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Eureeca online marketing strategy (s)


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Eureeca online marketing strategy (s)

  2. 2. The Current Situation  Call to Action: The most important groups in equity crowd funding areOnline equity crowd funding is a business the investors and entrepreneurs.model that has steadily gained traction Eureeca’s website links to theworldwide, most especially in the European registration pages for the investorsmarkets. The majority of online equity crowd and entrepreneurs are not profoundlyfunding platforms in Europe pay great focus positioned and are positioned besideon social media marketing and social media links to registering lower priorityintegration. The equity crowd funding groups, experts and partners.websites reviewed during my analysis are  Conversion Elements: There is a lackmainly geared towards entrepreneurs and of strong elements on the EureecaSMEs, with their design streamlined towards homepage which can convince sitesocial networking. The re-occurring theme visitors to convert to registered users.across Eureeca’s competitors’ websites is  Social Media: The Eureeca website istheir simplicity of use and ease of navigation. inadequately integrated with popular social networking sites. The links to your Facebook and Twitter are positioned awkwardly on your home page and there is no link to your YouTube channel and LinkedIn.  Online Video: Eureeca’s use of YouTube is inadequate, with only oneEquity crowd funding websites video currently on your YouTube channel devoid of call to action links.Eureeca uses a diverse range of marketingmethods to promote its brand message.Marketing methods I identified are as follows Proposed Online Marketing Strategy  Public Relations  Google Ads: Pay Per Click Website Redesign: The Eureeca website  Social Media( Presence on Facebook, needs to be redesigned to give it a look and LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube) feel that will be attractive to its target audience who are mostly young and middleBased on my analysis of Eureeca’s current aged entrepreneurs. The website navigationonline presence, a number of issues were design should be simplified and moreidentified that may hinder the progress of accessible. The links to information should besigning up new entrepreneurs and investors very obvious and visible to the site visitor’sto the online market place. eye.  Website Navigation: The images used as links to important information on the homepage are not clearly identifiable as information gateways. Users may access your site and miss some information that may convince them to register.
  3. 3.  Social Media Integration: The Eureeca website should be fully integrated with popular social networking sites. Every page on the website should have a social networking share button to encourage users to share informationWell designed equity crowd funding websites on the website with their friends and family. Social networking login functionality should be embedded to the registration pages to give site users the choice of sign up options.  Video Advertising: Online video advertising can be effectivelyLinks to Investor and entrepreneur employed to build brand awareness,registration pages should stand out and be to bring more traffic to your website,clearly accessible to the users. to act as a PR channel and to attract users to registerA conversion element should be added to the Eureeca’s promotional videos shouldhomepage, for example a scrolling banner be advertised on popular videoshowing current investment opportunities on sharing sites such as YouTube, with athe market place. This kind of feature will clear call to action link embedded inentice entrepreneurs and investors to sign up the video.and it will give your site a disposition ofopenness.Social Media: It’s important for an onlinecrowd funding platform to use the potentialof social media in order to boost yourmarketing drive and promotional endeavours. Data Analysis & Reporting: To understandIn order to harness the power of social media, how your website and social media channelsthe following actions should be taken. are performing, a regular analysis of your website and social media data should be  Facebook Advertising: With over one conducted. An example of high priority KPIs billion active users, Facebook is a that should be analysed regularly are as huge marketing channel which can be follows. used to promote the Eureeca website to your target audience. One great  Site visits / impressions benefit of using Facebook Advertising  Bounce-rates is that targeted users can be  Repeat visits converted to business page fans  Registrations which will enable Eureeca to engage  Connects/“likes” frequently with potential  No. of subscribers on YouTube entrepreneurs and Investors.  Number of views on video sharing sites
  4. 4. About The Author About SpreadBox SpreadBox is a social media marketing consultancy which specializes in producing high definition online videos and custom built social network profile pages to enable businesses to effectively promote their services and identity across social media networks. We use high quality video recording equipment to capture the best shots possible for your web video. We assist organizations in developing a strategy on how to reach out to new customers and to communicate with their existing customer base through social media.Michael Chinwuba is a consultant at We also design and implement simple,SpreadBox Ltd. Michael has extensive engaging and social media friendly websites.experience in mainstream televisionbroadcast production and communications Website: having worked for prestigiousbroadcast media giants BSKYB and VirginMedia.Michael has also worked as a consultant fortechnology consulting firm BAE SystemsDetica where he managed major projectsinvolving strategic marketing and creativesocial media implementation and delivery forleading commercial companies.Michael has a passion for providing clientswith strategic advice on how best to utilizevideo and social media marketing applicationsto boost their online presence and increaserevenue.Michael has attained a Bsc in ComputerCommunications from the University ofWestminster and an Msc in BusinessManagement from Imperial College London.