more resources. 2. Getting bundled into C-trips’ relevant packages is a great idea, but requires reach-out to and cooperation with different providers.
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