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Cultural integration powerpoint tutorial 4

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Cultural integration powerpoint tutorial 4

  1. 1. Cultural Integration Stage 6
  2. 2. Activity 1 • Students select their suitable Continent • Students brainstorm “What Cultural Integration means” – Then present to class • Students design a mind map – Build from student response – What cultural diffusion meant to them – Build the mind map using PREZI
  3. 3. Similarities and Differences of Cultural Integration • What are the similarities and differences of cultural integration between countries, and within a country AND within a country AND within close communities in an urban area – E.g. China and Australia – China in Australia – China in Cabramatta
  4. 4. YouTube Clip • Cultural diffusion lesson – World History Review M4 – Discuss how the cultural values individuals pick up from living in Australia, would impact their country of origin. And vice versa..
  5. 5. Consumer culture • How has the media influenced cultural integration? AND an effected the diffusion of artefacts within the community. • Identify and explain a way that mass consumer culture is reflected in the media. • Students to come up with an advertisement/poster/app/podcast to show the adaptation of mass consumer culture in their particular area that they have been allocated.
  6. 6. Summing up • What is cultural integration? • What is cultural diffusion? • List some similarities and differences of cultural integration. • I enjoy the pleasure of ethan simone