Media Proposal- The Tollman Trio


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Media Proposal by Jennifer Principe

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Media Proposal- The Tollman Trio

  1. 1. Jennifer Principe COM 410 Prof. Hobbs October 11, 2012 Assignment #4: ProposalTITLE: The Tollman TrioCONCEPT: A best friend girl trio, with interests in science, animals and band, trying toget through normal high school challenges and celebrations.CONTENT: There are three main girl characters: Madison, a red haired and energeticgirl who thinks Biology and Geometry are absolutely fascinating; Courtney, a Korean girlwho loves animals and has a passion for community service; and Erica, a Black girl whoplays snare drum and enjoys friendly competition in the musical field. The three girlshave grown up together, and even though they have varying interests, they find lessonsthey can learn from one another. They all attend Tollman High School, in the town ofTollman, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. In addition to science and math, Madison enjoys singing pop songs, but she is tooshy to ever sing in front of an audience. Courtney struggles with being a bit overweight,and she often puts herself down about not being ‘pretty enough’. Erica loves competing,especially in music, but sometimes her ego can get the best of her.Episode Ideas: Madison is teased by boys in her classes for being a girl and having interests in the science and math fields. She has to stand up to them and prove that girls can excel in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) field, just as well as boys do.
  2. 2. Madison wants to audition for the annual spring musical but she is too shy to audition, nevertheless sing in a production on stage. She learns to get over her stage fright, finds the courage to sing and allows herself to be criticized by others. Courtney enjoys community service and she plays a huge part in the school’s Habitat for Humanity chapter. However, she has a hard time finding others who care about service, because they’re just involved to fulfill community service hours. Courtney is a bit overweight and she does not consider herself pretty or attractive. When she goes shopping for a dress for the Homecoming Dance, she struggles to be happy with the way she looks. Erica is an assertive female on the school’s drum line, but she doesn’t get respect from her male peers. She wants to be treated equally but when she lands a solo in the show, they just give her grief about it. Erica lives for band and drum line and more than anything, she loves winning first place in the competitions against other high schools. When the band falls apart and they land in last place at a competition, she is upset and has to learn that marching band is all about being a team, in good times and bad.GENRE & FORMAT: The show would be an animated television show airing in half hoursegments on Nickelodeon or similar children’s network. Each show will feature adifferent story line and teach a new lesson. The episodes are each their own separatestory, however, they will follow a normal school year in order. The episodes will focusaround: high school events (school musical, SATs, preparation for college, dances,homecoming, football games, pep rallies, etc.), acceptance of being different from the
  3. 3. norm, encouragement for girls to do what they love, female empowerment. Theepisodes will be more focused on humor than drama. The show will also contain a smallmusical element to it. The show will have small parts of Madison singing by herself andin the school musical. There will also be segments of band and drum line, featuringErica and the Tollman Band.AUDIENCE and DISTRIBUTION: Aimed towards girls, ages 11-15, variousdemographics. The show features girls who may have interests that are not as popular,but it normalizes those interests, no matter what gender or ethnicity. It may also appealto the mothers of these girls because of the good nature of the show’s lessons.COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: Other television shows that feature high school aged girls,such as: As Told by Ginger (animated), Wizards of Waverly Place (live action).APPEAL: It features girls who are normal and enjoy hobbies that are not as popular asothers. They are relatable characters in real life situations.DISTRIBUTION: The show can be viewed both on television when it airs, or on theinternet, on the network’s website.MARKETING/PROMOTION/LICENSING/MERCHANDISING: The network that hasthe show can run commercials leading up to the premier. The show can be advertised inmagazines for teen girls (YM, Teen Vogue, Seventeen) and magazines for mothers(Better Homes, Vogue, People). We would contact Amy Jussel, founder of ShapingYouth, who would probably support the show on her website. We would also get intouch with the organization Miss Representation, because they would enjoy seeing ashow with strong, realistic female characters. Finally, we would contact Spark a
  4. 4. Movement, who also would be a fan of the characters on the show. All three of thegroups/ people just mentioned would hopefully be able to promote the show and wantto invest in it because of the values and lessons within it.