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Chief Inspection Services Inspection Authorization Form

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Insp. auth. form.

  1. 1. Chief Inspection Services P.O. Box 700937 St. Cloud, FL 34770 407-383-7241 Ph. 407-891-7410 Fax Inspection Authorization FormClient Name: Date:Home Phone: Cell:Email: Fax:Current Address: City:Inspection Address:Subdivision: Sq Feet (incl. Garage):Buyers Agent: Phone:Sellers Agent: Phone:Misc. Info: (Gate access code, driving directions, nearest major intersection, etc…)Closing Date: Alarm System in Home: Y NThis home inspection is performed in accordance with the Standards of Practice of Florida Association of BuildingInspectors and is an examination of the mechanical and physical components of real property identified on page 1 of thereport as they exist at the time of the inspection through visual means and operation of normal user controls. The homeinspector does not necessarily possess licenses authorizing the rendering of detailed opinions regarding all of thesystems, structures, and components of a building. Chief Inspection Services. may have an affiliation with third-partyservice providers (“TPSP”) in order to offer value-added services to its Clients. By signing this agreement you authorizeour third party service providers to call you at the numbers you have provided to discuss special service offers.What We Do: 1. We perform a visual inspection in a good and workmanlike manner. 2. We tell you whether each item we inspect is performing the function for which it was intended or is in need of immediate repair. 3. We will explain any deficiencies that are present on the items we inspect.What the Client Must Do:1. Client must notify us in writing of any complaints regarding our inspection within seven (7) days after receipt of ourreport.2. If we report that an item is in need of immediate repair or is not performing its intended function and Client intends topurchase the property anyway, we recommend that Client have that item, as well as the entire system, examined by alicensed professional or a specialist.3. It is agreed by all parties that, to the extent allowed by law, any damages for breach of this contract are limited to theamount of the inspection fee.4. If Client sues on this contract but does not prevail, Client agrees to pay our reasonable attorney fees.5. Client acknowledges that the inspector has not made any oral representations that differ from or modify what is writtenin this report.6. Client must not allow anyone else to use or rely on this report. A copy of this report and/or summary page may beprovided to their realtor upon request of the client.Client agrees that:“Any dispute, controversy, interpretation or claim including claims for, but not limited to, breach of contract, any form ofnegligence, fraud or misrepresentation arising out of, from, or related to this contract or arising out of, from or related tothe inspection or inspection report shall be submitted to final and binding arbitration under the Rules and Procedures ofthe Expedited Arbitration of Home Inspection Dispute of Construction Arbitration Services, Inc. The decision of thearbitrator appointed thereunder shall be final and binding judgement on the Award and may be entered into any Court ofcompetent jurisdiction.”
  2. 2. Chief Inspection Services Inspection Authorization Form Cont’d.What We Do Not Do: 1. We do not make guarantees, representations or insure the performance or condition of any item after the date and time of this inspection. Please remember that almost every component in any house, except new construction, is in used condition and has ordinary wear and tear. 2. We do not inspect any item which we cannot see in a normal inspection. For example, we do not move furniture, floor or wall coverings, or other furnishings. 3. We do not inspect buried pipes or wiring. We cannot see items covered by walls or flooring. Repairs, painting or remodeling may hide evidence of prior damage or defects. 4. We do not dismantle equipment to inspect component parts. We do suggest that you ask the owner about repairs, covered up items or previous problems. 5. We do not check heating elements in central air conditioning units when the outside ambient temperature is above 65 degrees. We do not check central air conditioners in the cooling cycle when the outside ambient temperatures are below 65 degrees. 6. We do not check window air conditioners, refrigerators, washers, dryers or icemakers. 7. We do not inspect for formaldehyde, lead, Chinese drywall, mold, radon or other environmental hazards unless specifically included in the line item prices. 8. We do not walk on roof surfaces with an eave height above 8 feet or a slope greater than 4/12. We do not walk on tile roofs due to possible damage. 9. We do not enter crawl spaces with a clearance of less than 24 inches from soil to bottom of floor joists. 10. We do not inspect for building codes, soil analysis, gas leaks, adequacy of design, capacity, efficiency, size, value, flood plain, pollution or habitability. Please remember that older houses do not meet the same standard as newer houses even though items in both might be performing functions for which they are intended. 11. We do not hold ourselves out to be specialists for any particular item. 12. We are a general real estate inspection company. If we report that an item is not performing its intended function or needs repair, we urge you to have that item, as well as the entire system, examined by a specialist before purchasing the property. 13. We do not give estimates of the cost to repair any item. Repair cost estimates can be furnished upon request for an additional fee of $85.00. 14. If the water is off at the main water shut off valve or the meter location at the time of inspection, Chief Inspection Services at their discretion may or may not activate the water service for inspection. Certain restrictions apply. 15. Chief Inspection Services will perform a complete inspection on one (1) mobilization only. If electric or water is not on at the time of inspection, additional service call charges in the amount of $75.00 will be billed for additional trips to the property. Client is responsible for payment of additional trip charges. Client will be responsible to get reimbursement for addition trip charges from seller, sellers agent or other parties at their discretion if necessary. Standard Inspection Fee $ Pool / Screen Enclosure $ Other $ WDO Report $ Total Due $Inspection Fee will be paid by Check #___________ / Cash / Credit Card* upon completion and prior to issuanceof the report.Credit Card Type: Visa / Mastercard / American ExpressCard No.: Exp. Date:Billing Address: Zip:Cardholders Name: Security Code:I authorize Chief Inspection Services to charge my credit card the amount stated above and accept full responsibility forpayment for services rendered. *A credit card processing fee of $3.87 will be added to all credit card transactions. Date:Client Signature Date:Jeff ClairChief Inspection Services