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Conventions of a thriller movie


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Conventions of a Thriller Movie

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Conventions of a thriller movie

  1. 1. Conventions of a Thriller Movie What is a Thriller A thriller is usually a movie containing a battle between good and evil, the protaganist and the antagonist, linking back to Todorov's Narrative Theory there will be a disruption in the equilibrium which will cause the chain of events that will follow in the movie, the aim of the protaganist is to restore the equilibrium, while the antagonist aims to stop this happening. Tension and Suspence will be built all the time. A typical James Bond movie would be a key example of this, James Bond is trying to restore justice after the initial disruption takes place, the Villain or bad guy he is hunting would symbolise the antagonist who would seek to destroy the protaganist and therefore stop the new equilibrium from taking place. Typical Conventions The Thriller movie genre would usually contain a lot of quick cuts in order to show off the overall fast pace the movie contains, this will help build up suspence throughout the movie. Thrillers will also try to include low key lighting in order to further generate suspence in the film, this alsongside the tension music shown throughout will add extra tension and suspence overall. Shadows and diagetic sounds of breathing can also add further suspence and tension to the movie as well as make the film more exciting and intense for those watching it, a Thriler movie may contain changes in the angles of shots in order to show off variet and possibly even make the viewers feel confused and distorted when watching the film. A Thriller movie could contain a montage of shots in orer to build up more tension and suspence for the viewers as well as add to the overall confusion and distortion of the scene. Finally, a movie could conatin some kindd of black and white shots and seeing the Protaganist in the mercy of the Antagonist. This is important as it shows that power has shifted throughout the movie from all the characters. The camera angle may show us who is on top at the moment through the use of low angle and high angle shots. The change in power may also hadd to the overall distortion and confusion of the movie. Characters A Thriller movie will usually contain a main protaginist wjo will often be a brave male seeking to restore the equilibrum, the character may be wearing normal clothes or a suit in order to show his normality in everyday society as well as showing he is not different to anyone else around him. The movie's antagonist wil often have a hidden identity that the audience wil uncover over time. The anatagonist may be gpoing for revenge from a past event and will usually be wearing very different clothes from everyone else in order to pick them out from society and show they are different to everyone else. They may be wearing dark items of clothing which will have connotations of darkness and eerieness throughout the movie. This may also show off the nner darkness the character contains. Camera Angles
  2. 2. There may be lots of close ups and extreme close ups of the protaganist in the narrative, this will show off the characters feelings and emotions throughout the scene as well as showing off their true identity to the viewer. These shots may also be used to show off key props or objects in the background which will help the viewer fully understand the narrative. The antagonist character will have shots tailored to hide their identity from the audience in order to create more suspence. You may see a silhouette or a shadow of the character in order to hide their full identity from the audience which will help build suspence. Music The Music in a Thriller movie will have to build up suspence and tension. The music may start off very slowly and then build up over time to add further suspence for the viewers to teh scene.