A crash course on creativity paying attention


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Various Stores in New Haven, CT

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A crash course on creativity paying attention

  1. 1. A Crash Course on CreativityAssignment 2: Paying Attention New Haven, CT Chi Min Seow 10/30/2012
  2. 2. Nica’s Market  Before  you  enter  the  store  Nica’s  Market  always  has  some  outstanding  storefront  decorations.  Right  now,  in  response  to  the  fall  season,  there  are  many  pumpkins  of  various  sizes  on  display.  The   store   sign,   which   can   be   seen   in   the   picture,   is   large   enough   and   it   sprawls  across  the  store  horizontally.  The  transparent  glasses  are  always  clean  and  people  can  always  see  how  fresh  their  produce  is  when  walking  past.      Environment  As   soon   as   I   entered   the   door,   the   bell   emitted   a   familiar   ring,   and   I   can  immediately   smell   the   fresh   flowers   right   behind   the   front   door.   The   indoor  environment   gives   customers   a   sense   of   coziness   with   brown   colored   floor   and  compact  rack  arrangements  filled  with  various  goods.      Personnel  For   its   small   size,   Nica’s   market   hires   a   lot   of   personnel.   All   of   them   are   usually  very  helpful.  I  am  usually  greeted  with  smiles  when  I  walk  in.  They  make  you  feel  very  special  and  will  go  the  extra  mile  to  answer  your  questions.        
  3. 3. Products  There   is   a   hot   food   section   behind   the   store   that   makes   food   from   scratch.   They  also   serve   made-­‐to-­‐order   sandwiches   as   well.   Other   than   that,   the   products  displayed   at   the   racks   are   well   organized   and   dust-­‐free.   Quality,   sturdy   racks   are  used  in  the  store.  The  fruits  and  vegetables  for  sale  are  of  superior  quality  and  well  presented.    Customers  Customers   who   frequent   this   store   are   normally   college   students   looking   to   grab   a  quick   bite   or   supplement   their   groceries.   Due   to   the   small   walking   lanes,  customers   have   to   make   way   for   each   very   often.   The   outdoor   seating   area   is   a  welcoming   place   for   customers   to   consume   their   meals   after   purchasing   them  from  the  store.    Other  Observations  The  storeowner  is  someone  who  cares  a  lot  about  his  store.  It  is  a  frequent  sight  to  see  him  arranging  goods  inside  the  store.                                                        
  4. 4. Orange Street Market    Before  you  enter  the  store  The  Orange  Street  Market  is  centrally  located  in  the  East  Rock  area  in  New  Haven,  CT.  The  storefront  decoration  is  not  bad  either.  Pots  of  plants  and  seating  stables  and   chairs   are   the   usual   sight.   Due   to   the   windy   day,   the   front   door   was   closed  when   I   visited.   The   goods   blocked   majority   of   the   window,   making   it   difficult   to  look  into  the  store.    Environment  The   in-­‐store   environment   is   very   simple.   Decoration   does   not   seem   like   a   high  priority   to   the   storeowners.   The   racks   are   arranged   at   a   slanted   angle   from   the  front   door   in   one   column,   making   it   difficult   to   have   a   good   overview   of   the  products  sold.  The  high  racks  in  the  middle  also  made  the  store  looks  smaller  than  it  actually  is.    Personnel  The  personnel  did  not  pay  a  lot  of  attention  to  the  incoming  customers.  The  whole  place  feels  slightly  unwelcoming  and  cold.  After  walking  around  aimlessly  for  more  than  5  minutes,  no  one  cared  to  offer  any  help.      
  5. 5. Products  Due  to  its  small  size,  the  product  choices  offered  by  the  store  are  limited.  Besides  some   fresh   product,   meat,   seafood   and   deli,   other   products   are   displayed   in   the  middle  of  the  store.  The  distance  between  racks  in  is  very  small,  making  it  difficult  to  inspect  the  goods  at  the  most  bottom  row  of  the  racks.    Customers  Customers  who  come  here  are  of  various  age  groups.  Compared  to  other  markets  in  the  area,  Orange  Street  Market  is  not  the  most  bustling  market.      Other  Observations              
  6. 6. Romeo & Cesare’s Gourmet    Before  you  enter  the  store  The   storefront   decoration   is   highly   welcoming.   In   addition   to   the   pumpkin,   the  storeowners   also   put   out   straw   men   to   attract   customers.   The   well-­‐maintained  plants  and  clean  glass  are  good  signs  that  the  store  is  well  run.    Environment  The   in-­‐store   environment   did   not   disappoint.   There   is   a   row   of   fresh   vegetables  immediately  behind  the  front  door.   Inside   the  store,   there   are  four   columns   of  low  racks,   which   enable   customers   to   immediately   see   the   items   they   need   and   walk  towards  them  directly.      Personnel  The   personnel   are   highly   welcoming   and   patient.   They   took   their   time   to   ask  customers  if  there  is  anything  they  could  help  with  and  are  not  pushy  to  make  a  sale.  Food  items  purchased  are  delicately  handled  according  to  customers  needs.    Products  The   store   seems   to   target   Mediterranean   cuisine.   There   is   a   section   specifically  reserved   for   different   types   of   olives   and   another   for   different   cheeses.   The   store  
  7. 7. does  not  offer  everything  under  the  sun,  but  they  do  have  a  great  variety  of  choices  for  customers.    Customers  Customers  range  from  students  to  family.  There  was  a  family  with  a  relatively  large  group   of   kids   dining   outside   the   store   as   I   walked   out.   Everyone   seemed   to   be  enjoying  the  different  decorations  that  have  been  put  out.    Other  Observations  A  huge  tree  was  uprooted  right  outside  the  store  by  the  strong  wind  last  night.                                                  
  8. 8. One Stop Mart & Deli    Before  you  enter  the  store  Much  effort  can  be  put  into  the  decoration  of  the  area  in  front  of  the  store.  As  of  now,   there   is   a   table   with   two   benches   and   nothing   more.   Although   it   is   fall  season,  the  massive  accumulation  of  dried  leaves  outside  is  not  a  welcoming  sign.      Environment  The  store  is  split  into  two  halves.  On  one  side  there  is  a  small  kitchen  serving  fresh  Middle  Eastern  cuisine,  on  the  other  side,  there  is  a  small  section  for  groceries.  The  floor   is   covered   with   white   tiles   and   due   to   the   indoor   kitchen,   the   walls   are  slightly  stained  with  grease.    Personnel  This   is   a   family   owned   store;   the   personnel   are   largely   made   of   own   family  members.   When   I   was   there,   I   was   looking   for   Tahini   (sesame   seed   paste)   in   the  store  and  was  having  a  difficult  time  locating  it.  Luckily  for  the  helpful  personnel,  the  issue  was  resolved.  He  was  also  patient  enough  to  introduce  different  brands  of  the  same  product.        
  9. 9. Products  The   goods   displayed   at   the   groceries   section   are   not   well   arranged   and   most   of  them   are   dusty.   The   freshly   prepared   food   however,   is   made   to   order   and   seems  authentic.    Customers  Customers  are  usually  individuals  or  a  very  small  group  of  people  looking  for  quick  meals.      Other  Observations  There  is  a  huge  empty  space  in  the  middle  of  the  store,  which  could  be  better  used  to  display  goods.      
  10. 10. Hanmi Oriental Food & Gift Shop    Before  you  enter  the  store  Elaborative  decoration  is  nowhere  to  be  seen  compared  to  other  stores  in  the  area.  One   major   discovery   is   the   cute   store   sign   hanging   right   above   the   door.   Other  than  that,  there  are  two  brightly  lit  signs  written  in  Korean.    Environment  The  store  is  very  clean  and  well  organized.  There  are  three  fully  stocked  columns  of  various  products  appropriately  labeled.      Personnel  The  personnel  are  very  relaxed.  They  only  stepped  in  when  requested.  When  I  first  entered  the  store,  I  couldn’t  see  anyone  inside,  but  after  awhile,  they  came  out  to  greet  me.    Products  Besides   food   products,   they   also   sell   kitchenware   and   other   materials   for  entertainment.  There  is  a  combination  of  perishable  and  non-­‐perishable  goods  but  they  all  are  inclined  towards  Korean  cuisine.      
  11. 11. Customers  There  wasn’t  anyone  else  inside  the  store  when  I  was  there.  Perhaps  it  was  at  a  low  time  of  the  day  when  I  visited    Other  Observations  The  shop  owners  have  a  dog,  which  is  as  friendly  as  the  owners.        
  12. 12. State Fish Farm Market    Before  you  enter  the  store  The   first   glance   of   the   store   gives   the   impression   that   it   is   not   very   organized.  Products  can  be  seen  stacked  right  behind  the  clear  glass.      Environment  A   strong   seafood   odor   immediately   caught   the   attention   as   I   entered   the   store.  There   is   a   seafood   section   in   the   store,   which   is   wide   open   to   the   air   circulation  inside  the  store.  The  products  are  all  over  the  place  instead  of  neatly  stacked.    Personnel  The   storeowner   was   wearing   an   earphone   in   one   ear,   giving   an   impression   that  customers  are  usually  not  given  full  attention.      Products  The  products  are  not  the  freshest.  Some  of  them  are  even  near  date  of  expiry.      Customers  Unsurprisingly,  there  was  no  customer  inside  the  store.        
  13. 13. Other  Observations  For  a  store  situated  at  a  heavily  trafficked  junction  with  a  huge  parking  space  right  in  front  of  the  store,  the  business  of  the  store  could  be  much  better.