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Chicago criminal lawyer 704-207-0046


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Chicago criminal lawyer offers immediate help, affordable pricing, and accurate advice about the best way to get out of legal trouble irrespective of the seriousness of the case. The Chicago criminal attorneys can help with any felony or misdemeanour charges, such as Traffic tickets , DUI, Stolen vehicles, Shoplifting, Theft, Drugs, Sex offenses, Possession of a firearm, Battery, Resisting arrest and much more.

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Chicago criminal lawyer 704-207-0046

  1. 1. Chicago Criminal Lawyer 773-219-0373
  2. 2. MAJ Law firm Chicago Criminal Lawyers • Chicago criminal lawyer works tirelessly to look at the case from all angles and find the weaknesses in the government’s case and they possess the knowledge, training, and experience to effectively defend their clients. They use thorough investigation, superior legal analysis, effective pre-trial motions and other tactics to put client in the best position for a successful resolution of the case.
  3. 3. Our Chicago criminal attorneys can help you with any felony or misdemeanor • Traffic tickets • DUI • Stolen vehicles • Shoplifting • Theft • Drugs • Sex offenses • Possession of a firearm • Domestic Violence or Battery • Resisting arrest • DUI/ Statutory Summary Suspension • • Expungements/Record Sealing/Clemency Petitions • Secretary of State Driver's License Suspension/Revocation • Civil Litigation • Commercial Litigation • Contract Disputes • Landlord/Tenant Disputes • Auto Accidents • Professional/Business Licensing and Regulation • Real Estate • Probate
  4. 4. Why You should Choose The MAJ Law firm as your Chicago Criminal Lawyer • The MAJ Law Firm, P.C. explores all available options for disposing of our client’s criminal cases. We are extremely familiar with the many diversion and treatment programs that may save you from a criminal record. These programs include drug abuse programs, theft deterrent programs, supervision, expungable probations, and other alternatives that can avoid convictions. Call us to find out if you may qualify for any of these dispositions. • We work toward building and presenting the most effective defense possible under the circumstances of your case. To learn more about your defense options, call The MAJ Law Firm, P.C.
  5. 5. About MAJ Chicago Criminal Lawyers MAJ Chicago Criminal Lawyers in Chicago Criminal Lawyers are dedicated to serve all legal needs, challenges and helps clients to navigate through the complicated legal processes and obtain the most beneficial outcome as per the customer’s need and situation
  6. 6. What our Criminal Defense Lawyers in Chicago do • Our highly qualified criminal defense attorney in Chicago are a crucial advocate for anyone charged with a crime. Our Chicago criminal defense attorneys are very familiar with local criminal procedures and laws. Our defense lawyers can handle any criminal situation that you may find yourself in. • So whether you were arrested for a crime against a person (like assault and battery, rape, or murder), a crime against property (like shoplifting, burglary, or arson), or a drug crime (marijuana possession or cocaine dealing), Our criminal defense lawyers can help you to win your case.