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Barriers to communication final


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Barriers to communication final

  1. 1. Barriers tocommunication By Tom Wright
  2. 2.  The term noise is defined as unwanted sounds. Ranging from air conditioners humming to cars.Background noise!
  3. 3. Prepare the room or meeting hall that you will bepresenting in beforehand!Remove/ switch off sources of the backgroundnoises, Close doors and windows, which could helpdrown out the sounds of traffic.An IT related way to avoiding background noise wouldbe to wear noise cancelling headphones and have thepresenter communicate through the headsets.Sennheiser HD 202 Closed Back On-ear StereoHeadphone, price is £29. to avoid background noises?
  4. 4.  Forms of distraction: - Arriving late - Leaving early - Mobile Phones - Other sources of unwanted noise.Distractions.
  5. 5. Remind the audiences to switch off their mobile phonesWait a little bit at the beginning for late comersRemind those that have to leave early to leave silently and don’tdistract those that are staying.An IT way to avoid distraction would be to use some tablettechnology, the person would be able to interact with thepresentation and would be less likely to be distracted.Prices range from £70 and above and the make isA1CS X220 TABLET to avoid distractions.
  6. 6. Presentations being to long.Having a lot of difficult information to take in all at onceHaving a presentation that is boring which doesn’tinvolve the audience.Loss of concentration
  7. 7.  Keep your presentations short and only reveal key information and one source to back it up. Keep the audiences involved by asking open and probing questions to them, and avoid reading from PowerPoint slides word for wordIT ways to avoid distraction would be to use an improvedform of presenting software, by upgrading the software it willgive the user more possibilities to hold concentration. Pricesare around £90 and this is for Microsoft PowerPoint. to avoid loss of concentration
  8. 8.  Not using correct terminology can cause confusion and loss of interest. Correct technical terminology should be relevant to the presentationTerminology
  9. 9.  Hand out leaflets to reduce barriers involving terminology. Use a simple but professional level of terminology. One way to increase the terminology of a presentation would be to do it via an Ipad 2 and have the ability to check over the oresentation.Prices start from £416 WiFi/dp/B004TW8XHC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=132 3859576&sr=8-2Terminology
  10. 10.  Hiring an interpreter or using a translating dictionary can lower the language barriers Learn what certain hand gestures mean in other cultures.Cultural differences
  11. 11. Language barriers can be hard to overcome.Certain hand gestures could mean different things indifferent cultures.Another way to over come cultural differences would beto use a translating dictionary. Prices start from £20and the make is Franklin TWE-118 Pocket 5 languageEuro translator. differences
  12. 12.  Key points might not get across if there are spelling and grammar mistakes.Spelling and grammar
  13. 13.  Proof read and spell check all your work before presenting. Getting a second opinion on your works grammar and spelling. Electronic dictionaries are useful ways of helping you to check your work for spelling mistakes and the thesaurus can be used to improve your grammer The Seiko Concise Oxford Dictionary: Thesaurus and Spellchecker is £40 to buy. Dictionary- Spellchecker/dp/B000IUP6ZG/ref=sr_1_1?s=officeproduct &ie=UTF8&qid=1323857941&sr=1-1Spelling and grammar
  14. 14.  Pressure to meet deadlines can reduce communication. Messages can be partially given and key information not re-laid.Time pressures
  15. 15.  Organise time so that key information wont be missed Allow time for correcting work and meeting deadlines One way to improve your time management and low the pressures of dead lines would be to use Apps for a smart phone, to periodically remind you of deadline hand ins, evernote app is good for this and is Free pressures
  16. 16.  Not including the audiences cause loss of interest. Boring issues and incorrect terminology can cause loss of interest.Loss of interest
  17. 17.  Keep the audiences involved by asking regular open and probing questions. Use interesting slides, videos and pictures to hold interest. One way to increase the interest of a presentation would be to do it via an kindle and have the audience interact with the presentation after uploading it to the device.Prices start from £89 of interest
  18. 18.  Emotions can mean the audience misinterpret the information.emotions
  19. 19.  Try to relate emotion to key points I.E if it is a negative point relate with anger.Ways of overcoming emotional issues that would be a barrier to your communications would be to use a type of stress relieving CD, the CD invokes calming and stress relieving emotions in the user, and would be useful to listen to before a presentation.Natural Stress Relief prices start at £23 Gibson/dp/B00004U4UT/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1 323858539&sr=8-2emotions
  20. 20.  Being inconsistent can cause confusion during presentations. It could lead to repetition of key points or confusionInconsistency
  21. 21.  By reading over your work and proof reading it you can avoid being inconsistent. To avoid inconsistency you could use project planning types of software that allow you to plan ahead. Microsoft project is a type of project planning software and is priced at £500 Project-2010- PC/dp/B003FO0QJ8/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1 323858874&sr=8-3Inconsistency
  22. 22.  www.evernote.combibliography