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My big hairy audacious plan


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My big hairy audacious plan

  1. 1. Task 3 Look for a single aspect that can be improved in a work, etc.).  Share in detail how you plan to do this. community you are part of (your home, neighborhood,
  2. 2. Community of Concern Japan
  3. 3. Which consist of… Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Smaller communities such as municipalities
  4. 4. One aspect to improve Un-sustainability
  5. 5. Here is my plan…
  6. 6. Step 1
  7. 7. Re-connect to… The networks of local and not-so-local councilors They are going to be my first target audience/clients/co-creators.
  8. 8. Step 2
  9. 9. Design and organize a workshop… On strategic leadership & Sustainability This is what I have been learning at my school and training myself to be able to deliver.
  10. 10. So that… They can have a shared understanding of how to make our societies as a part of ecosystem more and more sustainable step by step The principles and framework of this ‘how to’ is best known as the Natural Step .
  11. 11. And also… They can experience and learn some of the most simple yet powerful facilitation technologies to make it collaboratively happen. These technologies would include Open space , World Café , Art of Hosting , Pro-Action Café , theory U , Warriors without Weapons among others.
  12. 12. Step 3
  13. 13. Test and refine… Processes of delivering the core ideas and practices of the workshop. Prototypical mini workshops will be delivered on Peace Boat (an NGO/Cruise ship for peace and sustainability education for which I am volunteering on my way home as mentioned in the Task 1).
  14. 14. Step 4
  15. 15. Just do it!
  16. 16. Outcome