The Community Inside


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Case study on the transformation of Humana to a social business. Presented at the Inbound Marketing Summit 2009 - Boston on October 8, 2009

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The Community Inside

  1. The Community Inside<br />GETTING SOCIAL WITH HUMANA<br />Greg Matthews <br />Twitter:@chimoose<br />Photo by brtsergio, CC<br />
  2. goal<br />
  3. Who is Humana<br />
  4. How to transform<br />Big, complex, regulated, silo, relationship oriented<br />Study – Align – Experiment<br />SHARE<br />be a vacuum<br />be a padawan<br />try stuff<br />be 2.0 <br />turning a battleship<br />Photo by stevesheriw<br /><br />
  5. Study<br />Library etc<br />be a vacuum<br />Photo by pigstubs<br /><br />
  6. Align<br />be a padawan<br />Photo by Loren Javier CC<br /> /<br />
  7. Experiment<br />Frankenstein<br />try stuff<br />
  8. be 2.0<br />
  9. THE<br />TOWN SQUARE<br />
  10. framework<br />
  11. fundamentals<br />
  12. chamber of commerce<br />
  13. chamber of commerce<br />
  14. new demands<br />Control Reality1<br />Bottom up groundswell and top down control colliding<br />Information Security2<br />Malware attacks rise with social media use at work<br />Workforce Culture3<br />Labor Intensive, Highly Involved, Non-Standardized<br />Intellectual Property4<br />Who owns ideas and contacts, employer or employee? <br />1 Douglas Pollei, VP of Internet Strategy and Corporate Development for IKANO Communications Inc.<br />2 MarketWatch<br />3 Jim Cuene, Director, Interactive, General Mills<br />4 Warwick Ashford, Computer Weekly<br />
  15. new corporate focus<br />
  16. More Experiments<br />the future<br />Photo by ILMO JOE<br /><br />
  17. networks and video<br />
  18. games<br />
  19. Fishtank<br />social platforms<br />
  20. social tools<br />
  21. mobile<br />mobile<br />
  22. the end<br />Greg Matthews<br />Humana’s Innovation Center<br /><br />Twitter: @chimoose<br />
  23. Appendix: fundamentals<br />
  24. Authenticity <br />We’re honest, accurate, and thorough<br />We’re not marketing; we’re having a conversation<br />We don’t keep secrets or spin the truth<br />We’re people, too<br />
  25. Active Listening<br />We’re taking the time to stop talking and just listen<br />We want to hear what you have to say—even if it’s negative<br />When we enter a new space, we’ll listen first before we start talking<br />We’ll listen for how we can make your life better or easier<br />We want to change the way we work based on your needs<br />
  26. People go to the places they know, trust, and enjoy<br />You don’t have to come to us—we’ll come to you<br />If it’s necessary for you to come to us, we’ll build you a bridge<br />Going Where They Are<br />
  27. We will interact with you as people—not as a corporation<br />I am accountable to you as a person—not as a corporation<br />We will use language that you can understand—not just what is convenient for us<br />Personal Voice<br />
  28. Nobody has found the magic bullet <br />We will try new things <br /> We realize that we’ll make mistakes and do things incorrectly, but we will learn<br />We’ll be honest about what we’ve learned, and celebrate our smart failures<br />We’ll get better every time we try<br />Learning Through Action<br />
  29. We need to adopt a culture of sharing, both inside and outside Humana<br />If we can’t share our successes and failures, we severely limit our potential to learn from mistakes<br />We don’t have to control, but we do have to communicate<br />We will create a culture that emphasizes and values collaboration and sharing<br />Sharing - Open Source<br />
  30. appendix: freewheelin<br />
  31. i. buzz<br />Photo by Net_Efekt. <br /><br />
  32. ii. community<br />Photo by Kirk Kandle. <br /><br />
  33. iii. content<br />Photo by Orin Optiglot. <br /><br />
  34. Step 1: Build participation and anticipation<br />Used to identify 8 biking groups in Denver representing over 1,000 cyclists – who are already using the internet to connect. Arranged group rides and word-of-mouth campaign<br />Created a page on facebook; advertised it to people in Colorado and Minneapolis. Generated thousands of page views and ~1,500,000 ad impressions<br />
  35. Step 1, continued: Build participation and anticipation<br />Reached out to bloggers who’ve covered us; arranged for them and their readers to meet up for a ride<br />Created a micro-blog feed on Twitter; followed by 600+ biking enthusiasts. Sending several posts per day about Freewheelin<br />
  36. Content Brings Community; Community creates Content<br />Step 2: Generate Content<br />After registering, users are given a card encouraging them to share their freewheelin experience – in pictures, videos and stories<br />When they return their bike, they’re directed to an “upload station” where they can plug in their digital camera or cameraphone and upload images and videos directly to the Freewheelin Community site.<br />They’re given a free memory card reader imprinted with the Freewheelin Community logo so that they can continue to upload images throughout the convention.<br />
  37. Step 2, continued: Generate Content<br />We had Humana volunteers armed with smart-phones cycling around the city and “seeding” content to generate interest<br />All content was moderated in real time and then posted to our portals on YouTube and Flickr<br />
  38. Appendix<br />Tools<br />appendix: the toolbox<br />Photo by todbot<br /><br />
  39.<br />blog<br />freewheelin<br />blog<br />
  40. freewheelin<br />fan page<br />humana games<br />fan page<br />
  41. bikesharing<br />humanagames<br />crumpleitup<br /><br />
  42. freewheelin<br />photo gallery<br />innovation center<br />photo gallery<br />
  43. CrumpleItUp Innovation Network<br />LinkedIn Group<br />Innovation Prototyping<br />LinkedIn group<br />
  44. YouTube <br />Health Entertainment Channel<br />
  45. Widgets<br />Over 5 million views<br />
  46. care networks<br />