Expanding patient care to include a Travel Care program


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For hospital administrators and those responsible for customer and patient-centric care, you need to read this short white paper on helping to facilitate travel for friends and family of your patients.

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Expanding patient care to include a Travel Care program

  1. 1. At some point in time in your health care career, you have likely had to make that tough phone call to inform a family member or loved one that there has been an accident, a complication following surgery or that it is time to come and say their goodbyes. That news alone can create a shock wave of emotion. Having to deal with travel planning after hanging up the phone can add an untenable level of stress. Today, family and friends of your patient are typically been on their own when it comes to planning travel. At best, the hospital may list a few hotels on its website that are close by. Perhaps there is even a negotiated rate. But the guest still has to find an available room nearby. We designed our Care Travel program to give you a simple, customized way to assist the family and loved ones of your patients with their travel, without increasing staff or costs. Getting family and loved ones to your patient’s side is an important element of care As an added benefit for hospital groups, let their trips generate a donation to your foundation or your non-profit. (continued) Expanding Patient Care to include a Travel Care Program Concierge Playbook 101 Anually we contribute a minimum of $1 or 5% of our revenues per trip
  2. 2. Page 2 Concierge Playbook 101 – Expanding Patient Care http://www.solutionz.com/tripplanz.html Why should you get involved in travel? When called to the patient’s side, the friends and family already have to deal with travel and quite often have to place a call either to the hospital or to the family to get information to begin their planning. Their questions include: • What is the closest affordable hotel? • What is the closest airport? • Will I need a rental car? • What is the hospital address? With just the first question on this list, there are many possible answers, as affordable to one is often not affordable to another. And close is also relative. Even if you have a negotiated rate with one or more local hotels, there may not be rooms available. This is clearly not what the family or your team should be focusing on. We have professionals poised to handle all of these questions, plus we have highly competitive rates and a service guarantee on all bookings made with hospitals.tripplanz.com. By offering a Travel Care program, you can: • Alleviate the burden on the family and allow them to focus on the patient • Reduce the distractions on your admissions, front desk, operator, nurses’ station staff, emergency staff and your social workers/chaplains • Get friends’ and family to the patient’s side more quickly by just providing a list of available hotel rooms based on their travel dates • Provide the highest level of service, with no incremental cost or staffing requirements from your facility • Differentiate your services from other competitive facilities
  3. 3. Page 3 Concierge Playbook 101 – Expanding Patient Care http://www.solutionz.com/tripplanz.html Launching Your Travel Care Program Extend patient care to help their friends and loved ones visit. The Travel Care Program was designed for hospitals, clinics, hospice, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and any other care facility. The purpose of the program is to provide a way to plan travel to your facility, without having to know where you are physically located. The system automatically provides available hotels within a 15-mile radius, the closest airport and car rental facilities, plus driving directions. The program begins with Rock the World creating a customized website for your organization. If you have multiple facilities, we can create a custom-landing page for each of your facilities. Once you have called us or visited our site to sign up and have provided a high res copy of your logo, we can literally have your site operational the next day. Each organization has its own unique URL, which is used to track the bookings made by the friends and family of your patients. These analytics are provided back to you on a quarterly basis. We also create a customized graphical widget (a high resolution graphic) for your website. That widget is linked to your custom-landing page. As long as the widget is placed on the home page of your site, there is no ongoing cost for the program. You may also insert our hotel booking widget directly to your patient information page. We then work with your marketing team on how to communicate the availability of the program to your patients, their friends and family and your staff. We help you develop an integrated rollout and ongoing marketing program. We also provide monthly analytics to help you gauge usage and to tweak your program as needed. For private label customers, payment of the earned donations is made to your organization (or the charity of choice if you are not a registered 501c3) annually. Getting started is as simple as making the decision and making the call. We are by your side every step of the way. Chicke Fitzgerald CEO and Co-Founder Rock the World Enterprises
  4. 4. Page 4 Concierge Playbook 101 – Expanding Patient Care http://www.solutionz.com/tripplanz.html The Benefits of Launching a Travel Care Program There is no cost to your facility for your custom travel site and no additional staff needed It allows everyone to focus on the patient It extends family centered care to those needed to support the family 5% of program revenues are donated to the charity of choice
  5. 5. Page 5 Concierge Playbook 101 – Expanding Patient Care http://www.solutionz.com/tripplanz.html We customize your hospital's booking site You add the Travel Care Program widgets to your website We provide magnets and information cards to your staff The traveler books and we pay 5% of revenues to your foundation or charity The program is launched in days, not weeks or months. All we need is a high-resolution logo and your marketing text and we can set up your custom site and your “Travel To” widget. As long as you put the travel widget on your home page, there is no cost to implement the program. Additionally, we are there to help you promote the program and measure its success. We provide the service to your travelers, both online, via mobile and via phone. And we provide tools for your staff to help them spread the word. For hospital groups that private label our product, we contribute a minimum of $1 per trip or 5% of our revenues to you (or your favorite charity if you are not a 501c3). How does Care Travel work? Paid quarterly
  6. 6. Page 6 Concierge Playbook 101 – Expanding Patient Care http://www.solutionz.com/tripplanz.html (continued) Hotel Booking Airline Tickets Car Rental Driving Directions Best hotel rates guaranteed Search within 15 miles of your facility Sort by top picks, price, rating, hotel name, area or landmark View Customer Reviews Search for best rates for up to three outbound and destination airports Grid with results for multiple airlines Package offer of air plus hotel is often least expensive route Search for by car type and rental Car Company Grid with results for multiple car companies and car types Traveler pays for car rental at the rental counter For family and friends that are driving to the hospital, the site auto-fills the hospital’s address The site provides turn-by-turn directions
  7. 7. Page 7 Concierge Playbook 101 – Expanding Patient Care http://www.solutionz.com/tripplanz.html Please call Chicke Fitzgerald at 813-925-0789 or visit us at www.solutionz.com/ to learn more about how you can launch your Travel Care Program. The friends and families of your patients travel anyway. Now, play a part in helping them get there with a Travel Care program. Also ask about our TravelingtoGive program for your staff, board, donors and volunteers, as well as personnel visiting your hospital on business. All they have to do is click, travel and give, with each trip they take. We provide a dedicated site for your organization and donate 5% of revenues to your charity of choice.
  8. 8. Page 8 Concierge Playbook 101 – Expanding Patient Care http://www.solutionz.com/tripplanz.html Pellentesque habitant morbi Solutionz is a global consulting and technology development company For information about the company: http://www.solutionz.com For information about our services: http://www.solutionz.com/tripplanz.html CEO and Founder: Chicke Fitzgerald 13851 W. Hillsborough Avenue, Suite 312, Tampa FL 33635 Phone 1-813-925-0789 FAX 1-813-925-8199