ARTDM 171, Week 3: Web Basics + Group Projects


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  • Click the expand button to see local and remote  
    local on the right, remote on the left.  We’ll be sticking to local for now. 
    click the collapse button to return to normal
    Create a new directory for each section of your website 
    Add a default document to each directory.  Must be named index.html 
    Create utilities directories, images, css, scripts, files, pdf 
    Use hyphens for multiple words.  No spaces allowed.  No illegal characters.
  • ARTDM 171, Week 3: Web Basics + Group Projects

    1. 1. ARTDM 171, Week3: Web Basics + Group Projects Gilbert Guerrero
    2. 2. Put your files in my dropbox • Put them in a folder with your lastname and first initial • Example:        einstein-a chapter3.html
    3. 3. Create a new folder in Week3 called html
    4. 4. Open Dreamweaver
    5. 5. Site Management • Define a new site using the Advanced mode. • Set the html folder as the local root
    6. 6. When do you want to setup a new site? • Whenever you start a new project • Whenever you change computers (such as from home to school) • Whenever you want your files to work together
    7. 7. Expand/Collapse • When you setup a site definition, your files appear in the Files Panel • Use the expand button to view your files on the server and on your computer in a larger window side by side
    8. 8. Your Local Site and Your Remote Site
    9. 9. Directory Structure • 
    10. 10. The Magical index.html File  
    11. 11. URLs - Universal Resource Locators • URLs are used to locate Web pages and external files and images
    12. 12. Creating a link to another Web page a web page <a href="URL">a great resource</a>
    13. 13. Including an image on a Web page an image <img src="URL" />
    14. 14. Including an external stylesheet a css file <link rel="stylesheet" href="URL" type="text/css" />
    15. 15. Absolute URLs • Begins with http:// • Could be a file on your own site or someone elseʼs site
    16. 16. Relative URLs • filename.html ‣ Tells the browser to look for a file in the same folder • folder/filename.html ‣ Tells the browser to look one level deep, within a folder for the file • ../folder/filename.html ‣ Go up a level, then down into the folder for the file • /filename.html or /folder/filename.html ‣  Go to top (root) of the site and look for the folders or files
    17. 17. Group Projects Form groups No less than 3 to a group
    18. 18. Group Project Files Get them from the materials drive
    19. 19. Group Project Deadlines • Due next week: ‣ Description (fill out form) • Next three weeks: ‣ Work on Group Projects • March 9:  ‣ Presentations of completed projects
    20. 20. Turn in a description of your Group Project Fill out the Group Project Form
    21. 21. Homework, due February 16 • Read and follow along with Chapter 4 ‣ Create a Web page using text from Project Gutenberg:  Copy text and use paste special, p92  Add headings, p94  Apply HTML text styles, p99  Add a preformated text, p100  Indent text, p102  Add a list, p105 and nested lists, p108  Add special characters, p109 • Turn in Group Project answers
    22. 22. Thank You