Our media gamaliel comms webinar 4-16-14 final


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60-minute presentation on what's working and how to improve our presence online in order to communicate more effectively and strengthen fundraising.

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  • Good morning! I could talk about this for about 8 hours instead of 30 minutes. It’ why I came to gamaliel! Well, that and to raise a lot of money. here’s the nut of the next 30 minutes: to communicate better we need to do what we do really well and that’s get organized. I’m going to encourage each affilaite to have a communications committee, and we’re going to talk a bit about who’s on it, what it does, etc. etc. Anybody with me already OK, great. Plan for the 30 = 1) strategy: why communicate? What is a message? 2) how does the internet make it easier and maybe in some ways make it harder 3) then we’re gonna discuss what we do about it.
  • QualitiativelydiffferentBefore the paddlewheeler, Clay Shirky writes, the idea was to take the boats we already have and just add steam. Uh, no. Book: Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations, Clay ShirkyOne of the things we have to understand is that social media are really a big system – they want us to succeed – because when others come find us and we come find others all of us together are building the network in common. Another great resource, Beth Kanter’s work, bethkanter.org
  • Email is the queen. Thank you for survey completion to the 37 of you who filled it out. This is true across the board – email is king. Gamaliel story about how to get on a group’s email list. Also, email newsletters were rated the single most important way to get news from the organization; personal email from a staffer or other member of the group was close 2nd, followed by word of mouth, the website, and the newspaper or other news site. Also of interest from the survey: 43% of you accessed the internet/read email on your smart phone. You know what’s amazing – you can donate to WISDOM on your smart phone – right now! Anyone want to try it? I have some candy here for the first 10 people who use their phone to donate $5 or more to WISDOM, right now. Go to prayforjusticeinwi.org and click on the donate button. No they did not put me up to this. 1 of you has 1000 friends on FB, and another has 5 “my children and two others.”
  • Our media gamaliel comms webinar 4-16-14 final

    1. 1. Our Media Organizer Development webinar 4-16-14 Stephanie Gyldenvand WISDOM Karen Kelsey & Gordon Mayer Gamaliel + Hannah Roditi Social Movement Technologies
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