China blueprint top ten tips for importers


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China is a complex market for new and experienced importers alike. Consultants provide Import services and this slides shares offers our top ten tips.

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China blueprint top ten tips for importers

  1. 1. Top Ten Tips to Importing from ChinaPresented by Lisa GoodhandChina Blueprint ConsultantsAustralia’s leading Import Service Provider!China Blueprint Consultants Pty Ltd (c) 2013
  2. 2. Who are we?We are an Australian companyOur import services include Finding you a qualified manufacturer Managing your imports Coordinating sample making Inspecting goods Checking factories Solving supplier problems Negotiating your price Managing contractual & logistical challengesWe specialisein ChinaChina Blueprint Consultants Pty Ltd (c) 2013
  3. 3. If you want to import from China…1. Have a clear objective2. Give yourself a reasonable timeframe3. Understand the benefits & challenges4. Communicate clearly5. Be cautious of making assumptions6. Have a back up plan7. Be realistic about your goals8. Understand who you are talking to9. Protect your intellectual property10. Do your due diligenceChina Blueprint Consultants Pty Ltd (c) 2013
  4. 4. No. 1: Have a clear objectivePlan your import project before you start sending money• Why do you want to import?• Is importing the best option for you?• Is there a demand for your products?• Who are your current competitors?• What are your local market requirements?• What are the advantages of importing?China Blueprint Consultants Pty Ltd (c) 2013
  5. 5. No. 2: Don’t be in a rushTake your time to learn about theimport process, who is involved andwhat its really going to cost you…• Source a supplier/manufacturer• Check their credentials• Order & confirm samples• Prepare your own contracts• Manage the risks• Place your order• Book an inspection• Coordinate logisticsChina Blueprint Consultants Pty Ltd (c) 2013
  6. 6. Import order processYour shippercan now collectthe goods anddeliver them toyouShippingOnce the goodsare complete,inspect thembefore theyleave ChinaInspectionPlace yourorder ensuringthe factoryclearlyunderstandswhat you wantOrderPut yourconfidentialityand supplycontracts inplace beforeyou send yourcompanies IPContractsGet a sample,make anychanges andhave one readyfor inspectionSamplingCheck theircredentials,ensure they area factory andthat they canactually makeyour goodsDue DiligenceFind a supplierthat can makeyour goodsResearchChina Blueprint Consultants Pty Ltd (c) 2013
  7. 7. No. 3: Understand the benefits & disadvantagesAfter you do your research do a cost benefit analysis.Is it worth it?•What will my final profit margin be?• How long before I get paid?• How much could I buy for from home?• Upfront purchase cost• Your time & effort• Logistics, taxes & tariffs• Insurance & due diligenceChina Blueprint Consultants Pty Ltd (c) 2013
  8. 8. No. 4: Communicate Clearly•Be specific about: Your design details The standards you require Changes you agree to Your trade termsWe regularly see problems where communications have not been clear,instructions are not formatted and language is a barrier…China Blueprint Consultants Pty Ltd (c) 2013
  9. 9. No. 5: Assumptions beware!Don’t make assumptions based on what you already knowabout business and the way it ‘should’ operate.Be conscious of China’s: Different laws Different trade practices Different language and cultureA Chinese Legal ContractIf its too good to be true,its probably too good to be true!China Blueprint Consultants Pty Ltd (c) 2013
  10. 10. No. 6: Have a back up planWhat if…• The factory doesn’t meet the deadline?• The quality is not good or the products are faulty?• It costs more than expected?• The factory takes the money but does not produce the goods?Plan for the what if’s, they will cost you timemoney and could affect your reputation…China Blueprint Consultants Pty Ltd (c) 2013
  11. 11. No. 7: Be realisticMany new importers forget simple issues such as•How long it all takes•Not all factories want to make small quantities•Not all factories can produce to Australian standards• Whilst some factories may be optimistic about their capabilities,they may not have the capabilities.Sometimes, importing from China will not be thebest option…China Blueprint Consultants Pty Ltd (c) 2013
  12. 12. No. 8: Understand who you are talking toFactory vs Agent• Not all factories are set up for export• Agents in China are abundant• There are also many fraudulent operatorsJust because someone can speak good English, don’t assume they are thebest person to be talking to.China Blueprint Consultants Pty Ltd (c) 2013
  13. 13. No. 9: Protect your intellectual propertyDon’t let your manufacturer become your competitorConsider:• Contracts• Black box assembly• Partial manufacture• OEM manufacture• China Trademarks & PatentsIts worthwhile protecting your IP,This must be considered at the beginning of your project.China Blueprint Consultants Pty Ltd (c) 2013
  14. 14. No. 10: Due DiligenceWhat options do you have available to you?•Factory inspection•Business due diligence•In-production inspection•Final article inspection•Product & material testing•On the ground supportThis is a cost of doing business in China – factor it in!China Blueprint Consultants Pty Ltd (c) 2013
  15. 15. People you will need to talk toImporters• Import consultants• Freight forwarder• Insurance company• Australian Customs• Quarantine & Inspection• Standards Australia• Lawyers (Chinese experienced)China Blueprint Consultants Pty Ltd (c) 2013
  16. 16. The Next Step• Patience, understanding, due diligence and attention to detail• We can assist you at any stage of your import. Contact us to find out how youcan import from China and become an import success story.“you may be the expert on your product, but you will needhelp navigating the China market”China Blueprint Pty Ltd905/250 Pitt Street, SydneyPhone (02) 9267 2933China Blueprint Consultants Pty Ltd (c) 2013