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Font Analysis


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Font Analysis

  1. 1. Font Analysis This font is from the popular TV Show Family Guy. We will definitely not be using this font on our opening sequence, this font symbolises happiness and fun which is definitely not what our movie opening is about. We need a font which symbolises the possibility of death and suspense and not a light hearted comedic movie. This font from Predator is really interesting and is a possibility for our opening sequence. The font has connotations of excitement and possibly death through its format. The cuts coming from the bottom of the font could suggest the cutting of a person and therefore death. The modern text font also symbolises the 21st Century world which our movie would be situated in. This font is from the horror movie Friday The 13th and again would not be a great font to use in my opening sequence. The connotations of this font would be of a horror theme as the font has a scary and eerie nature to it. This would not be of use in my opening sequence as we are not doing a horror but a thriller movie. Therefore we need to replace the eeriness on show here with a more exciting and bold title text. This font is from the movie Tomb Raider and is exactly what we are looking for in our opening sequence. This font is direct from a similar action and thriller movie so we know this type of font works in this genre. The bold and heavy letters instantly show an exciting movie that contains a lot of fast action scenes reminiscent of a thriller movie,. This type of font is symbolic to a certain genre that definitely fits in with our movie and the genre we are portraying.