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Task management


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Task management

  1. 1. Managerial Task and Task Management What is Management?According to George R. Terry, "Management is adistinct process consisting ofplanning, organizing, actuating andcontrolling, performed to determine and accomplishstated objectives by the use of human beings andother resources".
  2. 2. Characteristics of Management1. Management is all pervasive-covers all departments, activities and employees.2. Management is a social process- management takes place through people.3. Management is a managerial process- involves planning, organizing, directing and unifying human efforts for the accomplishment of given tasks.
  3. 3. Planning Organizing Controlling Staffing LeadingPlanning-consists of setting goals, objectives, policies, procedures, and otherplans needed to achieve the purposes of the organization.Organizing-the supervisor defines serious job duties and group duties intodistinct areas, sections, units or teams.Staffing- the managerial task of recruiting, orienting, and training employees.
  4. 4. Leading-. The leading function of management involvesguiding, teaching, and supervising subordinates.Controlling- Managers needs to continuously check results againstgoals and take any corrective actions necessary to make sure that hisareas plans remain on track.
  5. 5. Task ManagementManagement Task #1: CoachingOne of the most important management task is coaching. They must bethe persons who will show to the employees the right direction wherethe organization will need to go. They are simply instructors andtrainers.Management Task #2: PlanningPlanning is one of the management functions and one of the mostimportant everyday tasks of managers. They are the persons who planthe future of the company and think about all future activities that willneed to be accomplished from organizational members.Management Task #3: Motivating EmployeesEmployees must be motivated if you want to receive the best resultsfrom their work. You can’t find the person who will work for nothing. Allemployees have some type of motivational factors that will lead them tomake better results. But, these motivational factors are different foreach employee.
  6. 6. Task ManagementManagement Task #4: OrganizingOrganizing is also one of the management functionsaside from planning and motivating without some levelof organizing, in your company will exist chaos.Management Task #5: StaffingStaffing is another managerial function. Because theorganizational members, or simply said people is oneof the most important resources for today’s businessesthis task becomes very important for managers.
  7. 7. Task ManagementManagement Task #6: ControllingControlling is also one of the managerial functions likeplanning, motivating, organizing, and staffing.This task is something that will give managers the picturefor possible mistakes and fail between planning and actualrealization.Management Task #7: NegotiatingAnother important managerial task is negotiating. In thebusiness world, there are two types of negotiations: internaland external negotiations. Internal negotiation is whenmanagers negotiate with the entities from inside thebusinesses. External negotiation is when managersnegotiate with external entities that are outside company assuppliers, customers, and community.
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