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These are the slides used as a background for the Us Now Sydney screening of the Us Now documentary. I've shared them in case people want to rip them for their own screenings and as they highlight a few related Australian initiatives. BTW The invitation to Us Now Sydney is here

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Us Now Sydney

  1. 1. Welcome to Us Now Sydney Hash Tags: #usnowsydney #usnow
  2. 2. 6.15pm..........Introduction 6.30pm...Watch “Us Now” 7.30pm..Panel discussion 8pm........................Finish* *But continue the conversation at the Alexandria Hotel.
  3. 3. “Us Now is a documentary film project about the power of mass collaboration, government and the Internet... It is a description of a world on the cusp of the greatest social change since the invention of the printing press... Us Now tells the stories of online networks that are challenging the existing notion of hierarchy.” “Us Now takes a look at how the internet could allow us to do away with politicians and run the government ourselves. It tells the stories of the online networks whose radical self-organising structures threaten to change the fabric of government for ever.”
  4. 4. Our Panel Patrick Kelso - An Ashfield Council Councillor Pia Waugh - ICT Policy Advisor to Sen. Kate Lundy Sally Rose - Editor at OpenForum Nick Moraitis - Make Believe Host: James Dellow - Headshift
  5. 5. Public Sphere category/campaigns/ publicsphere/ A series of public “unconference style” consultations hosted by ACT Senator Kate Lundy. Hash Tag: #publicsphere
  6. 6. Government 2.0 Task Force A Federal government initiative. Hash Tag: #gov2au
  7. 7. Open Forum A diverse online discussion forum for Aussie thinkers from all sides of the fence.
  8. 8. OpenAustralia Makes it easy for people to keep tabs on their representatives in Parliament. Hash Tag: #openaustralia
  9. 9. Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base A knowledge sharing initiative for Local Councils and Water Authorities.
  10. 10. TweetMP Find Federal Australian Members of Parliament on Twitter and encourages others to join. Hash Tag: #tweetMP
  11. 11. Local Government Web Network A network for people who work on the web in local government. Follow @lgwebnetwork Hash Tag: #lgwn
  12. 12. Australia 2 BETA A tool allowing citizens to suggest and vote on priorities for government.
  13. 13. Council Gripe A feedback tool for both residents and Councils. Report problems, praise, ask questions or complain to your local council. Hash Tag: #councilgripe
  14. 14. Gov2.0Australia gov20canberra A Government 2.0 discussion group for federal, state and local government.
  15. 15. The Pool ABC Radio National Pool is building an on-line "town square" for all Australians.
  16. 16. NSW Sphere nswsphere What: Government 2.0 in NSW. When: Friday 4 September. Where: Parliament of NSW. Hash Tag: #nswsphere
  17. 17. Alexandria Hotel 35 Henderson Road, Alexandria Ph. (02) 9698 1933