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Earn 5$ per day with adsense - guaranteed!!!


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earn 5$ per day with adsense - - guaranteed

So how did I take a site from 0-450 visitors per day (on the weekend mind you, much slower) and earning over $5 per day in adsense alone AND on the first page of msn for its main keywords in less then 3 weeks.

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Earn 5$ per day with adsense - guaranteed!!!

  1. 1. So how did I take a site from 0-450 visitors per day (on the weekend mind you, much slower) andearning over $5 per day in adsense alone AND on the first page of msn for its main keywords inless then 3 weeks.Unfortunately I won t be showing this site as I did in the last post. Due to many reasons. Only afew now about it, and heck you could probably find it anyhow. (I know the investigative powers ofthe warrior forum)The first step that I take when looking at building a new site is the keyword research, and topicresearch. There are many ways you can go about doing this.http://childfundshop.blogspot.comMy fav way at the moment is by using The Dowser tool, also I use wordtracker and even a freetool. there, start running your list ideas through the keyword tool and look for something whichhas a decent traffic count in overture. (I choose overture as an example because it is widelyrecognized).I usually target niches with 80,000 upward searches per month for the main keyword. This wayyou are bound to be able to drive some good traffic to your site.The recent site I picked had 1,000,000 searches per month.Then I would plug in some of the top sites into SeoElite and find out how much seo the main sitesare doing and how hard or easy it is going to be to beat them.http://childfundshop.blogspot.comNext thing I do is research affiliate products and adsense ads available for that keyword.The adsense ads you can do either in The Dowser tool. Or you can go to put in a keyword, it will show you the ads being displayed for that keyword.Now that we have the basics to one site, presuming you have a nice traffic count. Some profitableaffiliate programs and adsense is showing for those keywords. We are ready to rock and roll.Next thing to do is obviously register your domain and set up your hosting. Nothing mentionedhere as I do not wish to be disrespectful to Allen.I would then go over to elance and post a project on 30 articles for my topic (I supply the keywordlist), usually between 400-500 words of decent quality. You can expect to pay between $3 and $5per article. Once you find a good copywriter stick with them it will make your life much easier.Alternatively there are a lot of copywriters on this forum so do a search for them.Personally I don t use too many articles from databases as I like to have original content. It helpswith the search engines and will ensure you have your site up for a long time. And not get hit witha duplicate penalty.Next thing on the agenda would be to set up the actual site. I will usually do this whilst waiting formy articles to arrive.I use Xsite Pro for all my content sites, but sometimes use dreamweaver if I want something alittle more powerful. Just depends on your needs and what you have at hand.
  2. 2. For site templates I use free ones from and customize them to what I need.I usually build my own simple graphics in Photoshop. But I am now looking at some warriors tosee if I can get headers done for my sites (ps if you are a graphic designer and are interested inwork. PM me)Once you get your articles back. Start adding them into your site. Each article on an individualpage.Be sure to take note of the most important parts of on-page optimization.Example when you are adding in your articles. I use main keywords for that article in the filename. (Though this is not so important).Then also develop an individual page title for each article around the article keyword.Include a title inside the page using H1 tags (tip for young players. Use css coding to make yourh1 tags look much prettier and not so out there)Also add in any adsense or affiliate adverts you need to, into your content.When adding adsense, the best place to put it is high on your website above "the fold" or abovethe middle of the page. a Banner ad up the very top.Then a large rectangle further down he page. Seems to do bestAnd then follow basic common sense with your keyword density. Usually the articles are fine; theycontain just the right balance in keyword density.Also when linking your article into the site. Link using the main keywords of the article (providing itmakes sense). This will help with building your internal linking popularity.So by now we should have the basics of our site set up. This is where we would move onto ouroff-page optimization. OptimizationFrom the second step you should know exactly what your opponent is doing in terms of off pageoptimization, and this is like giving you an insider s look into their marketing.Write an article on your topic to kick start things. If you are not a writer, then grab a few articlesyour copywriter wrote for you, and mix them together so they flow, make sense and providesomething of interest.Submit the article using your preferred method. I am starting too look at as apretty good source (let me know warriors what you think of it as I am still evaluating them).Alternatively there is software, article announcer and article submitter pro.Be sure that when you build your article to include your URL in the author s bio and where youcan, turn it into a link with the anchor text being the main keyword of your site.You should also determine what the main keywords for your site will be, that we will target. SEOwise you probably shouldn t target more then 4 - 6 keywords for your main page. Remember,
  3. 3. every page has its own chance of ranking well in the search engines.So I would break my keywords down into 2 main keywords and 2 sub keywords.Example for dog training would be2 mainDog trainingDog obedience training2 subPuppy trainingDog toilet trainingBy submitting articles you will already be starting to build some back links into your site andprobably be getting your site crawled already.The next step would be to start a linking campaign. There are many ways to do this; some peopledon t even do it. Some people don t like it some do. There s only one small thing I have to say onit. IT WORKSIf you wish to start a reciprocal linking strategy. Then I personally use (BradCallens) for all my linking purposes. There are others around but I have found this to be one ofthe easiest.Plus you get a free reciprocal directory script, which is a bonus if you don t have one or havenever done it before.Depending on how big your niche is, you can also purchase advertising space (aka text links)from sites to help.Some sites for that are.http://childfundshop.blogspot.comtextlinkbrokers.comtext-link-ads.comI have used both before and both seem to offer a pretty good service.Super-TipWhen buying links, be sure to run the site that you decide to go with, through seoelite or someother back link analysis tool. I have found some sites out there that are cheating the system in abig way. You would probably want to go with the site that has the most links from individual IPsand has a more solid foundation.If you are into tracking your sites rankings. Then also offers a free serp tracker.However I use Web Position Gold 3 for the purpose of finding where I rank.And I think that about wraps up how I start and launch mysites. repeat the steps in off-page optimization as many times I need to get the rankings I desire.Remember a number 1 position is not always best. You can get a page 1 result for a keyword,and then move onto the next keyword. This way you are diversifying your traffic, and not wastingun needed energy for the ego of being number 1.
  4. 4. Your business will thrive for it. Worry about the number 1 position only if it is needed for yourpurpose.I hope this has helped some. remember, you don t need to run out and buy the software I mention in here. It is stuff Ihave accumulated over the last 2 years that greatly help my productivity. There are a few pieces Iwould consider a must. (SeoElite, Some form of website building software there are free ones,)But if you are on a budget, don t rush out, start of small and re-invest your profits later. the exact above system is how I took just 1 of my sites to over 400 visits per day (all searchengine) and over $5 per day just in adsense and in only 3 weeks.