Assignment 3


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Assignment 3

  1. 1. Merita NezajAssignment #3COM 410Professor HobbsSeptember 28th, 2012 The Young Boys vs The Powerful Girl Growing up in a generation such as the one that I grew up in, it is almostimpossible to not notice the current trends going on. By having a computer implementedinto every piece of education that I have had, it is expected to know the ins and out’s oftechnology. Each year trends change, this is the evolution of time, some things stay thesame and some things change. Looking back at the games that I grew up with and seeingthe games that is in present day technology there are both similarities as well as somedifferences. Within this piece, “Boy Meets World” and Disney’s “Wizards of WaverlyPlace” will both be compared with some similarities as well as some differences. To start off with today’s current family show “Wizards of Waverly Place” issomething that has hit the nation by a storm. Selena Gomez is seen as one of the mostfamous teenage celebrities of this decade. This show is extremely family oriented, and itis about the hard of a family together. Through out this show, someone will see the maintheme of this show is a family coming together. Although they have extreme experienceswithin a wizard world, they always try to come back to normalcy. When it came to “Boy Meets World”, this was a show in my younger days that Icould not take my eyes off the TV. I was able to see an American Family have normalbut funny experiences. Corey had the typical crush of the girl next door, and they hadhilarious encounters in school. He would run from teachers in school, his dog would eathis homework, and Mr. Feeney was the stereotypical teacher. To me, this was so muchmore realistic, and something that I myself as a child could picture my life being. Iremember one episode of Corey’s older brother breaking something in the house andtrying to figure out a way to fix it before his parents came home. This type of episodemade a child relate to this, and imagine its own life actually being like this. To compare the two one could say that both are extremely family oriented shows,where in the end the family always comes together to create a unit again. Both showsexperience those stereotypical characters, the not so bright brother; the main character isusually the most “normal” one with the worst of luck. What I mean by this is the main
  2. 2. character always has the worst luck, which sets up for each episode to pursue whateverhas happened in the beginning of the show. Another comparison that these two showsshare is the ability to portray the image of being “normal” not really existing. Eachfamily works in a dynamic in their own way, it does not have to match what the familydown the street is doing, which is great in helping the viewer understand morals. I knowfor a fact that both shows always make me feel better about my family at the end of eachepisode, even if I am not in a competition with my siblings to see who will receive all ofthe families wizardly powers. I remember that at the end of each episode of Boy MeetsWorld I would think about certain scenes, and how my family has had those types ofnights. Seeing something like this as a child growing up in a world where image iseverything was extremely refreshing. I was able to watch TV without being insecure ofmyself, having the pleasure to actually enjoy the story line in the show. Both of theseshows have similarities that are always consistent. Having similarities is not always enough, of course there must be differences inorder for their to be some diversity. One of the first things I noticed when watchingWizards of Waverly Place is how much imagination and creativity is applied to this TVshow. After watching one episode I felt more excited about the possibilities of actuallyhaving super powers. It allowed for my imagination to run wild, and this is at the age oftwenty-one, imagine what I could have done with my mind at the young age of eleven.Shows such as Wizards are allowing for so many children to express themselves in a waythat they found themselves comfortable. Where as Boy Meets World was more about ageneric family in America, and the funny, crazy instances that would occur to them. Iknow after watching an Episode of Boy Meets World I definitely did not feel the sameway I did when watching an episode of Wizards of Waverly place. This is the biggestdifference between two decades, one show is just about a funny family, where as theother is about a family trying to engage the imaginative minds of young children. Overall, both of these shows play large impacts in similar and different ways,allowing for them to be interpreted in different aspects. If one were to have access to theresearch that is out their today ten years ago, I think students would be more ambitiouswith the idea of chasing their actual dreams.