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D.o. 36, s. 2016 ppt


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D.O. 36 s. 2016 infused with D.O. 74 s. 2012.

Published in: Education

D.o. 36, s. 2016 ppt

  1. 1. D.O. 36 s. 2016 Policyguidelinesonawardsandrecognition fortheKto12BasicEducationProgram
  3. 3. “Awards and recognitionprograms createa positive learning environment, improvepupil/student moraleand motivate high performance.”
  4. 4. “RATIONALE.”
  5. 5. This policy aims to give alllearners equal opportunity to excel in relationto the standard set by the curriculumand focus on their ownperformance rather than to compete with one another.
  6. 6. It recognizes that all students have theirunique strengths that need to be identified, strengthened, andpubliclyacknowledged.
  7. 7. The awards aim to acknowledge and promote student excellenceand to provide formal recognitionof student achievements that can motivate learners to strive for excellencein academic, leadership, and social responsibility.
  8. 8. Learnerswho feel good about theirabilitiesand contributions to the school and society are more likelyto be happy, content, andmotivated. When these learners are recognizedfor their efforts, they willalso persist in their desire to excel.
  9. 9. The givingof awards and recognitionis butone ofthemanywaysby which teachers and schools provide students with positive feedback and affirmation, whichcan improve the learner’s confidence,self- awareness, andenthusiasm for learning.
  10. 10. A motivating environment that promotes respect for student diversity and dedication to learning contributes to the creation of a positive school climatethat supports the well-beingand achievementof allstudents.
  11. 11. “AWARDS.”
  12. 12. CLASSROOM AWARDS are recognitiongiven to learners in each class or section. A simple recognitionmay be given per quarter, semester, or at the endof the school year.
  13. 13. Awardees are given merit by the adviser and/or other subject teachers in recognitionof the learners’outstanding performancein class.
  14. 14. 1. Performance Awards for Kindergarten 2. Conduct Awards 3. Academic Excellence Awards CLASSROOM AWARDS 2.1. CharacterTraitsfor KindergartentoGrade3 2.2.ConductAwardsfor Grades4 to12 4. Recognitionfor Perfect Attendance 5. The HonorRoll
  15. 15. Performance Awards for Kindergarten Learners
  16. 16. 1. Performance Awards for Kindergarten Learners should be recognized for their most evident and most prominent abilities. 2. Teachers will recognize outstanding achievement of learners based on the different domains and/or learning competencies of the kindergarten curriculum at the end of every quarter.
  17. 17. SUBJECT AWARD Communication Arts/ Self- Expression Spectacular Speaker Award Literacy (Reading and Writing) The Star Reader Award Writing Wizard Award Numeracy (Mathematical Skills) MATHinik Award Science The Little Scientist Award Performing Arts (Dancing and Singing) The Little Star Award Physical Agility The Athletic Kid Award Self-Care The Neat Kid Award Visual Arts (Coloring/Drawing) The Awesome Artist Award
  18. 18. Conduct Awards
  19. 19. 2. Conduct Awards These are given to learners who have been observed to consistently demonstrate the DepEd core values (Maka-Diyos, Makatao, Makakalikasan, Makabansa) as translated in our Report Card.
  20. 20. 2.1. Character Traits for Kindergarten to Grade 3 These awards are given to younger learners to affirm their positive traits and attitudes or to recognize significant improvement in their behavior.
  21. 21. CHARACTER TRAITS FOR KINDERGARTEN TO GRADE 3 AWARDS 1. Active (participation) Spunky Spirit Award 2. Cheerfulness Sunshine Award 3. Cooperation/Team player Team Player Award 4. Friendliness Friendly Neighbor Award 5. Gentleness Peace Keeper Award 6. Hardworking Busy Bee Award 7. Helpfulness Cheerful Helper Award 8. Honesty Matapat Award 9. Initiative Sparkler Award 10. Kindness Golden Heart Award 11. Leadership True Leader Award 12. Motivation / Enthusiasm Eager Beaver Award
  22. 22. CHARACTER TRAITS FOR KINDERGARTEN TO GRADE 3 AWARDS 13. Patience Patience Advocate Award 14. Perseverance Extra Miler Award 15. Persistence Tenacious Striver Award 16. Politeness/Courtesy Courteous Kid Award 17. Responsibility Batang Maasahan Award 18. Risk taking Brave Soul Award 19. Self-discipline Prudent Worker Award 20. Sharing Great Giver Award 21. Sportsmanship Good Sport Award
  23. 23. 2.2. Conduct Awards for Grades 4 to 12 Conduct Awards for grades 4 to 12 in each class will be given at the end of the school year. This will be based on the evaluation of the adviser and subject teachers.
  24. 24. CHARACTER TRAITS FOR GRADES 4 TO 10 AWARDS Most Active Award Most Respectful Award Most Attentive Award Most Diligent Award Most Brave Award Most Trustworthy Award Most Behaved Award Most Responsible Award Most Cheerful Award Most Flexible Award Most Creative Award Most Determined Award Most Caring Award Amazing Attitude Award Most Compassionate Award Promptness Award Most Encouraging Person Award Environment-Friendly Award True Leader Award Most Cooperative Award Most Enthusiastic Award Brave Heart Award Most Diligent Award Most Hard Working Award
  25. 25. Academic Excellence Award
  26. 26. 3. Academic Excellence Award Award for Academic Excellence within the quarter is given to learners from Grades 1 to 12 who have attained an average of at least 87 and passed all learning areas. The Average Grade per Quarter is reported as a whole number following DepEd Order No. 8, s. 2015.
  27. 27. Academic ExcellenceAward Average Per Quarter* With HighestHonors 96-100 With HighHonors 91-95 With Honors 87-90 *Hillcrest School standard for this school year.
  28. 28. Recognition for Perfect Attendance
  29. 29. 4. Recognition for Perfect Attendance This award is given at the end of every quarter to encourage learners to attend and actively participate in class. Perfect attendance means that a learner must be present in all of his/her classes, and must have no absences for the entire quarter. Learners who are representing the school for various purposes (e.g., in-school or off campus activities, practices, sports) may also qualify for this award.
  30. 30. The Honor Roll
  31. 31. The Honor Roll The following shall be used in determining honors: 1. Academic Excellence (7 points) 2. Co-curricular Performance (3 points) 3. Final Ranking (7+3 points) Reference: D.O. 74 s. 2012
  32. 32. The Honor Roll There will be: 1. Classroom Honor Roll (By section ranking; to be posted in the classroom bulletin board.) 2. Grade Level Honor Roll (Combined sections ranking; to be posted in the School Lobby.)
  33. 33. The Honor Roll To qualify for this, a learner must: 1. Have no failing grades in any of the learning areas. 2. Have not been subjected to any disciplinary action within the school year. 3. Be a class officer or an active member/officer of any recognized school club, team, or organization.
  35. 35. GRADE LEVEL AWARDS are given to qualifiedlearners for every grade level at the end of the school year. Candidates for the awards are deliberatedby the Awards Committee (AC) if they have met the given criteria.
  36. 36. GRADE LEVEL AWARDS The qualifierswillcome from combined sections in the preschool andelementary. The consolidated results willbe used as basis in determiningthe rankingfor The Honor Roll (D.O. 74 s. 2012).
  37. 37. GRADE LEVEL AWARDS 1. Academic Excellence Awards 2. Leadership Award 3. Award for Outstanding Performance in Specific Disciplines 4. The HONOR ROLL
  38. 38. Leadership Award 1. The leadership award is given to learners in Grades 6, 10, and 12 who have demonstrated exemplary skills in motivating others and organizing projects that have significantly contributed to the betterment of the school and/or community. This award is given during the completion or graduation ceremony.
  39. 39. Leadership Award
  40. 40. Award for Outstanding Performancein Specific Disciplines Award These awards are given to recognize learners in grades 6, 10, and 12 who have exhibited exemplary skills and achievement in specific disciplines. These disciplines are Athletics, Arts, Communication Arts, Mathematics and Science, Social Sciences, and Technical-Vocational Education (Tech- Voc).
  41. 41. Award for Outstanding Performancein Specific Disciplines Award 1. Athletics 2. Arts (e.g., visual, media, music, or performing arts) 3. Communication Arts 4. Science 5. Mathematics 6. Social Sciences 7. Technical-Vocational Education
  42. 42. Award for Outstanding Performancein Specific Disciplines Award
  43. 43. SPECIAL RECOGNITIONis given by the school to the learners whohave represented and/or wonin competitions at the district, division,regional,national, or internationallevels.
  44. 44. What do awardees receive?
  45. 45. 1. Classroom Awards The pupils/students will receive certificates. 2. Grade Level Awards They will receive: a. Medals b. Certificates c. Plaques
  46. 46. How do determine awardees?
  47. 47. 1. An Awards Committee (AC) shallbe organized by the Principalfor eachgrade level. 2. The committee willbe composed of the Directress, the Principal,the Coordinator, and the Class Adviser.
  48. 48. 3. No member of the AC must be relatedwithin The second degree of consanguinityor affinity to any of the candidates for awards. 4. The report on the results of the AC shallbe signed by allmembers of the committee and certifiedby the Principal.
  49. 49. When to file and settle protests?
  50. 50. Cases of protest shall be filed by the candidate withhis/herparent or guardian to the School Head withinthree (3) workingdays from the announcementand shallbe decided on by the Principal,consideringthe recommendations of the AC withinthree (3) workingdays from filing.