Crow river fastpitch


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2012 Crow River Fastpitch Coach's Meeting

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Crow river fastpitch

  1. 1. 2012 Coaches & Rules Meeting
  2. 2.  Raquel Bushman, League Director  ASA District 6 Commissioner  Umpire: NCAA DI, ASA, NFHS  Tournament Specialist, City of Hutchinson  League rule question  Roster questions  Playing rules questions  (320) 583-9039 TEXT for fastest response 
  3. 3.  Required by Minnesota law for all coaches and bench personal involved in youth sports (paid & volunteer) Required by Minnesota law for all umpires (paid & volunteer) Certificate is good for three years. sUp/online_training.html
  4. 4.  10u – 11 teams 12u Tier I – 9 teams 12u Tier II – 18 teams 14u Tier I – 8 teams 14u Tier II – 17 teams 16u – 9 teams 18u – 5 teams
  5. 5.  10U Season Ending Tournament * July 28 12D ASA State * July 20-22(12U Tier I teams) *12U Tier I state qualifier will be July 14-15 12Rec ASA State * July 27-29 (12U Tier II teams) *12U Tier II state qualifier will be July 21-22 14B AND 14C ASA State * JULY 20-22 (14U Tier I teams) *14U Tier I state qualifier will be July 14-15 14D AND 14REC ASA State * JULY 27-29 (14U Tier II teams) *14U Tier II state qualifier will be July 21-22
  6. 6.  16B AND 16C ASA State * JULY 20-22 16D ASA State * JULY 27-29 *16U state qualifier will be July 14-15 (Maple Lake) Top team from qualifier will advance to class B. The next two teams will advance to class C. The next two teams will advance to Class D. The number of teams sent to state may change depending on the number of teams in the age group. 18B AND 18C ASA State * JULY 20-22 18D ASA State * JULY 27-29 *18U coaches will determine among themselves where they would like to send the teams. This age group does not have a qualifier tournament.
  7. 7.  College players are allowed in 18u ASA sanctioned umpires are required in 14u, 16u & 18u 12u Tier II will play two 5 inning games with a 70 minute time limit & 6pm start Metal cleats allowed in 16u & 18u On deck batter MUST stay in front of their own dugout. Pitching distance:  18u / 16u = 43 feet  14u / 12u = 40 feet  10u = 35 feet
  8. 8.  Report your scores on a weekly basis Contact opposing coach if a game is cancelled for any reason Ensure that your players have legal and safe equipment Ensure that the fields are properly groomed, chalked and ready for play Ensure that your players are having a GREAT experience!!
  9. 9.  Rosters: Due by June 15, 2012  Age determined by December 31, 2011 Complete your roster at: Report your scores to: June 7th 14U Tier II  Buffalo 1-4  Hutch Falcons 2-3
  10. 10.  Rule 1  Definitions Rule 2 – The playing field  Pitching distance  Pitching plate 6” x 24”  Base distance – 60 feet  MUST have an orange safety base!!  Batters boxes: measured from center of home plate  4’ forward and 3’ backward  6” from home plate and 3’ wide
  11. 11.  Ball ASA stamped .47/375 Bats must have ASA stamp Helmet AND facemask must have NOCSAE stamp AND chinstrap
  12. 12.  Modified by CRFP for league play Short-handed: may play with 8 players without penalty Review CRFP rules for mandatory vs optional substituting rules
  13. 13.  Modified by CRFP for league play Read CRFP rules for:  Time limits  Innings played per game  Run ahead rule
  14. 14.  Modified by CRFP for league play Read CRFP rules for:  Time limits  Innings played per game  Run ahead rule
  15. 15.  BOTH feet must be in contact with the pitching plate when beginning the pitch  NO BACKSTEP!! Pivot foot may NEVER leave the ground Hands must be separated until pitch has begun Hands must come together for a minimum of 1 second and a maximum of 10 seconds prior to delivery The pitch begins when the hands are separated once they have been placed together. Anyone warming up a pitch MUST wear a catchers mask. Batters helmets are not acceptable.
  16. 16.  Ball on the batter and all runners advance one base. If the batter hits the ball and reaches 1st base and if all other runners have advanced at least one base on the batted ball, the illegal pitch is nullified. All actions as a result of the batted ball stands. No option is given.
  17. 17.  On deck batter must remain in front of their own dug out. Batters may switch batters boxes at anytime during their at bat. Must remain in the box with at lease one foot in between pitches and while taking signals and practice swings.
  18. 18.  The hands are NOT part of the bat! Foul Ball vs a Foul Tip  Foul tip on a 2 strike count Both feet, if in contact with the ground, must be within the batters box upon contact with the ball. No part of the foot may be in contact with the plate. (Result: Dead ball and the batter is out upon contact of the ball) Hit by pitch: did she attempt??
  19. 19.  Orange/White base: once the batter-runner (BR) crosses first base it becomes on big base. Orange/White base: dropped 3rd strike, 1st baseman & runner can use either for safety reasons Hit by batted ball: Did the ball pass the defense, pitcher not included, and did the defense have an opportunity to make a play on the ball? 2nd hit: Did the ball hit the bat or did the bat hit the ball? Does she HAVE to slide?
  20. 20.  Must be made prior to the end of the game.  Let opposing coach and the umpire know that you are protesting and the reason for the protest. Must contact Raquel within 24 hours of the game.
  21. 21.  State Qualifier and State Tournament sites will be announced when known. Report your scores. Know your rules. Open the book! Contact Raquel with questions:   320-583-9039  HAVE FUN!!!