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Digital Megaphone #TECHmunch preso: SEO Tips for Bloggers


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Tips on organizing your blog so that it's SEO Optimized

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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Digital Megaphone #TECHmunch preso: SEO Tips for Bloggers

  1. 1. @DigiMegaphone Tips on Getting Your Site Ready
  2. 2. @DigiMegaphone Title Tag
  3. 3. @DigiMegaphone Impact on Google Search
  4. 4. @DigiMegaphone About Page  Picture  Name / Age  About who she is a person and what she blogs about  Link to PR info  Link to favorite campaigns  Contact (I recommend including phone number)
  5. 5. @DigiMegaphone PR Section Lisa Noel  About  Stats (focus on strengths) o Traffic o Subscribers o Email list o FB  Ok to list personal o Twitter o Klout score
  6. 6. @DigiMegaphone o Affiliations o Projects o Special notes
  7. 7. @DigiMegaphone  The more ways the better
  8. 8. @DigiMegaphone Blog Post Post Title o Make it SEO friendly – use keywords Copy o Mention key phrase in first few sentences and two – three times in first few paragraphs Images can help SEO o File name o Alt Text
  9. 9. @DigiMegaphone Author Box
  10. 10. @DigiMegaphone Social Share and Related posts Facebook Social Plugin
  11. 11. @DigiMegaphone Now to Joelen and creating fantastic blog content…