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Unit 2 exploring multiples

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Unit 2 exploring multiples

  1. 1. Math 6:Whole Numbers Exploring Multiples
  2. 2. Getting started  A local radio satiation held a call-in contest.  Every 3rd caller won a t-shirt  Every seventh caller won a baseball hat.  Suppose to were the sixth caller. Would you win prize? How do you know?  Would you win a prize if you were the 14th caller? How do you know?
  3. 3. Hundreds Chart  You can use the hundred chart to help solve the problem!  But how? – Draw on the board  Circle the 3’s and X the 7th caller
  4. 4. Explore  Why does the 21 have both colours on it?  Common multiple  Do you think more callers will winT-shirts or hats? Explain.
  5. 5. Hundreds Chart  Count by 4.  These are known as multiples of 4!
  6. 6. Key Math Learning  1)The multiples of a number can be found by starting at the number and counting on by that number  2) A common multiple is a number that is a multiple of each of two or more given numbers.
  7. 7. In class work  pg. 44 #1, 2, 5
  8. 8. Homework  Pg. 18 + 19