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Copia traducida de la guia

  1. 1. microsoft word2010Guide how to use wordStep by stepMarcela bonettmmbonett<br />Table of Contents1. What is Microsoft Word.2. Installing the tool.3. Brief description of the tabs located in the Ribbon.4. Steps to enter and exit Word 2007.5. Steps to save or open a file.6. Steps to insert WordArt style.7. Steps for working with office button.8. Steps to work with the format box.9. Steps to insert bullets and symbols.10. Steps to set type, font style, size, color, underline style and effects to text.11. Steps to format a table.12. Steps to change case-sensitive.13. Steps to set up a page.14. Steps to insert equations.15. Steps for working with forms and format WordArt style.16. Steps to insert chart.17. Steps to print a file.18. steps to insert watermarks and frames to the document.19. steps to insert comments into the document.20. steps for working with text boxes.21. Software that can replace Microsoft Word, advantages and disadvantages.<br />Escuchar<br />Leer fonéticamente<br /> <br />Diccionario - Ver diccionario detallado<br />adverbio <br />step by step<br />Word is his guide to the most important report because in it we find many graphics that guide us in our step by step giving Word to know about this guide and very dynamic addition provides safety chart that anyone young or adult understand that it is Microsoft Word and that was created primarily understood each of the functions most used and most important of Word. This guide was inspired by those children who so far do not know about Microsoft Word and also for people like our parents who still do not know of the existence of this excellent software This guide is so graphic and explicit that there is no need to read that the pictures speak for themselves would be quite interesting to watch and follow step by step guide could carry out the selected procedure without any problems arise and understanding of where the options menus and windows icons begin to appear which can lead to an ultimate goal.<br />Facilitate the work for those who has a problem and not know the tools of Word to the end of the guide are aware of how to perform these activities in Microsoft Word.<br />Educating people how to use applications in the range of options to develop a Microsoft Word document.<br />Teaching the use of Microsoft WordArt to produce a variety of titles including making presentations finished in 3D, shadows, brightness, etc. giving a better look at the document and that makes it easy to customize as you wish.<br />L earn to identify the different menus and tabs from the band of options and their functions<br /> HYPERLINK l "_What_is_Microsoft" <br />What is Microsoft Wordinitially developed by Richard Brodie under the name Multi-Tool Word for the IBM PC under the DOS operating system in 1983. Later versions were created in 1984 for Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows in 1989. This latest version is more widespread today.Microsoft Word is a software for word processing.It was created by Microsoft, and now is integrated in Microsoft Office Suite Office.1Originally developed by Richard Brodie for IBM PC under DOS operating system in 1983. Later versions were created in 1984 for Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows in 1989, while for the latter platform the most widely used versions today. It has become the most popular word processor in the world.Microsoft Word is a text editor program office very popular, allowing you to create simple documents or professional. Microsoft Word is included in the Microsoft Office package from Microsoft. Anyway, it is also sold separately.Microsoft Word has tools for spelling, synonyms, graphics, text modeling, etc. It also has a very good integration with other Microsoft Office Suite applications.<br />Escuchar<br />Leer fonéticamente<br /> <br />Diccionario - Ver diccionario detallado<br />conjunción <br />or<br />either<br />Select it and hit double-clickInstalling the tool.pirst of all if you have Microsoft Word do not worry you can get by purchasing the package of Microsoft Office or Word installed separately just that if you should get it as original as it were pirate can cause you many problems in use and then some more I will explain step by step how you can install Microsoft Word much attention are very simple steps:Step 1. Insert the DVD containing the program Microsoft Word on your computer.Step 2. Go to the Start button and look for my p almost:<br />Then in the window that appears will recognize the DVD you just enter the program you select it and click hand to give him the option of exploring will show a series of folders you can install in this case Microsoft Word course, if you want to install all folders of programs and office and give you double click on selling that will select one by one intalar the programs and then I click on Install Now this installation process will take about 15 to 20 minutes and were ready to start using programs that you installed the original hopefully.<br />1. Brief description of the tabs located in the Ribbon.In this film are the following buttons:This tape you'll find it at the top of Microsoft Word<br />Escuchar<br />Leer fonéticamente<br /> <br />Diccionario - Ver diccionario detallado<br />conjunción <br />or<br />either<br />Save button Redo button <br />Start Button guardarBarraminimizemaximize <br /> <br />Office button<br />Banda options<br />= Band options<br />= action buttonsclose<br />1. Steps to enter and exit Word 2007.Enter Microsoft Word:Step 1: On the desktop of your computer looks for this button<br />Click the Start button<br /> <br />Step 2: a menu where you will find this symbol<br /> This is the symbol of Microsoft Word<br />This is the menu that appears when you click the start button<br />Step 3: Once you find yourself clicking on the symbol because of Microsoft Word you will see the main window<br />To close Word you must first save the file that is carrying out and If there is no word icon in the start you can do so:<br />You click hereLike going to the Start button and go to all Microsoft office programs then select where you will display a list there to select Microsoft Office Word 2007<br />1. Steps to save or open a file<br />There are two easy ways to save a file and will show you two ways<br />First way;<br /> Click on this button<br />This window will appear giving you the option of where you want to save your file<br />3. Click here to give you your file is saved<br />2. In this space you can give it any name you want to your file<br />1. 1.You can decide where to save your file<br />Second form;<br /> Click on this button<br />You will see this menu<br />2. then click on this option1. Click on this button<br />Then you get the same window before continuing the same procedure and your files are saved<br />3. Click here to give you your file is saved<br />2. In this space you can give it any name you want to your file<br />1. 1.You can decide where to save your file<br />4.In order to open a file<br /> Click on this button<br />You'll get a list like this;<br />Click here<br />You will get this window showing you where you saved the file as well;<br />What you want and you double click<br />Double clicking the document will appear with the name you put;<br />And finally opens the file was saved<br />5. Steps to insert WordArt style<br /> At the top enter insert<br />Then click on the symbol of wordart<br /> Symbol wordart<br />By giving you click the following window<br />Check this for example<br />Which will give you options for your letters and choose your favorite<br /> <br />your style is so very easy indeed wordart!<br />your style is so very easy indeed wordart!<br />Hoja nueva<br />To savefilesPrinted on your paper<br />In this list appear several options from which you can choose how to save as we did above, or print, or perhaps take a blank sheet of work.<br />6. Steps to work with the format boxEscucharLeer fonéticament <br />Diccionario - Ver diccionario detallado<br />nombre <br />records<br />muniments<br /> Click on this tab.<br />Giving click Format Painter will copy the entire file into a new sheet<br />8. Steps to insert bullets and symbols.<br /> Click on this tab<br /> Click on this button<br />Use the one you like and<br /> <br />How beautiful is in your file<br />9.Pasos to set type, font style, size, color, underline style and effects to text.<br />This is the box spring where I can change my letters but I like this: Click on this tab<br />When I deploy the styles of font that is<br />36101192I shows the size of my letter<br /> <br />871<br />54<br />1. Darken the letter2. The emphasis placed3. Underlines the point4. Cross out the letter5. Operations6. Puts the uppercase or lowercase7. Highlight the word I would choose8. She puts the color you want to point9. Clears all formatting10. Enlarge font11. Decrease font<br />Example<br />10Steps to format a table<br /> Click on this tab<br />Then in table<br />I will add several options you can select the table want<br />You can type in the table all you wantEjemplo<br />This table theInsert withOptionappearsIn the part oftop<br />Giving all the changes we want to show the source as discussed earlier.<br />11.Pasos to change case-sensitive.<br />This button displays options and select a word to which I want to change the character case and vice versa<br />Ejemplo:<br />Mamamusculature is in the select button and I'll give the option of capital<br />MAMA Are capitals WHAT I CHOOSE<br />Steps to set up a website<br />Click the Page Layout tab<br />By clicking here you will see the box settings page you can form your text and presentation of this as you want eg<br />You click here and you will get a window where you can choose to further the margins of your leavesIf you click a menu margins you d like the banks want to leave your job<br />The option still allows you to choose between the location of text on your pages as follows:<br /> simple truth!<br />The option still allows you to see which format you want to leave your work sheet there are several choices to make you decide which you favor more.<br />The option below will pernite the organization of the content of your job is to tell the location and presentation of your word example:<br />Escuchar<br />Leer fonéticamente<br /> <br />Diccionario - Ver diccionario detallado<br />adverbio <br />above<br />up<br />over<br />upstairs<br />overhead<br />aloft<br />forward<br />upstair<br /> is a division of columns over your leaves.<br />With this option you choose until it ends and where your text starts again<br />The next option is this:<br /> allows you to add lines to your document or your margins<br />The next option allows you to add scripts to your conversation or other text<br />You will get this window which will decide how to stop your margins<br />13.Pasos to insert equations.<br /> Click on this tabin the top right you will find this box<br />Giving click on the symbol equations I displays the following menu<br />Where you can choose the equation you need to insert<br />By giving me click symbol displays the following menu of symbols that are not on the keyboard<br /> You can choose what you need<br />14.Pasos to work with forms and format WordArt style.<br />Inset various shapes, arrows and other Click on this tab<br />Giving button you will see this menu forms<br />Example:I choose a figure and I right click and I can enter text so<br />I can also provide income to the previous steps wordart<br />15.Pasos to insert chart.<br /> Click on this tab<br /> You click on this button<br />You will see this window so if you do a chart select and choose the organizational hierarchy may need<br />16.Pasos to print a file.<br />Entrance to the office button<br />And select PrintSeeking an option to print<br />17.pasos to insert watermarks and frames to the document.<br /> Click on this tab<br /> select them and see menus with options that display<br />If you access this option you can put the watermark image or text you want<br />Choose the color scheme you want for your site and you'll see just as this guide<br />Here you will find several options for your pages edges<br />18.Pasos to add comments to the document.<br /> = Selecciona la palabra que quieres comentar y luego haz clic en estas dos pestañas en el globo que aparecerá puedes escribir tu revisión.<br />THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF THE TABLE TO CHOOSE AND WRITE IN NO AFFECT YOU AND I MADE IN MY FRAMEWORK19.Pasos to work with text boxes.<br />You can select the picture you like without affecting what you have in your framework puedes escribir en dicho cuadro asi<br /> Click on this tab<br />Software that can replace Microsoft Word advantages and disadvantages<br />Well as with the previous graph ended a brief explanation of some features that Microsoft Word is clear is that there are several options to replace this great software including:<br />MICROSOFT WORD: Of all the known word processors so far, the Microsoft Office suite has become little more than an almost obligatory reference standard, given the high percentage of users who have installed on your computer and use it.<br />ADVANTAGES: With this software are endless options to the taste of each user to create documents and work good this software is quite complete and I believe it has no disadvantage<br />LOTUS WORD PRO: One of the most popular alternatives to Microsoft Word is the word processor included in the package Lotus desktop software. For tastes are painted colors, but the fact is that users who prefer this product to be making a bad choice.<br />ADVANTAGES: It is quite advanced and has almost the same features of Word is clear that the serious drawback that is not well known<br />EscucharLeer fonéticamente <br />Diccionario - Ver diccionario detallado<br />adverbio <br />above<br />up<br />over<br />upstairs<br />overhead<br />aloft<br />forward<br />upstair<br />WORD PERFECT: I could not miss the umpire, who once became the most popular of its kind between users until the mid-nineties. The word processor of the Corel suite features an array of innovative features that demonstrate their interest by developers in return to make this program a top product capable of competing in the market with Microsoft Word.<br />ADVANTAGES: It was a fairly new software and user-friendly as competition became Microsoft Word but desventeja most important is that competition is no longer in production that came out.<br />WORD PAD: Installed by default in all versions of Windows operating systems, you might consider the "little brother" of Microsoft Word. It is the ideal choice for users who need a processor sporadically with certain aesthetic style to give his writings, without looking for a professional looking finish and ornamental flourishes excessive<br />.<br />Advantages: it would like such a Word is more exclusive sive to give some hints to the most disadvantaged text that does not provide many options and custom.<br />BLOCK OF NOTES: Also present by default on all installations of Windows system, regardless of the version, this program is shown as the ideal choice for users austere. Being a small chance application will not have to become familiar with a complex environment full of features that will never use.<br />Escuchar<br />Leer fonéticamente<br /> <br />Diccionario - Ver diccionario detallado<br />adverbio <br />above<br />up<br />over<br />upstairs<br />overhead<br />aloft<br />forward<br />upstair<br />Advantages: it's good for small notes or notes to remember but its disadvantage is that it gives a chance to play and creative learning environment.<br /> <br />The guide provides you with graphics by very well explained step by step the use of Microsoft Word which ensures an excellent learning and welcome to have an easy understanding<br /> It instructs people using Microsoft Word by using graphic examples of options that gives the range of options for developing your document.<br /> It teaches a person to identify Microsoft WordArt icon and its applications in the document by means of graphs explained step by step.<br /> The person reading the guide identifies the different menus and their respective buttons in the band of choice and also applies to your documents for ease of learning is the guide chart.<br />