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Chieftain experiential activations_2013


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Chieftain experiential activations_2013

  1. 1. Global Experiential Activations 2013Any concepts, research and / or ideas submitted to you by Chieftain Communications Pty Ltd are confidential and are presented on the understanding that they will be used, duplicated or copied (including communication to a 3rd party) without Chieftain’s express prior consent. © 2013 Chieftain Communications Pty Ltd. ABN 48 140 371 339
  2. 2. Welcome to our world...In November 2012 Chieftain created a list of some of the most innovative experiential campaigns from around the globe. Since then we have been askedby many of our clients to put together another paper, showing additional product streams.We have pulled together examples of great experiential campaigns from every corner of the globe - they transcend the advertising clutter to achieve thepositive engagement that we all desire.If any of these ideas spark your imagination, be sure to let us know; the Chiefs are always brimming with ideas to help bring your brand to life.Want to get social?Website ABN 48 140 371 339
  3. 3. Crabbie’s runs men’s safe haven Christmas experientialUKIndependent drinks manufacturer and distributor Halewood International ran an experiential campaign forits Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer brand, offering a ‘safe haven’ for men wanting to escape the stresses ofChristmas shopping.The brand erected giant branded Crabbie’s garden sheds packed with gadgets in shopping centres acrossthe UK.Aside from providing an intriguing talking point for consumers visiting shopping centres, the initiativelooked to drive trial of the Crabbie’s brand and reinforce its unique positioning in the marketplace.The sheds featured a range of gadgets and entertainment and sampling took place in the adjoining ‘gardens’,allowing consumers the chance to experience the taste of Crabbie’s in a relaxing and unique setting. ABN 48 140 371 339
  4. 4. Bulla Bring ’em HomeUK & USAustralian ice cream brand Bulla Creamy Classics is running a promotion offering Australian expats who mayhave ‘gone native’ in the UK and the US the chance to win a trip home, via social media with experientialsupport in both London and New York.The ‘Bring ’em Home’ campaign focuses on searching for Aussie expats who have lost their accents.The team will be out on the ground with roaming teams looking to reach as many home-sick Aussies aspossible. A recording booth will also be set up at London Victoria Station for two days so that Aussies canrecord their videos and enter the competition.The live campaign will be integrated with social media channels and participants will have to upload a30-second story onto the competition page on Facebook ( telling Bulla why theydeserve to win a return trip home. It will then be up to the public to vote, and the four stories with the mostvotes will win a trip home ABN 48 140 371 339
  5. 5. Evian to turn London into giant playgroundLondonEvian installed giant snow-producing playground installations in two of London’s commuter hotspots aspart of its ‘31 ways to Live young’ campaign which runs in January 2013, which also included a consumercompetition to win a trip to Lapland.Evian will install adult-sized ‘Live young’ swings in Canary Wharf, as well as a giant see-saw in Finsbury AvenueSquare. Both installations featured kinetically triggered snow machines which rewarded playful behaviourwith Alpine snow showers – the more participants that play, the more snow that falls. The campaign aims toget the British public smiling by helping them rediscover their forgotten youth.The campaign kicked off with PR and social media from January 1 2013, with the Evian playground runningthroughout January.It included an above the line campaign, transit media and a large social media campaign. ABN 48 140 371 339
  6. 6. An Exciting Sunbites Flavour ExperienceUKSunbites invited its top 30 advocates to enjoy an exclusive cookery experience, in a move which was designedto educate and promote trial of the wholegrain crispy snack.The Sunbites Flavour Kitchen activity was promoted through a cookery experience that resulted in the first-everSunbites cookbook. The thirty advocates comprised 20 of the brand’s most active fans on its Facebook The remaining 10 advocates were selected via an online recipe competitionlocated on the Sunbites Facebook page, where members were invited to submit the title of a dish that includedSunbites as an ingredient.The advocates were then be invited to an all-expenses-paid cookery day in London where they rustled up afive course Sunbites-inspired meal!The 30 dish ideas were then constructed into full recipes by a food economist, prepared and photographed inorder to be published in the Sunbites cookery book. One winning recipe was selected to appear on the frontof the cookery book. ABN 48 140 371 339
  7. 7. RadoxUKToiletries brand Radox launched an experiential roadshow that has seen its ‘blast booth’ concept appear atshopping centres around the country. The activity, part of the ‘Come to Life with Radox’ campaign, invitesshoppers to step into a wind tunnel and experience the “invigorating” impact of Radox shower gelCassie Shuttlewood, brand manager at parent company Unilever, explains: “Obviously you can’t get peoplewet in shopping centres, so the idea was to create an experience that helps people ‘come to life’ andexperience how it feels after a Radox shower.”The pop-up takes photos of people and encourages them to upload the pictures to Facebook for a chanceto win a five-year supply of Radox shower gel. It also allows the brand to capture customers’ details, forfuture marketing. ABN 48 140 371 339
  8. 8. ElectroluxUKThe recession had a great effect on the London restaurant trade, but that did not stop kitchen appliance makerElectrolux opening a pop-up luxury dining experience on the roof of the Royal Festival Hall.The Cube, which opened at the start of June, offered spectacular views of London and a roster of six Michelin-starred chefs worked out of a kitchen fitted with Electrolux appliances.The restaurant’s single table catered for 18 diners at a time, who interacted with the chefs and even gotinvolved in the cooking too.“It’s really a dinner party experience,” explained Graham Bremer, head of marketing at Electrolux UK. “Peopleoften sit next to people they don’t know at dinner parties, and guests often end up in the kitchen, talkingaround the food and the cooking. That’s all part of it.” ABN 48 140 371 339
  9. 9. McDonald’s rolls out digital play zonesUKMcDonald’s rolled out a digital interactive Happy Meals play zone in 150 UK restaurants in a bid to encouragekids to be more active.The fast food chain said it introduced the gesture controlled play zones to “enhance the Happy Meal experience”.Children were encouraged to interact with Happy Meals characters and games through images projectedonto the floor. It uses overhead tracking cameras with infra-red technology to respond to children’s movementand create an “immersive experience”. ABN 48 140 371 339
  10. 10. LEGO Kicks Up The Sonic Experience For Star WarsGermanyThis lovely LEGO music experience was created to promote their StarWars kits. It got people involved andagain showed that LEGO rules the world.Composed of over 20,000 bricks, this barrel organ toured Germany for a month. The 3D premiere of Star WarsEpisode 1 in early 2012 was a cinematographic milestone for the Star Wars saga and the right time for LEGO toexplore a new dimension, too:Sound: Together with certified LEGO professional Rene Hoffmeister, we developed and constructed a wayto turn LEGO bricks into music - using the basic concept of a barrel organ. We took the iconic Star Wars MainTheme, rearranged it and translated it into a matrix - the constrution blueprint for the organ. Then, we took thefour most famous Star Wars worlds - Hoth, Tatooine, Endor and the Death Star - and built them on to the barrel,accordingly to the musical composition. When the organ turned, the bricks touched mechanical sensors whichthen struck the keys of a built-in keyboard and played the Star Wars main theme. ABN 48 140 371 339
  11. 11. Contacts Steve Fontanot Director / Creative Director Mobile +61 (0) 407 270 183 Email Neil Parkin Activations Director Mobile +61 (0) 431 927 418 Email Chieftain Communications Website Facebook Twitter YouTube Sydney Phone +61 (0) 2 9699 6880 Address 80 Victoria Street, Beaconsfield, NSW 2015 Melbourne Phone +61 (0) 3 8844 5538 Address Level 19, 644 Chapel Street, South Yarra, VIC 3141Any concepts, research and / or ideas submitted to you by Chieftain Communications Pty Ltd are confidential and are presented on the understanding that they will not be used, duplicated or copied (including communication to a 3rd party) without Chieftain’sexpress prior consent. © 2013 Chieftain Communications Pty Ltd.