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MMA 2013_Mobile ad beyond asia


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Bài presentation của tác giả Tomi Ahoen tại diễn đàn Vietnam MMA 2013

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MMA 2013_Mobile ad beyond asia

  1. 1. mAd Beyond Asia: How the Rest of the World Uses Mobile in Marketing Tomi T Ahonen Author Consultant and Twitter: @tomiahonen Twitter: @tomiahonen
  2. 2. Consumer of Mobile How are we using mobile Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  3. 3. Mobile Disrupts Everything • Bessie Lee CEO of WPP China spoke at MMA Forum Asia in Singapore: • 73% of Chinese use mobile as alarm • 66% have broken up in China using mobile phones most of this is break-up by text message • 60% would give up sex for a month rather than go without mobile for a week • In China, if your marketing budget is limited - you go 100% mobile Source: WPP Presentation at MMA Asia Forum August 2013 Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  4. 4. New Zealand Mobile Web • • • • • Vodafone statistics at the annual Tel.Con conference: 74% check social networking from bed 41% check the mobile internet while on toilet 38% have settled bet by finding answer on phone 23% access the mobile internet from the beach Source: Vodafone NZ presentation at Tel.Con in Auckland April 2012 The Truth is In My Pocket Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  5. 5. Acceptance of mAd Increasing • An annual tracking poll by Harris of 2,000 US adults is finding ever higher acceptance of mobile marketing • When asked in 2009 for the first time, whether US consumers would want permission-based mobile alerts and offers, 26% said they would like it • Now latest number is 45% would like it • Finding is counter-intuitive, where conventional wisdom suggested early appeal of mobile ads was a short-term fad, and would decrease over time Source: GoMo News 15 Aug 2013 Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  6. 6. We Love Amazon Advertising • Amazon is proof that its possible to ask for more ads • Amazon recommendation engine learns what we bought, and what we looked at, and gives us advertising ("recommendations") based on what other people who bought those books, also bought • Amazon says 30% of sales from recommendations • We love it so much - we ask for more recommendations (ie ads!!!) Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  7. 7. 28% Had Text Collision • A consumer survey by Halifax Insurance in the UK found that today 28% of British population admit to having had a 'Text collision' ie they had walked into somebody or something while walking and texting • The previous number from a few years ago was 10% Source: The Telegraph 24 July 2013 Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  8. 8. Mobile as 7th Mass Media The Magical Money-Making Machine Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  9. 9. The 7 Mass Media 1st mass medium Print 1500: books, newspapers, magazines 2nd medium Recordings 1890s: music, games, movies 3rd medium Cinema 1910s 4th medium Radio 1920s 5th medium TV 1950s 6th medium Internet 1995s 7th medium Mobile 2000s Wikipedia page: Seven Mass Media Source: Ahonen book Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media, 2008 Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  10. 10. Mobile Media $161 B in 2012 • Strategy Analytics counted the total value of mobile media content to be161 Billion US dollars in 2012 • 14 Billion dollars of that (8.7%) was from advertising, all rest was paid by the media audience • Tomi comment: Note Strategy Analytics has revised its count upwards, previously reported 150B and 11B as the numbers for 2012 Source: Mobile Marketing Watch 18 June 2013 Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  11. 11. Mobile Has 9 Unique Benefits 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Mobile is first personal mass medium Permanently Connected Always Carried Built-in Payment Channel Available at Creative Impulse Has Most Accurate Audience Info Captures Social Context of Consumption Enables Augmented Reality Offers Digital Interface (to real world) Source: Tomi Ahonen book The Insider's Guide to Mobile, 2011 Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  12. 12. AR and Print Media • Layar now deployed digitizing newspaper ads. Their solution lets any page be digitzed in 60 seconds • Canadian local newspaper publisher Glacier Media says they sell AR upgrades to print ads for 99 dollars each, already earned 7.5 million Canadian dollars in the first quarter of 2013 Source: Peter Kvarnstrom at WNC13 newspaper event, May 2013 Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  13. 13. Mobile is the Magical Money-Making Machine! Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  14. 14. Marketing and Mobile Beyond Mobile Advertising Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  15. 15. Talk to Actual Consumers Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  16. 16. 54K Messages to Obama • President Obama used a 5 day window for teenagers to send SMS text messages to the White House under the campaign 'Text with the President' organized by • They received 54,500 SMS texts • President Obama and Vice President Biden each responded to one selected message daily, in person Source: Textually 26 July 2013 Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  17. 17. Demonstrate It? Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  18. 18. Wonderbra App: Strip the Girl • In the battle vs Victoria's Secret for the sexiest lingerie brand, Wonderbra launched smartphone AR app called the Decoder campaign, lets you strip the fully-dressed model from the live video, to see which bra she is wearing Source: PSFK 5 Oct 2012 Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  19. 19. Support Supply Chain Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  20. 20. Hershey Cocoa Link • Hershey has SMS based Cocoa Link in various African languages from 2011, to help Cocoa farmers • Over 100,000 farmers using Cocoa Link already. Program will reach 750,000 farmers by 2017 • With Hershey's advice via SMS, farmers have increased Cocoa yields by 15%-40% Source mTrends Mobile Opportunities in Africa 2013 Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  21. 21. Inventory Management? Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  22. 22. Finnair Mobile Check In • Finnair started mobile check-in late in 2001. SITA & Air Traveller World 2011 survey 4 continents found 17% use mBoarding pass • By 2010 Finnair passed 50% of fliers using it • Latest version by Book It offers Finnair instant upgrade: After passenger checked in economy, offered instant upgrades paid by credit card or frequent flier miles! • 23% who received offer have used it for upgrade Sources: SITA 2011, Book It 2013 Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  23. 23. Fulfillment? Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  24. 24. UPS Reroutes Packages • UPS allows packages to be redirected at the delivery to any address for faster delivery, less uncollected packages to have to try to deliver second time Source: T-3 presentation at MMA Forum New York City, 8-10 May, 2013 Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  25. 25. Brand Extension? Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  26. 26. Bud Light Sports Fan • Bud Light app for the second screen. Questions live while sports game is on TV, chances to win prizes Source: Anheuser-Busch InBev presentation at MMA Forum New York May 2013 Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  27. 27. Loyalty Rewards Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  28. 28. McDonalds Denmark - Coinoffers • Daniel Lee of McDonalds spoke at MMA Forum Asia: • McDonalds in Denmark offers Coinoffers loyalty via QR codes and advertising • Hunt for virtual coins in Copehagen, also in print media, also get coins when buy McD products • "Money grows on trees" - Coinoffers can be used to pay for real McD food • People would wait in front of TV to see another McD ad so to get more coinoffers • 10 Coinoffers buys you a burger • "Mobile is a bridge between digital & physical world, creating stronger customer engagement" Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  29. 29. And Finally Some Magic The true power of mobile Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  30. 30. Whose That Chick - In That Car? • Finland's car-registration information has been available via phone for years, including owner and past history. • Now a free iPhone and Android app will use cameraphone image recognition to recognize the license plate, then querie the database. Cost per querie between 3-7 Euros depending on info Source Kauppalehti 10 April 2013 FIN TOM · 1007 Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  31. 31. Why Educators Love Mobile? • PwC reports that mobile learning in Nigeria has seen a 30% improvement in student academic performance and 7% reduction in drop-out rates • Similar numbers US profiency: K-Nect found 30% • For drop-out rates even better: in US state of Tennessee 8% and same by MoLeNet in the UK Source: PwC Connected Lives 2013 Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  32. 32. CAM ON Follow Tomi on Twitter and his blog.. Twitter @tomiahonen Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  33. 33. THANK YOU Thank you Partners Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  34. 34. Tomi T Ahonen, Author & Consultant Competitiveness, Business Case, Marketing, and Profitability "Service creation and marketing will be key to 3G," Ahonen said. Total Telecom 12 October 2000 • • • • • • Provides workshops, training and consulting in how to make money with mobile adn converged services. The world's most prolific new mobile service evangelist, has introduced over 1,000 new service concepts at public conferences; is quoted in 120 books by his peers Quoted in over 400 press stories in a dozen languages; keynotes at over 300 major conferences on 6 continents; his daily blog is syndicated on CNBC, NY Times, etc Lectures at Oxford University on 3G and Convergence Available as a motivational speaker at your event! Read his bestsellers "Digital Korea", "Communities Dominate Brands", “Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media” etc website: e-mail: blog: twitter: • @tomiahonen Tomi's newest book "The Insider's Guide to Mobile" Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Earlier Tomi Ahonen has set up & run Nokia’s 3G Business Consultancy. Previously he worked for 3 operators where he created the world’s first fixedmobile service bundle and set a world record for taking market share from the incumbent Twitter: @tomiahonen
  35. 35. Bonus Info Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  36. 36. Mobile Internet: 1.6B Users • TNS Survey of 48,000 mobile users in 57 countries reported on mobile internet users. TomiAhonen Consulting applied the percentages regionally: • • • • • • • • Advanced Asia-Pacific: Western Europe: North America: Latin America: Middle East: Eastern Europe: Developing Asia: Africa: 51% = 191 M users 41% = 168 M users 40% = 135 M users 36% = 217 M users 34% = 86 M users 21% = 71 M users 16% = 597 M users 12% = 129 M users • World total 40% = 1.6 B users Sources: TNS Survey April 2012 and TomiAhonen Consulting May 2012 Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  37. 37. Major Milestones Coming Soon • TomiAhonen Mobile Forecast 2013-2017 gives following dates of major milestones coming in mobile: • Smartphones to sell 1B units annually by year 2013 • More people vote via SMS on TV shows than total TV sets in world by year 2013 • Total handset sales to pass 2B annually by 2014 • More active users of SMS than humans alive 2014 (obviously this means many of us using 2+ accounts) • Half of new phones sold to have touch screens 2014 • Half of internet users will never use a PC to access the internet by 2014 (rest are mobile & PC users, and diminishing slice of 'only PC' users) Source: TomiAhonen Mobile Forecast 2013-2017 - see more at Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  38. 38. Smartphones & 3G Users: by Region 3G Migration Rate Smartphone Penetration Rate Latin America Africa Middle East Asia developing 3G Penetration Rate APAC advanced Smartphone Migration Europe East Europe West USA & Canada 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Source TomiAhonen Phone Book 2012 Source: TomiAhonen Phone Book 2012 - see - eBook only 9.99 Euros Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  39. 39. Largest 'Mobile' Companies • TomiAhonen Consulting provides exclusive ranking of world's largest corporations when measured by only their mobile industry revenues (removing other revenues). The top 12 are: 1 China Mobile*, China Operator $77B 2 Verizon Wireless**, USA Operator $72B 3 Vodafone Mobile**, UK Operator $66B 4 AT&T Wireless**, USA Operator $58B 5 Telefonica Movil**, Spain Operator $55B 6 T-Mobile**, Germany Operator $49B 7 Orange Mobile**, France Operator $48B 8 Nokia Mobile**, Finland Handsets $45B 9 Apple iPhone**, USA Smartphones $42B 10 Samsung Mobile**, S Korea Handsets $40B 11 NTT DoCoMo*, Japan Operator $38B 12 Telecom Italia Mobile**, Italy Operator $36B *real company under this name, **virtual company with estimated revenues Source: TomiAhonen Almanac 2012 - see more at Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  40. 40. Tomi Ahonen Report eBooks only via TomiAhonen Mobile Forecast 2013-2017 86 pages, eBook format only, Sept 2013 - Cost only 99 Euro TomiAhonen Consulting's forecast of the 110 most requested mobile industry numbers is in ebook format. Table of contents: Chapter 1 - Intro (4 pages) Chapter 2 - Size of Industry (8 pages) 3 charts, 7 tables Chapter 3 - Customers (7 pages) 1 chart, 10 tables Chapter 4 - Handsets Overall (10 pages) 6 charts, 8 tables Chapter 5 - Handset Market Shares (25 pages) 24 charts Chapter 6 - Mobile Data (18 pages) 15 charts, 15 tables Chapter 7 - Smartphone Apps (2 pages) 1 chart, 1 table Chapter 8 - Customer Types (5 pages) 3 charts, 3 tables Chapter 9 - Annual Statistical Summaries (5 pages) 4 tables More info see Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  41. 41. Tomi Ahonen eBooks eBooks only via Pearls Vol 2: Mobile Social Networking Foreword by Mark Curtis, CEO of Flirtomatic, 171 pages, eBook format only, April 2009 - Cost only 9.99 Euro Tomi's second volume of "Pearls", has 50 case studies of real world services around topics of mobile social networking and digital communities covering all biggest stories including Mixi, Mobage, Flirtomatic, Itsmy, Qik, Twitter, Cyworld, Habbo, Mogi, Tohato, MTV, i-Report etc. Pearls Vol 1: Mobile Advertising Foreword by Russell Buckley, SVP Admob, Chairman Mobile Marketing Association 171 pages, eBook format only, January 2009 - Cost only 9.99 Euro Launching an eBook series of Tomi's "Pearls", this first volume has 50 case studies of real world services around topics of mobile advertising and marketing from 19 countries including location-based, coupons, viral, advergaming etc Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  42. 42. Tomi Ahonen eBooks eBooks only via Pearls Vol 3: Mobile Money 171 pages, eBook format only, June 2011 - Cost only 9.99 Euro Tomi's third volume of "Pearls", has 50 case studies of real world services around topics of mobile social money, mobile payments, mobile banking and mobile wallets. Includes all biggest stories such as Coca Cola, M-Pesa, NTT DoCoMo Osaifu Keitai etc. Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  43. 43. Tomi Ahonen eBooks eBooks only via Tomi Ahonen Almanac 2013 190 pages, eBook format only, February 2013 - Cost only 9.99 Euro Comprehensive industry review and almanac with 93 tables, charts and diagrams, covering all major aspects of the mobile telecoms industry from handsets to services, from customers to networks, from SMS text messaging to content from mobile internet to mobile advertising. "Whenever I need a stat, Tomi seems to have it, so I'd highly recommend this." - Russell Buckley, MD Admob Europe, Chairman Mobile Marketing Association "Speaking of statistics, Tomi Ahonen has put together the Tomi Ahonen Almanac as an eBook for mobile nuts. In it, you can quickly find mobile penetration of say, Thailand, or that 51% of the Earth's population has at least one cellphone, and one in 8 mobile walks around with 2 phones in their pockets!" - Ricky "The Guru" Cadden at Symbian Guru "Tomi Ahonen is the king of mobile statistics and knows more about the mobile space than any one I know" - Paul Poutanen founder and President of Mob4hire "If you're interested in mobile statistics, you really need to pick up a copy of Tomi Ahonen's Almanac. The Almanac is full of hard to find information." - WAP Review Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  44. 44. Tomi Ahonen eBooks eBooks only via Tomi Ahonen Phone Book 2012 173 pages, eBook format only, September 2012 - Cost only 9.99 Euro Complete update of the volume, data current to December 2012. Comprehensive review and almanac of handset side of mobile industry with 100 tables, charts and diagrams, with all market shares, average sales prices, features, operating systems etc for smartphones, dumbphones and major brands in handsets. It is the companion piece to highly popular TomiAhonen Almanac. Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  45. 45. Tomi Ahonen six hardcover books all six hardcover books are available at Amazon Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media, 2008 explains the media opportunities in mobile from music and gaming to TV and social networking and even internet and adertising. 322 pages. Digital Korea, 2007 with Jim O'Reilly is case study in digital convergence from the most advanced information society of South Korea. covers internet, TV, mobile, ecash, egoverment, robotics, telematics, virtual reality etc 282 pages. Communities Dominate Brands, 2005 with Alan Moore first business book on social networking 280 pages. 3G Marketing, 2004, with Timo Kasper & Sara Melkko is marketing handbook for mobile operators M-Profits 2002 Still only complete business book for mobile, 360 p Services for UMTS, 2002, with Joe Barrett was first services and applications book for 3G, 373 pages Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  46. 46. Tomi Ahonen Books: 2013 Mobile Forecast 2013-2017 (ebook: 2013 TomiAhonen Almanac 2013 (ebook: 2012 TomiAhonen Phone Book 2012 (ebook: 2011 Pearls Vol 3: Mobile Money (ebook: 2010 The Insider's Guide to Mobile (free ebook: 2009 Pearls Vol 2: Mobile Social Networking (ebook: 2009 Pearls Vol 1: Mobile Advertising (ebook: 2008 Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media (hardcover: futuretext) 2006 Digital Korea (hardcover: futuretext) 2005 Communities Dominate Brands (hardcover: futuretext) 2004 3G Marketing (hardcover: John Wiley) 2002 M-Profits (hardcover: John Wiley) 2002 Services for UMTS (hardcover: John Wiley) see all Tomi T Ahonen's books with links at Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  47. 47. Selected TomiAhonen Workshops • Changing Customer Needs in Mobile Most requested workshop currently, includes “steps” to addiction, “split” personalities, time to change.. • Mobile as 7th Mass Media Tomi's latest workshop discussing media convergence and unique aspects of mobile. Also adopted for Oxford Univ. • Social Networking / Mobile Digital Communities based on his book Communities Dominate Brands, may be run with SMLXL. Adopted for Oxford U. • New Mobile Service Creation From ideas to money-making, for mobile and fixed, for operators, vendors, content partners etc, includes 6 M’s and Early 8 • • • Business of Mobile Telecoms (2G, 2.5G, 3G) Adopted for Oxford U 3G TV covering video and TV convergence with mobile. Adopted for Oxford U Mobile Marketing and Advertising featuring "Engagement Marketing" • • • • • Segmentation and Customer Understanding may be run with Xtract Launch Marketing for 2.5G and 3G also adopted for Oxford University MVNO, Revenue Sharing & Partnerships can include building a model Forecasting and Business Modelling in Telecoms Popular workshop Competitiveness in Telecoms Workshop form or competition simulation: • Workshops are very cost-effective ! Write for more. Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  48. 48. Tomi's Mobilista Primus Inter Pares TW List • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • If you are in mobile and on Twitter, the 'must follow' Twitterati in addition to @TomiAhonen are Tomi's Primus Inter Pares list: @AjitJaokar - Ajit Jaokar author, CEO of Feynlabs and advisor to governments @CarolineWIP - Caroline Lewko, author and CEO of WIP @ChetanSharma - Chetan Sharma author, best view to US stats & industry @Ew4n - Ewan MacLeod, editor of Mobile Industry Review @FjordMark - Mark Curtis author ex CEO of Flirtomatic, now at Fjord @ImpactMobile - Gary Schwartz author and CEO of Impact Mobile @JMacDonald - JMac Jonathan MacDonald the author and superguru @MadanRao - Madanmohan Rao author and MoMo director @MobileDirect - Michael Becker author and MMA NY General Manager @RussellBuckley - Russell Buckley author ex MMA Chair ex Google ex Admob @TechnoKitten - Helen Keegan runs Swedish Beers @Textually - Emily Turrettini editor of Textually and Ringtonia @TonyFish - Tony Fish mobile author but also guru on digital identity & privacy @Torgo - Daniel Appelquist author & mobile strategist now with Bluevia @Wireless_Watch - Lars Cosh-Ishii editor Wireless Watch Japan, MoMo Tokyo Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen
  49. 49. The Guru's Bookshelf in Mobile: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media, Tomi T Ahonen, 2008 Communities Dominate Brands Ahonen & Moore, 2005 My Digital Footprint, Tony Fish, 2010 Mobile Marketing Handbook (2nd ed), Kim Dushinski, 2012 Fast Shopper, Slow Store, Gary Schwartz, 2013 Mobile Advertising, Sharma, Herzog & Melfi, 2008 Digital Korea, Ahonen & O'Reilly, 2007 No Straight Lines, Alan Moore, 2011 Social Gaming, Schmid, Talos & Aguilina, 2013 Mobile Internet for Dummies, O'Farrell, Levine, et al 2008 Digital Money Reader, Dave Birch (ed), 2011 Next Generation Wireless Apps (2nd ed), Paul Golding, 2010 3G Marketing, Ahonen, Kasper & Melkko, 2004 ...And of course The Dilbert Future by Scott Adams.. Copyright © Tomi T Ahonen 2013 Twitter: @tomiahonen