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Ask an Expert 2.0

Ask an Expert (AaE) has been rethought and rebuilt from the ground up. Come learn about the new version. We’ll cover a bunch of new features such as the introduction of groups, tagging, widgets and forms, simpler routing and assignments, plus one of the biggest changes — the ability to share questions and answers publicly at the new Ask site. There will also be time for a Q&A and feedback on the app.

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Ask an Expert 2.0

  1. 1. Ask an Expert 2.0 Ben MacNeill eXtension
  2. 2. Big Picture• Sharing/Public (opt-in)• Groups• Simpler assignment rules and interfaces• Better mobile• Better search• Better notifications• Evaluations
  3. 3. What I’m Covering Today• Groups• Categories, Tags & Areas of Expertise• Getting Questions into AaE• Assignments• Openness & Privacy
  4. 4. Groups• Groups were created from: • Every widget • Every primary “Area of Expertise” • Question Wrangler community
  5. 5. What can you do with Groups?• Assign questions directly to a group• Groups can decide if they want a “Question pool” or individual assignments• Define geographic region and only accept questions that match it• Decide if the question submitter has the choice to make their question public.
  6. 6. Categories, Tags & Areas of Expertise• The category hierarchy (49 terms and growing) didn’t work well.• Each expert’s “areas of expertise” have been converted to tags for that expert.• Sub-categories for each “area of expertise” have been converted to tags for that group.• The tagging UI is designed to make it easy to use existing terms.
  7. 7. Getting Questions into AaE• Current model • the multi-purpose Ask form on • Individual Ask widgets embedded in thousands of pages across the web
  8. 8. The Goal• The trend: widget submissions are outstripping www submissions• Continue to increase the number of questions that come in through dedicated widgets
  9. 9. How• Existing widgets• Group’s Ask form (each group has a dedicated URL)• A generic Ask form (which sends questions directly to the QW group)• Every piece of content on www will have a link to the group’s Ask form or include its embedded widget.
  10. 10. Question Wranglers• Will handle groupless questions• Will handle location non-matches• Use the new reassignment UI to assign to the best Group or Expert
  11. 11. Simplified Rules• Questions from widgets or via Group Ask pages are assigned to that Group. • UNLESS the group has defined a geographic area. Non-matches go to the QW Group.• Questions submitted through the generic Ask form are assigned to the QW group
  12. 12. Automatic vs Manual• Automatic assignments are only based on question source (i.e. which widget/form) and geographic location.• Manual reassignments use tags and/or geography to find a matching group or expert.
  13. 13. Groups and Experts• Define locations (for automatic assignments)• Define tags (for manual assignments)• In the future, may experiment with tag-based automatic assignments
  14. 14. Openness and Privacy• Public sharing is opt-in• Questions can be marked public, and are publicly searchable and browsable• Robust GA tracking baked into Public questions• Limited Group Expert profiles are publicly viewable • e.g. default: Ben M.• Ability for the public to comment
  15. 15. Who Controls Privacy?• The submitter can choose to make a question public• Experts can choose to make public questions private• Groups can choose to give submitters the option (default is private)• All existing questions will be marked private when migrated to AaE 2.0
  16. 16. Time Line• 3 weeks out (hopefully)• The demo site is running:• The look and feel is an evolving design
  17. 17. Thanks!