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Storyboard for Trig Ratios Lesson


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Storyboard for my Trig Ratios Lesson

Published in: Education, Technology
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Storyboard for Trig Ratios Lesson

  1. 1. So much for so little, power of the triangle… *
  2. 2. * *How do I know I have a triangle?
  3. 3. * *Is the triangle a right triangle? How do you know?
  4. 4. * *Which side is the hypotenuse and which ones are the legs? hypotenuse leg1 leg2
  5. 5. * *Which is the longest side? Can a leg be longer than the hypotenuse? Equal to hypotenuse? Explain. Can the lags be equal to each other? hypotenuse leg1 leg2
  6. 6. * *Which is the largest angle? Can all the angles be the same size? Can any one of them be obtuse? Explain.
  7. 7. * *How does the length of side relate to the size of the angle opposite it? A B C
  8. 8. * *Given two sides find the missing side dimension by Pythagoras Theorem A B C 5 4 b = ??
  9. 9. * *With reference to an angle, which side is opposite and which one is adjacent to the reference angle? C Adjacent Opposite Hypotenuse
  10. 10. * *Define three trigonometric ratios using fixed “hypotenuse” and relative “opposite” and “adjacent”: sine, cosine and tangent of each acute angle. Adjacent Opposite C B A
  11. 11. * *Evaluate trigonometric ratios given an acute angle and at least one side. C B A 55º 12 cos C = sine C= sin B = cos B = tan B = tan C =
  12. 12. * *Compare trig ratios of similar right triangles and make and verify a conjecture A B C 15 9 12 Q P R 5 3 4
  13. 13. * *Find missing angle measures and side lengths from limited information given by using Pythagorean Theorem and/or trigonometric ratios C B A 55º 12 c am B = ?? a = ?? c = ??
  14. 14. * *Solve real world problems using trigonometry At 57" from the base of a building you need to look up at 55° to see the top of a building. What is the height of the building?