The Art and Science of Delicious Content (Dana Shank, Kraft)


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Every good marketer knows that content is king. Dana Shank, Associate Director at Kraft will show us how Kraft continues to prove the theory true time after time. She’ll share case studies regarding how Kraft’s top brands reach and sell to millions of fans and followers of their various marketing channels through delectable recipes, news items advertising and more. She’ll also provide insight on the importance of measuring results and creating a test and learn environment to insure ROI goals are met.

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The Art and Science of Delicious Content (Dana Shank, Kraft)

  1. 1. The Science Behind The Art of Kraft’s Delicious Content
  2. 2. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. CRM Mission Create delicious meal solutions and communicate across relevant channels to inspire shareable food stories which drive sales and create value for Kraft. GOAL Be the BEST publisher for our brands and retail partners
  3. 3. Kraft Foods Group, Inc.3 Source: Web and Mobile Commodore December 2013. Print Rate Base. Internal Data. A trusted content source PRINT +15MM magazines read VIDEO +9.3MM watched MOBILE +27MM mobile site visits WEB +91MM website visits RECIPES +164MM recipes viewed EMAIL +457MM sent each year SOCIAL +3.7MM followers
  4. 4. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. 4 Publisher Strengths, Owned Channel Power • Critical scale, with better consumer engagement • Unmatchable level of content integration • Real time and nimble distribution • Proven platforms that reach consumers highly receptive to Kraft brands
  5. 5. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Owned Media Outperforms Industry Content Beats Media
  6. 6. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. We Know What’s Inside: Tapping the Goldmine
  7. 7. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Content DevelopmentData Guides Content Development
  8. 8. Kraft Foods Group, Inc.8 Content Calendar Driven by Deep Insight And Adapts to Brand Priorities Content Planning Expertise Kraft Content Analysis Tool Kraft Pantry & Cooking Studies CRM Flexible calendar adapts to brand priorities Editorial Calendar inputs:  Seasonal / Holiday / Cultural Events  Google CFI Recipe Search Trends  Top Kraft Site Recipe Searches  Prior Year RBE Performance  Prior Year Print Starch Results  Brand Strategy: Signature Recipes
  9. 9. Kraft Foods Group, Inc.9 Data Drives Web Programming
  10. 10. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Data Drives Email Programming 10
  11. 11. Kraft Foods Group, Inc.11 Data Drives Social Programming
  12. 12. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Data Drives Summer Print Programming 12
  13. 13. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Great Content Travels Look for Sparks in Real Time
  14. 14. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Inform Brand/ Retailer Content Decisions Used CRM Pinterest boards to determine OM recipe post for Facebook 14
  15. 15. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Asking the Audience Yields Delicious Response 15
  16. 16. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Real Time Data Inspires New Content
  17. 17. Kraft Foods Group, Inc.17 Optimizing Through Real Time Data
  18. 18. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Content DevelopmentFueling Data-Driven Marketing
  19. 19. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Our Reach Makes Us Unique… 19 …And Our Content Makes Us Rich
  20. 20. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Proprietary Advantage for Programmatic and Customized Content Opportunities 20 KRAFT CRM creates, grows and curates proprietary data that distinguishes Kraft from competition CREATES GROWS CURATES
  21. 21. Kraft Foods Group, Inc.21 Content is king! Mine historical performance and incorporate with cultural/ food trends, broader web recipe behavior, and brand marketing needs to guide programming But distribution is queen! Owned channel opportunity to measure and respond, by tapping real-time performance to inspire new content and drive distribution Depth of content provides valuable first party data. Harness data to fuel marketing efforts across the organization The Science Behind the Art of Kraft’s Delicious Content
  22. 22. Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Thank You!