Health and Safety


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Health and Safety

  1. 1. Health and Safety Information These are a few of the Health and Safety risks we identified while planning our two minute movie opening. Tripping over Tripod - Tripping over the tripod that we use could be a real issue. The tripod could very easily get in the way of our filming and someone tripping over the tripod could cause a real issue to the health of themselves and others around them. Therefore to counter this issue we will make sure that when using the tripod we inform the actors around us of where it will be positioned so we do not get them into extra harm. This will hopefully counteract the health and safety issue that is tripping over the tripod when filming a scene. Traffic - As we will be filming our scenes by a road we have to make sure that we are aware of traffic around us, being hit by a vehicle or any other oncoming traffic could create a serious problem for us or the actors helping us, therefore to counteract the problems raised we will inform all of our actors of the risks involved as well as making sure that we stay away from roads while filming our scenes. Hitting into people - As we will be filming on a public road there is still the possibility that members of the public will be around during the filming process, we may get near or involved with members of public including hitting into them while filming chase scenes, to prevent this from happening we will make sure that we stay way from them and let them pass the filming area before shooting a scene. This will prevent any further injuries to anyone involved. Dropping the Camera - Dropping the camera during filming of a scene could be a huge problem. If dropped the camera may break and lose footage collected earlier from a filming session. It could also shatter which may lead to debris flying into people, another health and safety risk, to prevent this from happening I will make sure that the camera is securely attached to the tripod we are using at all times, this will mean the area is definitely safe from any equipment damages. Slipping over - We will be filming our opening sequence in a public environemnt, this means we may encounter objects of a hazardous ature around our filming location which could cause us to slip and result in further injury. Therefore, to counteract this problem we will make sure that we fully check the area around us before filming, this should give us a chance to check for unreported spillages and incidents which could lead to further injuries for our actors and crew members. Falling Down Stairs - We will be using the staircase a couple of times throughout the filming process and is another big health risk. If you fall down the stairs, it could do serious damage to the actor and could put the safety of others also at risk and the equipment in danger. To prevent this risk, I will make sure that all cast and crew memebrs are told never to run down the stairs and stay careful at all times in case a problem occurs.