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  1. 1. These locations are the exterior to the house in which the interior will be based. This outside location will show the criminals for the first time and the build up associated with the house robbery. These outdoor locations will also be the location for the chase scene that will develop towards the end of the opening as well as the location where one of the criminals is shot right at the end. Shot 2 here is important as it shows the doorbell the criminals will ring in order to gain initial access to the house. It also shows off the front door which will be hounded by the criminals during the opening as they attempt to gain access and begin the house robbery. We decided to use these outdoor locations as the area is very wide nearby meaning we can spread out any equipment and also give the actors space to undertake the chase scenes that will be shown throughout the movie. Shot 3 shows off the landing to the house which will be used for the initial attack on the woman as well as when the protagonist runs down the stairs and begins in chase of the criminals. We decided to use this room as it is very close and tight-knit meaning the action is happening very close together, this will add further tensions to the scene. Shot 4 shows off the bedroom and the landing part of the opening sequence. This area will be the section in which our protagonist realises the disturbances and runs down the stairs. We are planning on placing opening credits on the wall on the right as well as show off the Frame Within a Frame media technique. Shot 5 shows off the bedroom which will be the location in which the protagonist is upstairs on his laptop, this shot will show the normality of the person as well as later his hidden abilities. The bedroom also shows off normality and the colour blue is a key connotation symbolising a relaxing mood showing the viewer does not have to be worried about this character in the movie. The well lit room also shows off that this character does not have any dark mystery surrounding him. Shot 6 shows off the kitchen area which will
  2. 2. be used throughout the opening. We first see this location through the window outside and will be the area that the woman is located in during the opening sequence. This area will also be the location the criminals steal the item of jewellery on show and where the viewers will follow the lady until she answers the front door. It is a key location of the movies opening sequence. We chose this location as it symbolises a typical suburban kitchen, it shows off the ordinary nature of the area in which the drama is taking place as well as meaning the viewers associate their lifestyle and houses to this situation. The objects on the side show off the ordinary nature of the room.