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20160803 devrel


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A slide used in devrel meetup

Published in: Technology
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20160803 devrel

  1. 1. Proudly non-profit, Mozilla makes products like Firefox with a mission to keep the power of the Web in the hands of users everywhere. Mozilla Mission (
  2. 2. Our mission is to promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web. Mozilla Mission(
  3. 3. Increase developer awareness and adoption of the Web, Firefox, and Mozilla
  4. 4. Increase developer awareness and adoption of the Web, Firefox, and Mozilla
  5. 5. The Expanding World of Web Standard Technologies and Platforms ts - r rU r In r- f IETF Full- screen Brotli HTTP/2 TLS SSL URL HTTP Origin data URL Real-Time Communications Progressive Web Apps Extensible to Anything! Progressive Enhancement Device Control Game, VR & High Performance Apps Proxy Module QUICNet Info CSP Beacon Navi. Timing DNT CORS block scope Class Gene- rators Itera- tors Collec- tions DOMUI Events File RDFRSS RDFa Indexed DB WOFF Shared Workers fetch Public Key Pinning HSTS Web Socket Protocol - Web Anima- tions Arrow Func. Pro- mise Template Literals ECMA Script 2015 CSS Snapshot 2015 HTML W3C HTML5 SIMD Khronos Async Func. Push Service Worker HTML Components Custom Elements Generic Sensor Blue- tooth USB Speech Media Recorder MIDI FIDO Game- pad Shared Mem. Web Assemblyasm.js WebVR Typed Array WebGL Shadow DOM temp- lates EME vibra- tion Web Crypto Web Audio Orienta- tion WebRTC ORTC data channel Media Stream Battery Status Presen- tation Pointer Events Writing Mode Shapes Tran- sitions & Anima- tions Fonts Layout Media Queries text decora- tion trans- form Mask- ing Flex BoxFilter User Inter- face Open Media Multi Column Permi- ssions Notifi- cations geo- location Page Visibility Web App Manifest Exclu- sions Grid Layout Math ML Quarks Mode SMIL SVG PPNG APNG OGP Opus H.264 VP10 WebM VP8 mp3 VP9 multi media Web Sockets API WHATWG Server- Sent ev. HTML5 Parser Elements & Syntax sections HTML5 Forms Canvas 2D Web Workers WAI- ARIA Content Model app cache Micro- data Web Storage
  6. 6. 参与観察に従事する者は研究対象となる社会に、 しばしば数か月から数年に渡って滞在し、 その社会のメンバーの一員として生活しながら、 対象社会を直接観察し、 その社会生活についての聞き取りなどを行う。