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The transforming power of work


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WORK IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF LIFE. Work provides so much to so many people that it is important to gain a clear perspective.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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The transforming power of work

  2. 2. Creates Wealth Supports Families Develops Character Provides Purpose Gives Hope Builds Confidence Teaches Responsibility Sharpens Skills Realizes the Potential of People Brings Joy Builds Relationships Transforms Society Builds for Future Shapes Humility BENEFITS
  3. 3. I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn Albert Einstein 1879-1955
  4. 4. WORK IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF LIFE Work provides so much to so many people that it is important to gain a clear perspective.
  5. 5. LOVINASHANGPLIANGChillibreeze helped shape my career, my professional life and helped me discover my hidden potential. I really appreciate everything that I have been taught in all these years.
  6. 6. THE FOUNDATION OF CHILLIBREEZE Understanding the value of work is at the core of Chillibreeze.
  7. 7. BANTEI SHYLLAThank you Chillibreeze! I would like to thank Ralph and Joanna for the trust and love that they have shown to each one of us "the Youth of Shillong". I realize that there are lots of things that I have learned working with Chillibreeze and Zizira in the past years. Each day my skills are being sharpened with the learnings, values, and trust from each member.
  9. 9. JENESON PDEI can see myself maturing with time. The interesting part is that it is the CB values and challenging learning opportunities that have helped me grow personally and professionally.
  10. 10. TO THE BEAT OF A DIFFERENT DRUMMER Chillibreeze is like a fish swimming upstream going against a different understanding of work.
  11. 11. ALFRED DAVIS KHARPURI Life don't come easy, either we work hard for it or we don't belong here. I have learned and changed with CB values.
  12. 12. Some Understand work as only a means to make money and create security – a means to an end. But there are other perspectives
  13. 13. PYNSHAILANG LANONG I realized that CB not only helps me to financially support my family, but also helps me become a mature person.
  14. 14. A new understanding of work changes everything
  15. 15. RUDOLF KHARPURI If last year, someone told me that next year I will be doing all these things here, I wouldn’t have believed that person because right now I’m doing things which I never thought I would be able to do in my life.
  16. 16. WORK IS IMPORTANT Quality, faithful, diligent, honest work is something that has value in itself and should be perceived as a privilege and opportunity. It is not just a means to an end but benefits many.
  17. 17. SHEREEN DARITY RANEE In comparison to when I first came and now I can proudly say that YES I have grown. I have been TRANSFORMED and I believe I will be much more than what I am today and will continue to strive to grow and add more VALUE to CB and everyone in it.
  18. 18. WORKINGis not just about you and your security
  19. 19. With new challenges and new learnings each day, Chillibreeze has really made me a strong person, both personally and professionally. IBANSHANLANG CHYNE
  21. 21. Khrawbor Bha KharpuriI got the opportunity to be someone in a position with responsibilities and this has broadened my horizon in terms of thinking and being proactive in everything I do. In Chillibreeze I have learned how to work together as a team, trust the team, and how to help and back up each other when in need.
  22. 22. A NEW DISCOVERY Money does not help anything WORK CAN BE FUN
  23. 23. The working environment brought about changes in me, even without me realizing it. NANGJOP THABAH
  24. 24. WORKING FOR A GOOD COMPANY Benefits our customers, you and others
  25. 25. RUBEENA KHAN My life would not have been so easy if I was not a part of this company. Now I am standing on my own two feet and am independent.
  26. 26. YOU EARN MONEY TO SUPPORT YOUR FAMILY Money is Important - your work itself can be a real benefit to many people and is a way we meet your own and your family’s needs
  27. 27. ERIC SUCHIANG Chillibreeze supports me in all aspects, especially my family.
  28. 28. WORK BENEFITS CUSTOMERS Our customers depend on good quality, reliable work.
  29. 29. Chillibreeze has given me the opportunity to understand work culture and values. Most importantly the fact that we are working to make a change in our region is exciting. JOSHUA LEONG NONGHULOO
  30. 30. WORK ALLOWS YOU TO BE GENEROUS The more we earn the more we are able to give to others.
  31. 31. ELVIN STEWARD KHARPURI I joined fresh out of college and was really nervous. Now I am grateful and feel blessed to see what I am today. CB has given me an opportunity to become a mature and responsible person, both in my professional and personal life.
  32. 32. WORK PROVIDES PURPOSE People crave to be productive – Unemployed people don’t feel satisfied with their life.
  33. 33. LAURENCE LYNGDOH I am most grateful for having this job. We all know that it is very difficult to find a job in Shillong and I consider myself blessed to be a part of Chillibreeze. CB has helped me develop my character.
  34. 34. WORK BUILDS CONFIDENCE Becoming competent at works is fulfilling and provides significance.
  35. 35. When I started, I was a person with very low confidence. When I look back, I wonder if I am the same person because it is here that I discovered myself and know my strengths and capabilities. All this would not have been possible without the help, guidance and support of each team member in CB and my family. CB has truly transformed my life. NAZARINE KHARKONGOR
  36. 36. WORK BUILDS CHARACTER The struggles of work matures and releases the potential of people.
  37. 37. MACDONALD CHYNE Chillibreeze has changed me in many ways, in fact has transformed me. Happy to be part of this big family.
  38. 38. WORK PROVIDES AN OPPORTUNITY TO RAISE UP OTHERS Leaders with good character provide an example that can have a big impact on others. Integrity Service Discipline
  39. 39. BADAL NYALANGIn the second half of 2016 I shifted from the Services team to Content Coordination. This was a big change. Soon after that I was given greater responsibilities and a team to work with. It was no less than an uphill task, but thanks to the remarkable team to work with, we started bringing in results. I am so grateful for the opportunity Chillibreeze gave me to grow as a person.
  40. 40. WORK IS ENJOYABLE Making customers happy, building relationships with coworkers, gaining new skills, accomplishing tasks, creating, and winning. All these things make work fun and satisfying.
  41. 41. BANSIEWDORLANG MYLLIEMNGAP I look forward to the coming year with optimism and will strive towards learning more and sharing the same with others to help them grow.
  42. 42. Work Helps You Learn New Skills It is an opportunity grow
  43. 43. KRISTY SHANGPLIANG I have never learned so much in my academic years as I did in this one year (2016). The company gave me multiple opportunities to do so. Credit goes to the managers and the team members who gave me the freedom to learn and grow to this level.
  44. 44. WORK STRETCHES YOU In a good working environment, you will be able to go beyond what you think you are capable of accomplishing. You will become the best you can be. Without work responsibilities, this would not be possible.
  45. 45. BADAMON DIENGDOHThank you everyone for your continuous support all throughout the years. Without you all, I wouldn't be where I am today. I have learnt a lot, most importantly in polishing my skills - work-wise and with customer engagement. Looking forward to successful years ahead in Chillibreeze.
  46. 46. WORK ACCELERATES LEARNING AND GROWTH The pressure of work forces you to learn
  47. 47. BABITDOR KHARSOHTUN Working here has changed my attitude towards the way I approach work. I see myself being more professional.
  48. 48. WORK KEEPS YOU SHARP It keeps your mind working! “My mother worked until she was 84 years old and she was using a computer and smartphone until then.” RALPH BUDELMAN
  49. 49. Taking the lead for implementing 4DX across the company has been both a challenge as well as an opportunity for me. It has led me to be bold, proactive and to say and do things that I would previously not have had the courage and wisdom to do. JAMES SYNGAI
  50. 50. WORK TEACHES RESPONSIBILITY If you are not responsible, you are not valuable to a company
  51. 51. MARBAHUN BASAIAWMOIT Chillibreeze has molded me to be the person I am today. Over the years it has taught me to embrace values which I am sure will stay with me forever. Not only have I developed skillsets professionally, learning PowerPoint and Marketing, but was also able to build myself as a person, to be a better human being with a purpose in life.
  53. 53. I have learnt a lot from each and every team member and would like to thank them for guiding, inspiring and motivating me. TIFFANIA NONGSIEJ
  54. 54. WORK HELPS YOU LEARN YOURSELF You learn your strengths You learn where you are weak You learn where to improve
  55. 55. Almost 5 years being here in the company and I feel like I'm constantly learning new things. Chillibreeze has made me what I am today and I’m eternally indebted to the company. CHARLES KHARCHANDY
  57. 57. DATNGEN KHARPURIAll of us, as an individual, as a team and as a company have been able to contribute by helping build a healthy, strong, and profitable company that is based on a solid foundation. This foundation, of our values, will drive us through good and bad times.
  58. 58. WORK HELPS YOU ACCOMPLISH THINGS When you are old you will be content that you benefited others.
  59. 59. I would like to thank Chillibreeze for allowing me to be a part of this HAPPY family. Chillibreeze helped me transform my life and become the person that I am today. BARRY THANGKHIEW
  60. 60. A HEALTHY SOCIETY LOOKS UP TO PEOPLE WITH A JOB A good job provides credibility and significance within your community. You are categorized as being responsible.
  61. 61. ANDREW FANCONThanks to CB I find I have confidence in finding solutions to any problem, be it in life or at work.
  62. 62. Before anyone joins Chillibreeze they need to know that hard work is one clear expectation. With the right perspective on work Cbers are satisfied with the task they are given knowing that it is adding to a larger purpose. CHILLIBREEZE EXPECTATIONS
  63. 63. JOANNA BUDELMANIf it wasn't for Chillibreeze I wouldn't have grown in my learning and experience in Sales and Marketing. I have also expanded my understanding of technology and resources. I am GREATFUL. All of this learning and growth is because Chillibreeze made the MONEY to invest in people and tools so we can expand and grow.
  64. 64. WITH DEEPER UNDERSTANDING With the right perspective on work, Cbers Are able to see beyond the immediate and feel satisfied with the long term benefits of work. Are able to persevere knowing that pressure and hard work create growth. Are grateful to be working. Are able to clearly explain to their parents the many benefits of work. Are able to withstand the peer pressure of those that don’t have a clear perspective of work. Are able to be joyful and content even when doing difficult tasks.
  65. 65. MAGDALYNE NONGKYNRIHI would like to thank all the members of the company for their help and guidance. Chillibreeze is the place where I have learnt so many things personally and professionally which really transformed my life. Thank you Chillibreeze.
  66. 66. UNDERSTAND your worth. VALUE your LIFE and APPRECIATE your BLESSING.