Textual Analysis Star Wars Episode III


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Textual Analysis Star Wars Episode III

  1. 1. Textual Analysis – Star Wars Episode III Choose a film that is set in a different world to our own (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars etc.) and identify some of the ways the film-makers have attempted to portray this ‘other worldliness’. Title of film / year of release / Director: Star Wars Episode III / 2005 / George Lucas Costume: the dark hooded figures of the general and the dark suit of Darth Vader shows the dark and possible scary nature to the film. The robotic features of the hospital surgeons and Darth Vader show that technology and robots is a key feature to this film. The black costumes show yet again the dark and eerie nature of the film; however this could also represent the sadness and emptiness of the people wearing them, the dark side. However when we see Obi Wan Kenobi wearing a light coloured robe without a hood we can see that this character is good as the colours and costumes used are not threatening in any way. This therefore shows the ways in which the costumes used can represent the different characters shown in the film. The light material used in the costumes is also symbolic to the area shown. You would not expect people from earth to wear costumes like this so it reiterates that this is a film based in different galaxies. Sound: The sound in the background would be symbolic to a sci-fi film. The sound of a spaceship can be heard which again shows this film is based in space. The un earth like sound effects will show the viewer the sci-fi links involved. Throughout the film explosions can be heard suggesting a war is going on throughout the movie. The talking throughout is very dark and eerie with Darth Vader’s breathing sounds and talking sounding threatening and scary to some viewers. Camera work (angles, composition, movement): The use of birds eye cameras show the enormity of the area the action is going on in. It also shows the links to the sci-fi genre as it would be impossible for an area to be that vast in an earth environment. The camera angles used also allow us to get closer to certain aspects of the action. For example, when we see the spaceships flying past, the close camera angles allow us to feel closer to what is happening and see the speed of the spacecraft. When the space war scene is happening at the start of the scene, the close camera actions and CGI allow us to get closer to the action again, it makes us feel part of what is going on.
  2. 2. Special effects (CGI, models etc): CGI is used very effectively throughout the film to create a plausible out of this world effect. CGI is used effectively during the film’s opening space war scene. Explosions and gunfire allow us to feel the intensity of the scene and make the viewer feel close to the action. CGI is also used effectively at the end of the movie during the Anakin and Obi Wan Kenobi battle. The closeness of the lava and explosions in the background make the reader feel the intensity of the battle and the closeness of the drama.