Caxton Manor Social Media Marketing Strategy


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Caxton Manor Social Media Marketing Strategy

  2. 2. Social Media Marketing a positive and lasting impression on a company’s brand.Strategy  Social Media Channels Utilised:Objectives Facebook, Twitter  Method of Social Engagement:Based on our previous consultation with yourbusiness, we analysed the requirements that Content Curation, Content Marketingwere derived during our meeting and created & Quick Posts.a list of objectives we believe have to be met  Number of Likes On Facebook: 249 asin order to produce a successful social media of 28/06/2012marketing strategy for Caxton Manor. • Engage with existing customers • Target new clientele • Develop relationships with key influencers • Boost positive buzz about company across online social media platforms Quintessentially Events is an award winning event management company delivering exceptional events around the globe for the world’s leading brands and the most discerning individuals.  Social Media Channels Utilised: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn  Method of Social Engagement: Content Curation, Content MarketingYour Target Market & Quick Posts, Welcome Tab on Facebook.  Number of Likes On Facebook: 1317 as of 28/06/2012What are your competitors Our Strategydoing? Based on our in-depth research into theThe 88 Events Company comprises of events events management sector, we havedesign experts. They design events that create developed a comprehensive strategy which we believe will be very effective for your
  3. 3. business and yield a high ROI. Our strategy media channels can be simultaneouslyhas been broken down into 4 stages to bring a updated from one source. We will develop aconcise and jointed approach to our social custom made Facebook tab which can servemedia development process. as a gateway to your official website and further allow the organisation to engage with its clients. Brand Consistency Our designs will accommodate all necessarySocial Media Channels to Utilise social media requirements and will be consistent with your current brand strategy.After conducting an analysis on yourcompetitors, we determined that Facebook,Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn were the mostpopular networks currently being utilised formarketing purposes.The table below shows that Facebook is themost widely used social network by eventmanagement companies in Europe. Social Networking Profile Development  LinkedIn profile: We will develop a LinkedIn Profile for Caxton Manor  Facebook page: We will restructure Caxton Manor’s Facebook business Page  Twitter page: Synchronize your Facebook business page with your Twitter page.  Post frequently. Readers won’t haveSocial Media & Events Report 2011. a reason to follow you on Twitter or check your Facebook page if they don’t expect new content regularly.Stage 1: Customize & DevelopSocial Media Channels As a leading social networking site forDesign professionals. LinkedIn is perfect for B2B organizations and can be used to reach out toWe will enhance Caxton Manor’s official companies and working professionals.Facebook business page, this will helpconsolidate all the services you offer underone Facebook platform. We will integrateyour other social media channels i.e. LinkedInand Twitter under one hub to ensure all social
  4. 4. LinkedIn is perfect for a B2B business like Stage 2: Customer EngagementCaxton Manor looking to market and sell to aspecific businesses in a particular Methodsdemographic. Content Marketing Content Marketing is the process of sharing relevant brand/services information in order • Synchronize goals and resources: We to engage with existing customers and attract focus on your target audience. new customers on social networking sites. • Feedback: We will use twitter to Caxton Manor should deliver brand related share information with people content by using the following method. interested in Caxton Manor, gather Story Telling real-time market intelligence and feedback and build relationships with As a B2B company, your target market may customers, partners and other not necessarily want to be bombarded with individuals. straight service information but will be more interested in your solutions to customer • Add value: Our strategy will be to problems and customer success stories. Since share industry tips, news and insights discretion is an important factor with your client relationships, you can describe solutions you provide with accompanying non-revealing pictures.Our strategy will be to engage customers andfans on your Facebook business page. Havinga strong presence on Facebook will boostCaxton Manor Social Media and onlineidentity. • Promote: services, staff, brand through intuitive posting and conversations. • Leverage: We will use the Facebook platform to create awareness, boost company brand, promote Telling stories about your employee activities services/events and increase is also very important because in B2B interaction with your business in a relationships trust is an important factor and social manner. We can create a showing the faces driving the business custom Facebook tab to act as a through pictures or videos can be very gateway to your official website. effective in building strong relationships.
  5. 5. QUICK POSTS Stage 3: INFORMATIONCaxton Manor can use this social media DELIVERY SYSTEMengagement method by delivering simple,short and effective posts of relevant subjects In order to effectively post relevant information on all your social media channelson your social media channels. This method simultaneously, a social media managementshould be used for real time or scheduling system (SMMS) will be utilised.posting options.Content CurationContent Curation is the act of discovering, Upon conducting an in-dept analysis on agathering and presenting digital content that number of SMMS platforms we decidedis related to a specific subject matter. Caxton HootSuite SMMS was the best online systemManor can share third party news articles, to manage your social media and videos to drive interest on your HootSuite is a social media managementsocial media channels which will indirectly system for brand management. The system’sattract customers to view available services user interface takes the form of a dashboard,on your website. and supports social network integrations for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, Mixi, MySpace, and WordPress. Companies using hoot suite
  6. 6. Stage 4: Data Analysis and ANALYTICS & REPORTING DATA FLOWReportingData AnalysisTo understand how your social mediachannels are performing and gain intelligenceon your audience, we will conduct a regularanalysis on your social media data.HootSuite is a great tool to carryout analysison data from various social media sources.Information such as total number of likesfrom your Facebook business page, totalFacebook reach, number of Twitter followersetc can be extracted from HootSuite.Analytics ReportsHootSuite combines social media analytics Project Delivery Teamintegrations to create comprehensive reportsthat can be shared with any HootSuite user,not just team members.Custom reports can be scheduled to begenerated and delivered to your business on adaily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis sothat everyone is up-to-date with your socialmedia campaign results.We will use HootSuite to communicate thevolume, visibility, and perception of yoursocial initiatives with your company toidentify successes and opportunities forimprovement.
  7. 7. About The Author About SpreadBox SpreadBox is a social media marketing consultancy which specializes in producing high definition online videos and custom built social network profile pages to enable businesses to effectively promote their services and identity across social media networks. We use high quality video recording equipment to capture the best shots possible for your web video. We assist organizations in developing a strategy on how to reach out to new customers and to communicate with their existing customer base through social media.Michael Chinwuba is a social media consultant We also design and implement simple,at SpreadBox Ltd. engaging and social media friendly websites.Michael has a passion for providing clientswith strategic advice on how best to utilizedigital channels to boost their online presenceand increase revenue.Michael has attained a Bsc in ComputerCommunications & Networks from theUniversity of Westminster and an Msc inBusiness Management from Imperial CollegeLondon.