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Cappella Lofts


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Architectural concept for revitalization of historical structure in downtown New Haven, Connecticut.

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Cappella Lofts

  1. 1. Revisioning 849-851 Chapel Street - Unbuilt Project This project is a proposed renovation of two deteriorating existing buildings on Chapel Street, part of the ninth square historical district, in New Haven, Connecticut. The architeMct of the project is also a co-developer which involves the purchase, finance, design, construction and future management. This approach intends to improve control of the build quality, is more resilience to construction costs and will allow more freedom in design. The project is currently delayed due to hesitation from the lending institution. The buildings have gone through different modifications throughout the last century. Our design approach is to preserve the remain- ing historical elements while converting the distressed structures to a new architectural attribute that takes cues from history. The renovation would offer a mixed-use program that combines retail on the first level and residential apartments on the upper levels. While it is difficult to provide access to nature in an urban infill project, we decided to demolish the second floor in the rear of 849 Chapel Street to create a light well and an open green roof courtyard. Each individual residential unit is carefully laid out to ensure natural light and ventilation. At the preserved grand stairwell and in the courtyard interior and exterior vertical gardens will be provided to all the residents. Concerned with sustainability, we attempted to tackle the project with a holistic, bio-mimicry, whole-building design approach. To that end we employed means simulating the biological approach to tempering a space, using micro-capillary tubes for radiant heating and cooling, with a dedicated outdoor air system. We also paired that with a geothermal system (with the support of the City of New Haven) to provide substantial energy savings. Ultimately, we consider the renovation of existing structures the environmentally conscien- tious approach to revitalizing downtown New Haven’s urban fabric.
  3. 3. Historical Photo at Chapel Street around 1880 Photo courtesy: New Haven Colony Historical Society
  4. 4. istorical Photo at Chapel Street around 1930 hoto courtesy: New Haven Colony Historical Society
  5. 5. Existing Building Facade and Streetscape From Corner of Chapel Street and Church Street Looking North-East
  6. 6. Proposed facade at 849-851 Chapel street From Corner of Chapel Street and Church Street Looking North-East
  7. 7. DE MO EX IST Proposed courtyard in the Back of the Building: IN GR Remove Partial Roof to Create Lightwell for Resident. OO F
  8. 8. Reuse/ Respect existing structure (wood joist on load bearing masonry)- reinforce to meet current code Low profile Micro-capillary radiant heating and cooling panel in the ceiling. Harvest Geothermal energy: perfect match with radiant cooling and heating
  9. 9. Outdoor Trellis Preserve existing grand stair well Interior vertical garden
  10. 10. Interior View at Unit A4-1
  11. 11. Interior View at Unit B4-4
  12. 12. Interior View at Unit B3-1