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Com 410 into the mind of babes chap 10


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Esteban Valencia
COM 410
CH 10: Into the Mind of Babes

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Com 410 into the mind of babes chap 10

  1. 1. By: Esteban Valencia
  2. 2. -Comparing the effect of interactive software andgames vs. television-Observing children’s interactions and reactions to“interactive” toys, games, and television-Defining a better choice between the options-Whether or not families have access to other optionsaside from television and interactive games such asparks and playgrounds
  3. 3. -Georgetown “Dora” experiment directed by Sandra L.Calvert-Rutgers “mobile” experiment directed by CarolynRovee-Collier-Warren Buckleitner editor of Children’s TechnologyReview
  4. 4. -The author states that although there have been manystudies done, none actually define if these games areany good for children-There are many exceptions to the rule. She says shewill only chose sites that: -let her children take control -are ad free so the kids are not distracted -allow the children to push themselves forward, andnot a site that does everything for them.
  5. 5. -With modern society becoming more technologydriven everyday, wouldn’t it be better for children tostart interacting with computers at an early age?-This chapter focuses on in home interactions. Due toan increase in technology, will schools soon start tochange over to a technology driven curriculum, even atyounger ages?-What will parents of the next generation (us)encourage?