Stephanie Falcone #4) Media Pitch


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Stephanie Falcone #4) Media Pitch

  1. 1. Stephanie Falcone100336897COM 410: Children’s Media PitchTITLE: Veggie MateCONCEPT: An app designed to convince children to eat their vegetables with just the click of abutton.CONTENT: Do you ever have trouble getting your children to finish their vegetables… or eventouch them for that matter? Well look no further; this app will eliminate all the begging andpleading and keep your day with the kids running smoothly.No more airplane spoons or renaming fruits and vegetables to trick kids to eat them (because Ithink they’ve caught on to the x-ray vision carrots!). This downloadable app is designed togenerate meal options for children in the shape of their favorite toys, animals, characters, etc.Step 1) With the click of a button, check off the fruits and/ or vegetables you are attempting toincorporate in the child’s meal.Step 2) Once fruits/ vegetables are selected, you will be given the option to select “Breakfast”,“Lunch”, “Dinner”, or “No Preference”.Step 3) Once selected, the third step will be prompted asking you to select “Boy”, “Girl”, or“Both” (if feeding a group of children). This will filter the shapes, suggesting objects that wouldbe of suitable interest.Step 4) Click SUBMIT to prompt the various meal suggestions (shown in picture icons)Step 5) Scroll through the many optionsStep 6) Select your meal of choice by clicking on the pictureStep 7) Once selected, an ingredients list will appear making the meal quick and easy to prepare **You are always given the option to “Go Back” to a previous page to alter the filtered meal options**GENRE & FORMAT: A fun, fast, and handy application available on iPhone, iPad, andAndroid.
  2. 2. AUDIENCE and DISTRIBUTION: This app was created to make the lives of parents, nannies,and babysitters just a little less messy around lunch time. It is specifically designed for caregiversof all ages who are looking for meal ideas to persuade children to eat something other than junkfood.With such a vast audience, I plan to distribute the product name and advertisement on a varietyof children networks such as Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network. More thanoften, parents and babysitters turn these channels on for children in order to accomplish otherthings around the house. Airing the product on these stations will ensure that adults willconstantly hear the advertisement, leading them to be possible clients.However, as a new product, distributing the app’s advertisement via television will be pricy. Ifdonations/ investors are slim, I will branch out else. Hanging advertisements at elementaryschools, daycares, and community centers will surely capture the eyes of parents and sitters.With constant busy schedules, adults will benefit from this convenient app and eliminate theback and forth bickering with the children over their fruits and vegetables.COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: No one has yet to create an app of this nature. From onlineresearch, the other similarities are occasional websites showing food creations they have madefor children. My idea is making an interactive app so people have this handy tool in their pocketat all times. You never know when the little ones will put up a fight (god forbid there’s a littlegreen on their plate!).APPEAL: Veggie Mate is very helpful and easy to follow with its’ seven-step process. There arehundreds of ideas available to WOW! the kids and keep them strong and healthy. Without havingto trick them, simply use one of the mesmerizing meal suggestions and show them howenjoyable fruits and veggies really are!MARKETING/PROMOTION/LICENSING/MERCHANDISING: I will design all of the mealsuggestions and lists of ingredients on my own time and with my own digital camera. I willconsult someone who is experienced with making phone apps and discuss the best way to go onpursuing this product. (If it will be best to start with Veggie Mate as a paper product then transferit to digital form or vice versa?) Also, I will introduce my idea to successful companies in thechildren’s media category in search of any investors or donations.
  3. 3. APP PREVIEW: