An introduction to 1mall


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An introduction to 1mall

  1. 1. An Introduction 
 to China’s largest online seller of FMCG 1mall
  2. 2. Numbers on 1mall… 1mall had sales of 1.86 billion dollars in 2013. ! It is well known for selling all kind of food & beverages, including fresh vegetables and meat. ! The online food & beverage market grew over 100% in 2012. ! 1mall also has a reputation for selling imported milk. In China, 37.2% of imported milk was sold on 1mall.
  3. 3. 1mall’s functionality is very similar to Tmall’s, with sidebars and special promotions on the front page. Front page Let’s take a look at how 1mall works:
  4. 4. 1mall takes advantage of holidays such as Women’s Day to theme promotions on. Front page
  5. 5. Very specific categories: food, drinks, clothing, cosmetics, skincare, electronics, etc.- just like on Tmall. Front page
  6. 6. Banner ads on the front page are available, but very expensive. Front page
  7. 7. Promotions for foreign brands get special pages. Clicking on a promotion for imported milk, we’re directed to this page.
  8. 8. Chinese consumers can filter results based on the information most important to them, such as fat content.
  9. 9. It’s important to remember that 1mall is a hybrid platform, featuring both private vendors and retail products sold by 1mall itself.
  10. 10. So when Chinese consumers search for “organic milk” in Mandarin and see the results, they are more likely to trust 1Mall than a vendor’s product, because 1mall guarantees quality and delivery.
  11. 11. A look at a 1mall Product Page Tmall functionality, FMCG focus.
  12. 12. Click path The categories below are very important in determining a Chinese consumer’s decision to buy.
  13. 13. Click pathDon’t forget that 1mall will show consumer related products, lowering conversion rates.
  14. 14. Click path Just as on Tmall, ratings are crucial to a purchasing decision.
  15. 15. The time frame for purchasing, packing, shipping, customs clearance, and health quarantine can be found here, and are also important to the buying process. Click path
  16. 16. How to buy a 1mall product
  17. 17. Click path
  18. 18. Click path
  19. 19. Payment options on 1mall
  20. 20. 1. Besides product focus, 1mall is essentially like Tmall… ! 2. Except, vendors compete with 1mall’s retail products, which generally sell better. ! 3. 1mall does not have any of the social integration that adds value to the customer’s experience on Tmall. Takeaways:
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