The Relationship Revolution


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My presentation to the Social Health 2010 conference (#SxSH; Contains speaker notes in the downloadable powerpoint.

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  • The insurance business is changing. We believe that it’s impossible to really change the health system without that change being engaged – if not driven – by health consumers. And in order to engage consumers, we have to thing differently about health. It can’t be just about managing, treating, or even preventing sickness. It has to be about looking at health the way that consumers do – as an enabler of life and happiness.
  • Our community innovation and social media team at Humana has two primary goals: To leverage social methods and tools to help Humana be a better company through collaborating with all of its stakeholders To leverage the power of social networks to help people be healthier. That’s what this talk is about.
  • The overall message is this: Be the change you want to see – that means if you want to think different, start acting different Start doing everything differently Share freely and learn We built our own web site to do that – and its pretty different SEO guys will hate it But it gets the point across
  • We had to create a platform for Humana to understand social media We think in stories and pictures, so we created a Metaphor for how we’ll use social media The Town Square Every department has a “lot” on the town square They can build whatever kind of “social media building” is going to best serve their needs (and their stakeholders) We have a library and a commons area where we share everything
  • We operate under these fundamentals They’re not new or radical Once you’ve hoovered up information and consulted experts Just sift through and find the ones that make sense for your business
  • We’re using twitter to address customer service needs for those members and suppliers who talk about us @humanahelp
  • We believe that there is tremendous business insight – and value – that can be derived from the social web if you’re “listening smart.” We’ve built our own tool to help us listen to twitter in a way that allowed us to derive real-time insights – and to engage in conversations as they’re happening – around searches that are important to us. TPS (the Tweet Positioning System) is a twitter mining tool that allows you to enter any search you like – and get instant analysis on the results. You can find it at
  • We took an online amateur fitness community And embedded an elite athlete to blog, vlog and tweet along The community grew 10% in a month – but engagement increased over 300%
  • People often forget about games when they’re thinking about social applications. Not only do games provide a way into things that people already care about and like doing, they’re enhanced when they can be played with others. Humana has a games for health practice that is leading the health industry ( Our first custom-built game is called the Horsepower Challenge ( It’s an activity-based game for kids in which the steps schoolkids take are uploaded wirelessly to the web to power a game – in this case, a race around the world. It’s been fantastic; over 2,500 kids have played it across the US and the UK, and we’ve found that their activity increases 15-35% while playing the game.
  • We have storefronts all over the country to serve our members Communities have formed organically around these storefronts for classes, games and bikesharing We’re looking to grow and enrich these communities to test their impact on healthy lifestyles; AND To build relationships that we hope will lead to sales
  • We’re also looking to help connect our members who have health problems to others who might be able to help them … crowdsourcing health is complex, but it has enormous potential.
  • We have customers who’ve become incredibly good at navigating the complexities of the healthcare system. Just as consumer-oriented companies like Dell, Intuit and Microsoft have tapped into the knowledge of their customers, we plan to do so as well.
  • The Relationship Revolution

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