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Fi ware, fi-lab e il trentino


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Fi ware, fi-lab e il trentino

  1. 1. FI-WARE, FI-Lab and Trentino Federico M. Facca Create-Net, FI-Ops architect, @chicco785 Davide Dalle Carbonare Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SPA IT Solution Architect, @davdalle
  2. 2. FI-WARE = advanced OpenStack-based Cloud + rich library of Generic Enablers 1 Sustainability ensured Driven by implementation
  3. 3. What we offer to application developers 2 Technology A true open innovation ecosystem
  4. 4. FI-LAB: going beyond technology, the “meeting point” where a new Open Innovation ecosystem will be boosted 3 Entrepreneurs, Developers • Ability to test with real data • Ability to run trials with real users • Visibility, promotion • Hosting of permanent showcase • Connection to potential customers • Acceleration of product development Customers and Data providers (e.g., cities) • Connect to entrepreneurs • Put their data at work • Visibility, promotion • Costs saving • Better service to customers • Corporate Reputation FI-WARE Technology Providers • Added value to just the technology • Connecting to entrepreneurs: Revenue-sharing opportunities  4,2 M€ promotion campaign • Campus Party events • Startup Weekend events • Chambers of Commerce • 870 K€ in prizes  100 M€ of funding devoted to entrepreneurs in phase 3 of the FI-PPP
  5. 5. Extending the FI-Lab offering for service providers and developers ff • Availability of 5 nodes (end of March 2014) with 500+ cores, 1TB+ Ram, 100TB+ HD • Additional 12 nodes (April / September 2014) with 1000+ cores, 2TB+ Ram, 200TB+ HD • Level 1 and Level 2 support for the nodes • Showcases for developers, infrastructures, smart businesses
  6. 6. FI-WARE IoT-M2M & Context/Management altogether NGSI IoT Adapter IoT Backend Device Management Backend Applications FI-WARE NGSI-9/10 (entities: things) (entities: things, other) FI-WARE NGSI-9/10 IoT Broker Device-level Management API Context Broker IoT-enabled Context Management Backend BigData Analysis CEP Other sources FI-WARE NGSI-9/10 Gateway/Device Platform GEs Gateway/Device Platform GEs Gateway/Device Platform GEs Gateway/Device Platform GEs Native NGSI IoT Agent Native NGSI IoT Agent IoT ConfigMan 5
  7. 7. FI-Lab ( 6
  8. 8. FI-WARE Catalogue ( 7
  9. 9. FI-WARE University ( 8
  10. 10. Trento Smart City 9 More than 600 data sets: economy, territory, demography, welfare, mobility, weather… to be integrated in the Big Data GE. Data from public transportation and other fleets, parkings, and other vertical systems to be integrated through Context Broker GE. Apps about Smart Mobility and Citizen Centric Services. • Develpment of end to end solutions (App and backend) • Focused on data aggregation.
  11. 11. Follow @Fiware on Twitter ! Thanks ! 10