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Ch. 8 - Lisa Guernsey - Allison Medeiros and Jen Principe


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This chapter covers how certain television programs, including Dora the Explorer and Sesame Street, and socioeconomic status influence and enrich children's vocabulary growth.

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Ch. 8 - Lisa Guernsey - Allison Medeiros and Jen Principe

  1. 1. + Can Electronic Media Enrich My Child’s Vocabulary? Jennifer Principe and Allison Medeiros Chapter 8 Into the Minds of Babes
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  4. 4. 1. If a foreign child was to watch a show like Dora the Explorer in their native language but learning English, would their learning process be similar? 2. Does socioeconomic status really matter in regards to a child’s vocabulary?+ 3. Is there a significant increase of vocabulary retention when the parent/guardian brings the material learned in the shows to real life situations?